Can you trust the judgment to which you're exposed...

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2022 the online Washington Post? While we're at it, these are the six (6) bannered news reports currently being featured at the top of the endless front page of the (online) Washington Post:

Disaster scenarios raise the stakes for Colorado River negotiations

‘Tripledemic’ isn’t solely to blame for shortage in pediatric hospital beds

Our 10 most popular recipes of 2022

Croatia defeats Morocco in third-place game

Dreaming of a holiday getaway? Take our quiz to find your perfect trip.

An art critic’s take on Trump’s NFTs: Laughably bad—and that’s the point

Can you trust the judgment on display at the (online) Post? We ask, you decide!


  1. Oh, dear. The guy that owns this rag, dear Bob, has a multi-billion contract with the Pentagon. $600 million contract with the CIA.

    What do you care what's in this rag? Let it be what it is.

    1. You show yourself to be an ignorant degenerate every time Bob posts. A few sad cases may care what you have
      to say, but very few.

    2. Ignorant, no. Degenerate, yes.

  2. Well, Bob will go to this silliness by
    rote more times than not now.
    Might as well. If you are going to
    be this intellectually dishonest,
    in this transparent a fashion,
    you might as well not waste
    a lot of time.

  3. Aside from earning some money, the point of Trump's NFT's is to keep him in the public eye. Why is WaPo helping him to do this?

    1. WaPo wants low taxes for Jeff Bezos.

    2. The criminal treasonous leader of YOUR fucking party, the only announced candidate for the presidential nomination of YOUR fucking party, is not already in the "public eye"?

      Go crawl back under your rock, D.

    3. David is a good, decent person.

    4. David objects to Trump's publicity even if in the context of ridiculing him. The lightbulb went on after his favorite commander in chief broke bread with a Hitler fan and a holocaust denier.

  4. "Disaster scenarios raise the stakes for Colorado River negotiations"

    Is Somerby implying that things that happen in CO are trivial? Or is he not concerned about disasters related to climate change? Very unliberal of him on both counts.

    1. The Colorado River levels affect the entire Southwest. Is Somerby perhaps showing a regional bias of the type he used to complain about. Do only East Coast issues matter to him?

  5. Orson Welles was once asked what he thought
    of Citizen Kane being thought of as the
    greatest film of all time. At the point many
    people had called it that for a long time.
    Humbly, he said it didn’t mean much,
    that in his day “The Cabinet of Dr.
    Caligari” was called that and now few
    people know about it. It is said Trump
    picks Kane as his favorite movie.
    I don’t think Trump gets Kane.
    Bob doesn’t want to get Trump.

  6. Somerby doesn’t care about shortages of pediatric hospital beds because he has no kids. If it doesn’t affect him, it doesn’t interest him, just like a liberal (NOT). Liberals care about people who are not themselves, but Somerby doesn’t give a shit. Like the earth’s least curious man, Trump.

    1. I don’t know what Bob cares about,
      but he doesn’t SEEM to care about
      anyone’s struggle until it’s a
      something to slag the liberal
      press with, or maybe just liberals.
      It’s like reactionary conservatives
      suddenly concerned about
      World Peace and Defense
      Spending when Generals point
      out Trump is a mental case.

  7. This comment is for anyone who still thinks Somerby doesn't repeat right wing memes and talking points. Here, Steve M. (No More Mister Nice Blog) comments on an excerpt from Amanda Marcotte's analysis of right wing concerns about elitism:

    "[Steve M says] Marcotte's insight is that right-wingers are fine with heroes who aren't cool because they aren't cool, at least by the standards of people who decides what's cool (whom they hate):

    [Marcotte says]... what is too often overlooked in these discussions is how much [the right-wing] empire of trolling relies on the right's inferiority complex. At the root of the trolling mindset is defensiveness. Conservatives perceive, not always incorrectly, that liberals are laughing at them for being a bunch of tasteless rubes with boring sex lives and expanding beer guts. This perception does not motivate a desire toward self-improvement, but instead a longing for revenge, mostly in the form of imposing their grossness on the supposedly more refined existence of those they despise.

    This inferiority complex is why the term "elite" has become common currency on Fox News. They don't use it accurately — say, to describe those who hold excessive wealth and power, but as a swipe at the perceived progressive values of college-educate cultural tastemakers in coastal cities."

    [Steve M says] This is mostly correct, although I don't believe that most right-wingers think they need self-improvement. They think they're fine the way they are, and that it's the standards of cool that are sick and decadent. Right-wingers were using the term "metrosexual," derisively, long after sophisticates had dropped the term. The right has contempt for gender-bending and multiculturalism and food made from soy. If it's perceived as hip, they hate it -- give them a Budweiser and some meat-and-potatoes blues-rock and they're happy, and they don't understand why anyone would disagree."

    End quotes. Notice how the definition of elites, the harping on elitism, and the concern with taste-setters and culture that has been happening on Fox is the same as the themes Somerby has been raising all week. Notice also that Somerby takes the position of right wingers on this stuff. And especially notice that, like Fox and Carlson and others, Somerby does not define elites as Democrats do, but the same way as Republicans (as described by Marcotte above).

    If someone walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, he just may be a fucking right wing duck. In my opinion, and that of most liberals, feeling culturally inferior is no reason to vote for a slobbering criminal such as Trump. Cue Cecelia, who thinks she's hip and cool because she knows what a Vogon is.

  8. As I posted the other day, Garry Wills pointed
    out years ago “elitist” becomes a easy insult
    to throw at anyone who knows more about
    something than you do. Bob’s embrace of
    it just marks another rung in his downward
    spiral. With the committees referrals
    tomorrow, look for further sinking
    from Bob.

    1. Bob is sinking into a black hole.