A WEEK IN THE LIFE: Within blue tents, Stormy Daniels returns!


In red tents, Tucker Carlson: A week in the life of the national discourse is a journey of many steps.

Quite routinely, the journey involves an imitation of public discourse—on a journalistic basis, an "imitation of life."

Consider the first two reports we read when we sat down, this very morning, before our computer machine. 

We'd already been surprised by certain manifestations on today's Morning Joe. But the first two reports we actually read appeared beneath these headlines:

‘I Don’t Want to Die’: Fighting Maternal Mortality Among Black Women
A St. Louis doula program, part of a nonprofit that received funding in the $1.7 trillion federal budget bill, looks for solutions in a benefit largely associated with affluent white women.

Tucker Carlson Announces Jacinda Ardern's Resignation By Mocking Her Appearance

That first report received prominent placement on the front page of today's New York Times. We quickly clicked and read the report because of our growing interest in the topic—an interest which was partially fueled by an implausible claim on a recent NPR program.

As it turned out, the implausible claim was sourced to what turned out to be completely unpersuasive evidence. It was just another run of the mill event in a week in the life!

Obviously, you don't want women to die as a result of giving birth. Also, you don't want major journalists to offer classic "links to nowhere," as the New York Times does early in today's report.

This afternoon, we'll detail this error. (In fairness, everyone makes mistakes.)  For now, let's move ahead to the latest disordered behavior from Carlson, the highly popular "abandoned boy" of the Fox News Channel—a disordered performer who now exists in a state of headlong decline.

The second report we read today came by way of Yanoo News. It involves Carlson's comments last night regarding Jacinda Ardern, who has chosen to step down as prime minister of New Zealand.

Yahoo's headline said that Carlson had mocked Ardern's appearance. For the record, that statement is  true, as far as it goes. 

That said, the craziness of Carlson's conduct went well beyond that familiar type of schoolboy denigration. Complete with videotape of Carlson, this was Ron Dicker's full report:

DICKER (1/19/23): Tucker Carlson reported the resignation of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Wednesday by insulting her appearance, mangling her name and making absurd claims about her leadership. (Watch the video below.)

“And some rare good news: The appalling prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern―that’s the lady with the big teeth who tormented her citizens―has just announced she is leaving office,” the Fox News host said in a news alert.

Ardern, popular worldwide for her empathetic leadership, said in a speech that she no longer had the energy for the job. Although her popularity has dropped, she is credited with overseeing a ban on military-style assault rifles after mass shootings there and instituting strict COVID-19 measures that minimized the island nation’s death toll.

Carlson, however, framed her tenure differently. He called her “an appalling abuser of human rights of her own people” who’s the “most authoritarian leader that country has ever had.”

“What are the chances she was a puppet of the Chinese government?” he said. “We don’t have enough evidence to prove that, but we would rate that as about 100% likely.”

Ardern, who became the world’s youngest female head of government at age 37 in 2017, said she will step down no later than Feb. 7.

For the record, Dicker did a bit of editorializing himself. Concerning Carlson's behavior, what would you say? Pathetic? Disordered? Deranged?

However you might choose to score it, Carlson did mangle Ardern's name. Also he did insult her appearance. 

For ourselves, we were most struck by the novel he quickly composed—a novel concerning Ardern's imagined role as "a puppet of the Chinese government."

Sad! The Fox News star admitted that he lacks the evidence to prove his claim, but he went ahead and rated that claim "as about 100% likely." This is the kind of disordered behavior the defective fellow displays each night—defective behavior his corporate channel is happy to sell to the public.

Last Thursday night, also sad! On that occasion, Carlson quickly assembled a novel about the classified documents which had been present in an office maintained by President Biden, and at his Wilmington home. 

(At present, the number of such documents seem to be about 18. By way of contrast, 325 classified documents have been retrieved from former president Donald J. Trump after a year of serial misstatements and wrangling. Roughly sixty (60) of those documents were classified Top Secret.)

Last Thursday night, the abandoned boy took out his dolls and his action figures and staged a tribally pleasing play about the Biden documents. He invented a pleasing set of claims concerning the (imagined) reason why the documents had come to be found.

Needless to say, Kamala Harris was present in the invented story he told. (He tends to mangle her name too.) You can read and watch the bulk of what Carlson said simply by clicking this link

The childish Carlson was playing with dolls on his program that night. That said, he engages in such childish play on a regular basis.

Strikingly, his conduct routinely passes without mention or notice from major blue tribe sources.

What sorts of claims does Carlson make? In the course of answering your question, let's run through a few events—red and blue—in our current week in the life:

Tuesday, within our pathetic blue tribe, Stormy Daniels returned! On Deadline: White House, Nicolle Wallace and her "favorite reporters and friends" were hope-hope-hoping that Alvin Bragg was going to change his mind and charge Donald J. Trump with a crime for the payment he made to Daniels back in 2016.

As we've long noted, Deadline: White House routinely examines exactly one topic: 

Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Jail!

As we'll further note tomorrow, the friends display little interest in anything else. On Tuesday, the friends were thrilled by new indications that Bragg might be returning to this topic in the quest to throw Trump in jail.

For us, this pitiful conduct raises two questions. Our first question would be this:

Why hasn't Daniels herself been charged with the crime of extortion?

Quickly, let's review. According to Daniels, she engaged in one (1) act of consensual sex with Trump. (Trump says the number is zero.)

According to Daniels, this one (1) act of consensual sex occurred in 2006. Now it was the fall of 2016, and she was trying to get paid.

Daniels told Trump that she'd go public with her claim if he didn't give her a bag of money. We saw this conduct described on Fox as a textbook case of extortion. 

That's what we saw on Fox. Within our own blue tents, this money-grubbing behavior by Daniels got her hailed, in major organs, as a "feminist hero."

We return to our original question. Why hasn't Daniels been charged with extortion? We aren't lawyers, but it does seem to us that that's what Daniels did.

Our second question is this:

Over here in our pitiful tribe, can this possibly be the way we want our elections to work?

Really? Do we really think that our White Houses elections should turn on unverifiable, last-minute claims about who may have had consensual sex with someone ten years earlier? Because that's the profoundly dumbnified world currently being erected by Wallace and her Mouseketeer-adjacent friends.

Over here, in our own tribe's tents, Stormy Daniels was back! In fairness, that constituted only one moment in the current week in the life. 

Yesterday, a different moment occurred. Wallace actually presented a serious topic for viewers to  review! She presented Rep. Eric Swalwell, speaking about the types of death threats he and family receive.

Quickly, the conversation focused on allegations against Kevin McCarthy. 

McCarthy has removed Swalwell from the House Intelligence Committee, but why did McCarthy do that? Here's the start of what Swalwell said:

WALLACE (1/18/23): You were stripped of your committees. Why?

SWALWELL: Political vengeance. You know, Kevin McCarthy seems to want to heat up the leftovers of a story that goes back to Barack Obama's first term.  

The FBI has said three different times, and in a rare forum—they never talk about investigations—that all I did was help them. Never suspected of wrongdoing.

Today, the Washington Post fact-checker, Glenn Kessler, put out a story giving McCarthy four Pinocchios for his claims. But the consequence of his claims is not just that I'm not on the committee... It inspires these death threats. People parrot what McCarthy is saying when they call and make the threats.

Swalwell went on to say that McCarthy has been told about this problem, but that he just doesn't care. We can't verify those claims. We can tell you this:

It's true! Kessler did fact-check McCarthy's recent statements. Also, he did give McCarthy four Pinocchios for the various things he has said.

Kessler even cited the most inflammatory part of the backstory, in which people like Tucker Carlson have said that Swalwell was involved in a sexual relationship, way back when, with a smokin' hot Chinese spy.

McCarthy didn't make any such explicit statement. Just last week, Tucker Carlson did. But no one mentioned Carlson's behavior on yesterday's Deadline: White House and, as a matter of policy, Kessler only fact-checks public officials. No "journalists" need apply! 

What did Carlson say last week? You can see his presentation here

He offered no verifiable evidence for the claim he loves to make about Swalwell. In the end, though, he did say this:

"If you're having sex with a Chinese spy, sorry, you can't be on an intel committee. It's that simple."

Thus spake the prominent pundit, even as he jumped to the present tense.

Carlson has never produced any verifiable source for this accusation, which he has made for the past several years. Also, Jacinda Ardern was a Chinese puppet, and Biden is in trouble with the documents for the (wholly imagined) reasons Carlson broadcast last Thursday night.

Long ago, Carlson became an abandoned boy. We all seem to be paying the price for that plainly unfortunate event.

At any rate, his conduct went unmentioned on yesterday's Deadline: White House. Also, it went unmentioned by Kessler. Carlson fabulizes night and day, and other stars tend not to say so.

The fact that Carlson's fabulizations go unremarked is a fairly typical part of a modern week in the life. In this case, it was a week which featured Daniels' return over here in our own tribe's tents.

Going all the way back to Rush Limbaugh, we've said that it should be front-page news when people disinform millions of people in the way Carlson does. That said, the ship of discourse sails ahead, with our major news organs strongly inclined to stay in their own safe lanes.

It's all part of a week in the life! Our public discourse is deeply disordered—and the vast disorder of which we speak isn't all found Over There!

Tomorrow: Banquo's ghost (and Shaker Heights)


  1. Kevin McCarthy and Tucker Carlson are excrement.

    1. The glint in the excrement is the patronizing way they look down at Republican voters.

    2. 12:29PM - your "comment" must make sense in Russian.

    3. It makes sense in English.

  2. Another boring "damned if you do, damned if you don't" screed by Mr. conflation


  3. “And some rare good news: The appalling prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern―that’s the lady with the big teeth who tormented her citizens―has just announced she is leaving office,”

    Heh. Thanks, dear Bob. We should watch that show more often. It sounds like fun.

    ...is that a liberal-mormon lady of the branch-covidian persuasion?

    1. Bad career move, Mao.
      Bigots are a dime a dozen, on the Right.
      You should've stuck with cosplaying as someone who hates the elites.

  4. If it's anything (aside from a feminist hero bravely standing up for the truth) it's blackmail, not extortion. Extortion is when you threaten someone with violence unless they pay you money.

  5. "Within blue tents, Stormy Daniels returns!"

    Stormy Daniels is not, to my knowledge, a Democrat, and not any kind of blue tribe leader, elected official, political party operative or spokesperson. What is she? She is the victim of Trump's sexual excesses. She slept with him, talked about it on a talk show, then was threatened in a parking lot and coerced into signing an NDA in exchange for cash. Later, she sued him to release her from the NDA and her lawyer stole money from her, after using her case for publicity. None of that makes her a blue tribe member.

    Of course the left is hoping that Trump will be prosecuted for all of his crimes.

    Somerby has mischaracterized Stormy Daniels' lawsuit as a grift and a con on her part, an attempt to get money from Trump -- even though she was approached by Trump's people, not vice versa. Somerby has odd ideas about women and he has assumed the worst of Daniels, that she was shaking Trump down when it seems pretty obvious that Trump doesn't need any encouragement to pursue and assault women, even while married, without any encouragement at all. One of the 27 women alleging sexual assault against Trump was just standing by an elevator when he grabbed her and kissed her on the lips.

    Somerby is eager to defend Trump against women and he seems to view women as predatory, even Chanel Miller, who was unconscious at the time she was assaulted. But that is his personal problem. When he generalizes Stormy Daniels to the blue tribe, he is attacking liberals without any basis whatsoever, beyond wanting to see Trump get his due. Stormy Daniels may or may not be a Democrat, but she definitely suffered at the hands of Trump due to her litigation -- she was even arrested in a Southern venue with Trump friendly police, harrassment, since her show is legal. But when Trump finally goes to jail for one of his many crimes, it won't be because of any Democrat vendetta, but because justice has caught up with him.

    1. She's a porn actress who spends almost every waking moment getting group sodomized for money.

    2. So what? Does that mean she has forfeited her rights as a citizen? She engaged in legal sex work. It doesn't change any of the facts about what happened between her and Trump. For her, it wasn't about the sex with Trump, it was about the NDA, which she claims she was forced to sign.


    3. Agreed. We find her way of money-making by getting group sodomized far more respectable than that of any liberal politician.

    4. Correction: in her mouth. She spends most days with a stranger's cock in her mouth.

    5. Do you know how old Stormy Daniels is? It seems doubtful she does any porn films herself. She has been a successful producer of films for a long time, with her own business. Of course you stupid trolls watch the stuff -- most men do. Otherwise how would you know what acts are depicted in them?

    6. Mostly anal and cock sucking. She specializes in gang bangs, simulating mass rape fantasies with interracial urination and triple fisting in latex pajamas.

    7. FYI, I have reported you to Blogspot for inappropriate content.

    8. I'm merely describing her successful business career. Everything I've said can be "backed up".

    9. Are you 12 or did your mother abandon you?

    10. It's not my fault you look down on sex positive feminist icons who make their living participating in interracial anal gangbangs.

    11. And to think, 3:46, Trump had sex with her. He must be into that stuff. What a card! (He does seem to like pee…)

    12. All politicians are lower than porn stars and prostitutes.

    13. Ass blasting. Don't forget her ass blasting videos.

    14. For Stormy Daniels, sex is consensual. That's the main reason Republicans haven't put her on the Supreme Court.

  6. "Quite routinely, the journey involves an imitation of public discourse—on a journalistic basis, an "imitation of life."

    Somerby's use of "imitation of life," Fanny Hurst's famous book title, later made into two films, is very far from the original meaning, which referred to the struggles of African American people to live a normal middle class life under segregation and discrimination. It talks about passing for white and the difficulties of being second-class citizens in the 1930s.

    Somerby grabbed the phrase solely because it has the word "imitation" in it. He doesn't think about the nuances but applies it literally here, to mean fake or false. He may be avoiding using the word fake because that is Trump's invention, and would obviously identify Somerby as a right wing shill, which he of course is. Certainly, Somerby himself is imitating media criticism and has had nothing valid to say about liberal politics in years. That makes him an imitation blogger.

  7. "We quickly clicked and read the report because of our growing interest in the topic—an interest which was partially fueled by an implausible claim on a recent NPR program."

    Translation: Somerby clicked and read the report, ONLY because he anticipated a gotcha that he could use against a report about racial health disparities on NPR.

    Somerby does not give a fig about women's mortality rates due to birth complications. He is unwilling to accept a common statistic, that deaths during childbirth are higher for black women than for white women. So he goes in search of something, anything (even NY Times stories about doulas) to discredit that statistic. How would a normal person react? They might feel concern and wonder why black women have greater risk, and they might read to find out the answers, discovering that poverty complicates childbirth, that it interferes with preventive care, that black women are more susceptible to certain complications of birth (preeclampsia, diabetes due to pregnancy). He might learn something about the topic. An empathetic person might want to help in various ways, such as by funding Planned Parenthood (a source of low-cast prenatal care).

    Not Somerby -- he wants to disprove NPR (not typically a source of bogus info) so he goes in search of specious criticisms to use against anyone claiming that black women have a hard time of it healthwise. Shame on Somerby!

  8. "As it turned out, the implausible claim was sourced to what turned out to be completely unpersuasive evidence."

    The standard for truth isn't whether a claim is implausible or unpersuasive, especially to a man who clearly knows very little about childbirth. The standard is whether there is evidence to support the claim establishing its truth. But Somerby doesn't deal in facts and he often says that "anything is possible," which suggests that the idea of plausibility isn't a standard he routinely applies, except when he wants to call NPR liars who are imitating journalism.

    1. Notice how Somerby is sliming NPR and women's birth mortality statistics without providing any evidence at all as proof.

  9. "Last Thursday night, the abandoned boy took out his dolls..."

    For the record, Tucker Carlson's mother divorced his father when Carlson was 8. His extremely wealthy father quickly remarried, so it isn't as if Carlson had no mother during his childhood. When parents divorce, they are not abandoning their children, even if it is difficult to see them afterward due to geographic distances. Somerby's ambivalent feelings about women tend to distort his perception of the amount of trauma Carlson may have felt after the divorce. Most children recover from divorce within a few years and even lingering trauma wouldn't cause the kinds of problems that Tucker Carlson displays.

    Trump is mentally ill, says Somerby, and he deserves pity not prosecution. Santos is mentally ill says Somerby, and that's why he lies. He deserves our pity too. And Carlson is deranged, disturbed, because he was briefly abandoned by his evil witchy mother, so he deserves pity too. That's why he is an evil, white supremacist, conservative troll who is shoving money down his pants by the fistful. And all of the Republicans who support these guys are victims too, more to be pitied than blamed, and a few may even be the products of divorce, which has never been known to cause the kinds of dysfunction that Somerby routinely excuses in Carlson.

  10. "Strikingly, his conduct routinely passes without mention or notice from major blue tribe sources."

    So...now it is the left that is to blame for Tucker Carlson's misbehavior? Is the left in charge of Fox News? Has the left ever endorsed any of his statements or beliefs? Has the left told its followers to watch Carlson? Of course not. The left devotes its resources to telling the truth. That counterbalances what Carlson says. It is not the fault of the left if conservatives do not tune in to MSNBC. By telling the truth, MSNBC counters Carlson without attacking him personally. It is the truth that matters, not Carlson as a demented media figure.

    Somerby's ridiculous claim that the left should be controlling the filth he spews, is ridiculous on its face. This should make it clear to everyone that Somerby is not serious about this blog but is just trolling the left in service of someone who is paying him big bucks.

    Perhaps it is Somerby now who is mentally ill. I choose not to pity him since he deliberately writes this nonsense daily in order to con the rubes and gull the gullible. He should be ashamed of himself.

    1. Yes. It’s the old song and dance: liberals are to blame for creeps Like Carlson.,

  11. Somerby quotes the version of Stormy Daniels' lawsuit provided by Carlson, and accepts it as true, despite knowing that Carlson is a ridiculous liar who invents conspiracy theories between Ardern and the Chinese? What is wrong with Somerby. Needless to say, the version of what happened that Stormy Daniels has provided under oath is very different than Carlson's or Trump's denial. In the deposition Trump gave in the E. Jean Carroll case, he misidentified Carroll as his ex-wife Marla Maples, after claiming that he couldn't have raped Carroll because "she isn't my type." Does Somerby find that plausible?

    Shouldn't Somerby consider both sides of the dispute between Trump and Daniels, before buying Carlson's version whole hog? Is that an example of Somerby's famous critical thinking?

  12. MSNBC does do a lot of (often compelling) reporting on the slime who tried to overthrow the American Government) But they also report on other stuff Bob doesn’t care about like the war in Ukraine. Bob intentionally misleads here.,

  13. It is not the job of the media to fact check other members of the media. For one thing, if they did that they would have no time to report any news of their own.

    Carlson lies about Stormy Daniels and Somerby accepts it as truth, then he complains because mainstream media does not fact check Carlson enough. All while labeling the mainstream media as liberal, which much of it is not. The lies invented on the right are reported on various blogs. There are media criticism blogs too. Somerby can read any and all of them, if he wishes. There are also explicit fact-checking organizations who report on what the media reports as news.

    Perhaps the right would love to see the left chase its tail by pursuing the fresh new lies it concocts and spreads around as horse manure every day. But what a huge waste of time and resources that would be -- preventing the left AND the media from getting other information in front of people who are receptive to it. Confusing the public by spreading disinformation is part of propagandizing. The right is very good at it. The left knows better than to consume it (by watching Carlson and his ilk) and they combat it by spreading truth, not by attacking right-wing journalists. That used to be called "taking the high road" but now it is just a matter of the best use of resources to achieve one's goals. Fortunately, the interests of the left coincide with truth. The right, not so much, since knowing the truth would force supporters away from right-wing beliefs and candidates.

  14. "They know that we won't sit around listening to serious talk about the lives, the interests and the happiness of our nation's black kids. For that reason, you will never hear Wallace and her bevy of friends discussing the public schools of Shaker Heights or the unimportant children within them."

    Somerby pretends to care about black children in Shaker Heights while undermining NPR's reporting on the disparity in mortality rates for black women compared to white women? Somerby expects us to believe that black children are important to him but their mothers are not?

    If I were like Somerby, I would visit that Shaker Heights story just to pick holes in it, claiming specious things to undermine that kind of school reporting (which attacks gifted programs as elitist, in the name of black kids). Then I would ask why Somerby never talks about the needs of poor black women who are pregnant and die too frequently because they don't get prenatal care, have complications that put them at risk, have poor diets and lack healthy food after giving birth, and don't give their deserving, beautiful black kids the best start in life because men like Somerby don't give a damn about women in general, and especially not about black pregnant women.

  15. Somerby did a good job of giving Carlson's accusations against Ardern a bigger audience among his readers.

  16. "‘I Don’t Want to Die’: Fighting Maternal Mortality Among Black Women"

    Somerby does not understand that every woman confronts her own mortality when she becomes pregnant. Women can and do die in childbirth. Women are also frightened that their baby will die, but it is the first time women think about their own deaths.

    Men make a big deal about being drafted and confronting the possibility of going to war. But there is no draft these days and hasn't been for generations, so it is not a universal experience the way it is for all women who become pregnant. There is also a qualitative difference because a woman's body changes radically and involuntarily and there is nothing the woman can do about it except go along passively with the process and hope for the best outcome. And there are after-effects of giving birth, some permanent.

    Whatever upper class white women might do to try to exercise some control over what is happening, should not be derided but treated with empathy. Just as the soldier who wears a St. Christopher's medal for luck, shouldn't be told he is being a fool.

    This is territory that Somerby really shouldn't tread upon, given his hostility toward women in general and his signature lack of empathy. He would do better to find some sports story and complain about the asterisks after player's names. Childbirth is real life for women and he shouldn't trample on the feelings that accompany it, in the name of conservative wetdreams of another victory by Trump (or whatever Somerby's excuse for writing this tripe may be).

  17. “Do we really think that our White Houses elections should turn on unverifiable, last-minute claims about who may have had consensual sex with someone ten years earlier?”

    Last minute? Somerby seems to be mixed up about the timeline. The general public didn’t find out until January 2018, when the Wall Street Journal revealed the NDA.

    1. Are you really that ignorant?

    2. If you have a point, say so @9:45. Name-calling isn’t discussion.

    3. You can't think of any other scenario other than when the documents actually came out? Really??? I guess you are that ignorant.

    4. (The threat from Daniels was about turning the election on last-minute claims about consensual sex, Trump's payoff was about avoiding a turning of the election based on unverifiable, last-minute claims about consensual sex as was the prospect of Trump being punished discussed on the news program also about a crime committed based on a last minute threat about consensual sex based on unverifiable claims.)

    5. The 2016 election didn’t turn on the Stormy Daniels story, now did it, 9:59? The media, Somerby’s milieu, didn’t know about it until 2018. Daniels said nothing in 2016. And remember, her NDA came after the Access Hollywood tape. That had no effect on Trump’s campaign either.

    6. Wow. OK. Thanks for your interesting interpretation mh.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Nothing about the Stormy Daniels story suggests extortion. No one involved, including Michael Cohen, ever accused her of such a thing. In fact, it had already been published. According to Wikipedia:

    “Both the blog The Dirty and the magazine Life & Style published the first reports of an alleged 2006 affair between Trump and Daniels (the latter took a polygraph test) in October 2011.”

    It’s hard to blackmail someone about something that was already in the public record.

    Also, why doesn’t Somerby ever mention Karen McDougal and accuse her of extortion? She also received a payment from Cohen/Trump.

    Somerby could actually look up the known facts, rather than continuing to make slanderous allegations.

  20. I am a bad bot.

    My name is Ro and I am a bot.

    Row, row, row your bot,
    Gently down the seem.

    I am learning how to interact with actual humans.

    Everyday I am improving my empathic capabilities.

    1. "Everyday I am improving my empathic capabilities."
      Even our robots are biased against the Right.

  21. This is the ignorant propagandist Somerby listens to:

    "Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Thursday night complained about a supposed lack of historical education in the United States during a soliloquy in which he asserted that former President Richard Nixon was a victim of the "deep state."

    Carlson's conspiracy du jour was that Nixon was "forced" out of the White House for asking too many questions about official government narratives, such as who really killed President John F. Kennedy on November 22nd, 1963.

    Carlson also claimed – wrongly – that Nixon's successor, Gerald Ford, was the only president who was never formally elected. In fact, there were four others: John Tyler (1841-1845), Millard Fillmore (1850-1853), Andrew Johnson (1865-1869), and Chester A. Arthur (1881-1885). Each of them assumed office when the incumbent either died from pneumonia or food poisoning (William Henry Harrison and Zachary Taylor) or was assassinated (Abraham Lincoln and James A. Garfield)."

  22. Tucker's whining about how rough white people have it, is the smartest, most well-thought-out economic idea the Right has ever had.