The latest from the (online) Washington Post!


When turtle moms talk to their eggs: It's been a while since we marveled at the cultural drift of the (online) Washington Post.

We've just now turned to the online Post's virtually endless front page. Starting at the top of the page, these are the headlines on the seven (7) news reports to which the paper gives full-banner billing:

McCarthy makes headway on 12th speaker ballot but falls short again

Judges at Jan. 6 trials give harsh lectures, lighter sentences
They have gone below prosecutors’ recommendations three-quarters of time, and below federal sentencing guidelines a little less than 40 percent.

Don’t try to worry less. Worry smarter.
Try these steps to make worry less of a burden—locate it in your body, make it concrete, problem solve and let it go.

Want a great way to discover music? No algorithm can compete with this video series.
The long-running YouTube series is a humble, handy tool for encountering new and unfamiliar music.

She says she’s in a sexless marriage. To address it, they need to fix the talkless marriage first.
Advice columnist Carolyn Hax answers your questions.

The turtle moms that ‘talk’ to their eggs before they hatch

Those are the seven items which are currently featured at the top of the online Post's front page. For the record, the important "Worry smarter" piece comes from the devolving newspaper's WELL + BEING department.

In its print editions, the Washington Post still seems like an actual news-based newspaper. Let's just say that, at the (online) Washington Post, the (presumably profit-seeking) dumbnification continues.


  1. "Those are the seven items which are currently featured at the top of the online Post's front page. "

    Oh, dear. Don't you think, dear Bob, that a guy with a $10-billion Pentagon contract has a better idea what seven items need to be featured at the top than you?

    ...a little more humility, please, dear...

    1. We know Mao,
      Were you're from newspapers are printed for the owners, not the readers.

  2. Here's the headline that has Bob in a snit:
    "McCarthy makes headway on 12th speaker ballot but falls short again"

  3. Somerby continues to believe that newspapers shouldn't try to attract more readers online.

    If Somerby read his comments, we might have had an interesting discussion about what constitutes news (including for other people) and the realities of financing news organizations these days. But Somerby only speaks and never listens.

    To find hard news, all he has to do is click on the heading at the top of the page. Is that too difficult for him to discover? All it takes is reading, but what is he doing at the Washington Post if he cannot read?

  4. There is nothing dumb about a topic just because it isn't politics or doesn't interest Somerby.

    I think sports is incredibly dumb, and yet Somerby occasionally wastes our time writing about it. If Somerby had more tolerance for other people's interests, I wouldn't call his sports nostalgia dumb.

    People are all different and it is inevitable that they will want to read different things. Why is that idea so threatening to Somerby? It would be a boring world if everyone were a clone of one guy in Baltimore with weird reading tastes (Einstein, Wittgenstein) which I suspect are a form of intellectual snobbery. And so is this essay knocking the content of the modern lifestyle.

  5. (presumably profit-seeking)

    When print news goes the way of the dinosaurs, what will Somerby wrap his fish in?

    He'd better hope online news can eventually subsidize print newspapers.

  6. I have to try it now. Thank you for sharing

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