Greta Van Susteren's long, winding road!


Rachel's great drinking pal: We're listing this as the morning when we learned that Greta Van Susteren is now the host of a program at Newsmax TV

(A short clip from her program aired on Morning Joe.)

The program started last June. For the record, we've never watched Newsmax TV, nor would we know how to do so.

Way back when, we did several charity / comedy events with Greta. She couldn't have been nicer, plus Will Durst was there!

She couldn't have been nicer! That said, according to the leading authority, her career trajectory looks like this on the long, winding road to Newsmax:

During coverage of the O. J. Simpson murder trial, she appeared regularly on CNN as a legal analyst. This led to her stint as co-host of CNN's Burden of Proof and The Point.

In 2002, Van Susteren switched to the Fox News Channel after a highly publicized contract-bidding war. She hosted the current affairs show On the Record w/ Greta Van Susteren.

On September 6, 2016, she resigned from Fox News. She was not able to say goodbye on-air, as the network immediately filled the On the Record anchor spot with Brit Hume...

In early 2017, Van Susteren signed on with NBC News to anchor the 6 p.m. program on its 24-hour cable news channel, MSNBC. The program, titled For the Record with Greta, launched on January 9, 2017. 

On June 29, 2017, according to Van Susteren on Twitter, she was "out at MSNBC" as her new program did not do well in ratings.

She had her nightly program at Fox through September 2016. During the last several years at Fox, she served as designated caddy to Donald J. Trump as he repeatedly went on her show to push his subhuman, destructive claims about Barack Obama's alleged foreign birth.

Over those years of service, Greta just sat there and took it as Trump became unparalleled king of the birthers. Appallingly, Rachel aggressively beat the drums for Greta when she got hired by MSNBC. 

Rachel repeatedly said what a great journalist Greta was and how great her new program was going to be. Most appallingly, Rachel even said that Greta and her husband had been her wonderful drinking pals during Greta's service-to-Donald Trump years.

Blue tribe members have little sense of the strangeness of Rachel's assorted behaviors down through the many long years. That said, she's always been extremely good at "selling the car"—at teaching us blue tribe adepts how to adore her most fully.

That said, Greta was Trump's number one birther enabler—and Rachel's great drinking pal.

We know, we know—you refuse to believe such things! As we've told you again and again, nothing we ever say at this site will ever be able to make you abandon your own preferred view of the world. 

Our tribe has certain things we like to believe, along with a set of approaches we very much like to take. According to a string of experts, none of that's likely to change.

At any rate, people will do a lot of things to hangs onto those "cable news" jobs. They're paid gigantic sums if they can persuade us to watch, and they won't let us know how much.


  1. tl;dr, and anyhow we don't really care about Greta.

    This, however: "subhuman, destructive claims about Barack Obama's alleged foreign birth" sounds odd, as Demigod Barry, of course, claimed his alleged foreign birth himself, via his literary agent. Can a demigod be subhuman? Hmm. Nah, we don't think so...

    And then Wicked-Psycho-Witch, Demigod Barry's contender in 2008, started the whole "alleged foreign birth" affaire. Can she be subhuman? Hmm. Who knows, who knows...

    ...and anywho, what's so subhuman about foreign birth, dear Bob? Are you feeling well, dear?

  2. An error from 1991 and a debunked claim Trump repeated ad nauseum is all you got today? Do better Mao.

    1. Let’s not pretend Mao ever built
      up any expectations.

  3. Ha! My comments ( sorry Cecelia, no names)
    in the comment section
    just keep getting results! I steered
    Bob to the (mildly) embarrassing
    arch of Greta’s career yesterday.
    That’s O.K. Bob, you don’t have to
    give me credit.
    Greta and her husband are also
    Scientologists, which does suggest
    a focus on dough that might have
    blindsided MSNBC. Who knows?
    When Fox dumped her it was widely
    snarked that She had just gotten
    too old. Or maybe She just never
    had much viewer appeal when She
    wasn’t riding the sure fire OJ
    Shep Smith also got some
    distasteful support from Rachel when
    his election week expose that never
    was on the Clinton Foundation
    turned out to have no legs.
    He grew a bit of soul, left Fox,
    but has failed since then.
    Need some more help Bob?
    Well, Nicole went on and on
    today about Ginny Thomas but
    did mention her psychotic fantasies
    about wanting to torture Joe
    Biden. If you are going to bring
    up that psycho in the first place
    why bury the lead.
    Also Bobby baby, if you are going
    to keep pretending to be a
    media critic, you might want to
    look into this Dominion thing…

    1. Don NOT mention, should be..

    2. Everyone Trump touches dies. Fox's turn.

    3. Do you have any freaking idea for how long Bob has been writing about Greta? It goes back years. Should you be credited for all those mentions, too? Here you are a person unwilling to use a pseudonym here for God knows what weird array of reasons, a person who constantly claims Bob is wrong about heaven only knows how many subjects, who is still so crazily needy as to crave Bob’s credit for something you didn’t cause. My God! You “Anonymous” posters here, as a group, may just be the most pathetically insecure and otherwise addled people that I have ever encountered in my whole life.

  4. The second amendment is evil.

    1. Dude, what were they supposed to do, just let the slaves revolt?

  5. Isn’t being nice to Others what Somerby has been asking us to do? But now it’s wrong if Rachel does it? I’m so confused.

    1. All the pseudo/faux progressives have the same tell, they were all hostile to the Russian investigation, rabidly went after anyone that suggested Russia was meddling in our politics and elections. One can find their naïveté astounding but in reality they’re just following orders from their minders.

  6. Update: looks like the Crumblys are going
    to trial in Michigan, though they have one
    more appeal. Bob had a lot of compassion
    for these lethal, Trump loving idiots.
    Ruby Freeman, not so much…