How dumb does it get on the lost boy's show?

FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 2023

A groaner from Monday night: How dumb does it get on the lost boy's show?

It can get extremely dumb; it's very dumb a great deal of the time. Today, we thought we'd offer another example, this one from Monday night.

First, a bit of background:

The fallacious fellow has spent four nights flogging his miles of tape. Out of all the sturm und drang, he seems to have come up with one (1) allegation:

He alleges that the lawyer for Jacob Chansley, the so-called QAnon shaman, wasn't given access to videotape he should have had for possible use in court. 

On Wednesday night, Chansley's lawyer appeared for an interview. In a perfectly respectable way, he made that allegation.

We have no idea if that claim is true; we'd like to see it discussed. That said, that seems to be the only serious allegation the silly boy has managed to harvest from his miles and miles of tape.

Instead of serious allegations, viewers are offered serial recitations of The Stupid, the Daft and the Dumb. 

The most shamelessly bogus presentation by the Fox child involves the way the death of Officer Brian Sicknick has been reported by the millions of liars in the mainstream press. For today, let's limit ourselves to a comical statement the silly boy made at the end of Monday night's performance.

The child was talking to Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky). Based upon a Rasmussen poll, Massie told the silly child that 57% of Democrats think it's "at least somewhat likely" that "agents of the federal government were not just there, but were also encouraging people to riot or go into the Capitol" on January 6.

We don't know if that's an accurate account of some Rasmussen poll. (For the record, Massie may have slipped when he said the word "riot.")

Today, we offer you what the lost child said in response. As you can see at the Internet Archive, the lost child told Massie this:

CARLSON (3/6/23): It's very clear from the footage that our producers bravely slogged through for three weeks, and God bless them for doing it, that that's exactly right, that federal agents encouraged the violence that day. 

We just—we're just a TV show, and we can't show people without proof of who they really were. But I agree with your assessment completely. That obviously happened.

Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky, thank you so much for coming on...

Logical lapses of this type are constant with the lost child. In this example, he doesn't have proof of who the alleged malefactors were, but it is completely obvious that they were federal agents!

All in all, it's just a humble TV show—a TV show with a special knack for knowing exactly what's right.

(To watch the full exchange in question, click on the Internet Archive link, then search on "Massie.")


  1. Yes, dear Bob, God bless the incomparable Tucker Carlson, the least worst establishment talking head in the US of A. The only one journo of the establishment media who confronts the establishment -- which is exactly what a real journo is supposed to do.

    ...and the only one who invites the incomparable colonel Gabbard, Jimmy Dore, and Glenn Greenwald to his incomparable shows...

  2. Amazingly enough, that itch is a lieutenant colonel in the reserves, so Mao is correct in calling her Colonel Gabbard.

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      Then teach you how to write a rhyme like Hooked on Phonics
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      Just slamming in the pit while I'm kicking my shit
      They bugging in the aisles cause I got mad styles
      And ain't a damn thing funny, I get money in piles

  3. You think it’s amazing there are a few ambitious screwballs in the service?

  4. This kind of crap goes on during all the Fox shows every night. The one who pushes it furthest is likely to get the best numbers.

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