BREAKING: Concerning that Kevin Drum link!

FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2016

We'll have to link you right here:
In our previous post, we failed to include a link to Kevin Drum's summary of the Cubs-Yankees matter.

We've got your link right here. Blogger has been misbehaving, so we don't want to add it to the original post.

While we're at it:

We first described the original profiles which mentioned this matter back in June 2000. See THE DAILY HOWLER, 6/13/00.

Also, see THE DAILY HOWLER, 6/14/00.

As we all know, facts, information and apparent facts no longer play a role in our discourse. Nothing like this makes any difference, or did even at that time.

It's narrative all the way down! The children select a preferred group tale. Then, they all start reciting.

(Comey the God is one such recent group tale. In spite of his recent shaky behavior, all pundits know they must defer to the mandated tale about his obvious honesty.)


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  2. If I listen to MSNBC, I hear Hillary bashing. If I listen to Fox, I hear Hillary bashing. Where do I go to hear Trump bashing?

    1. Why do you need to go ANYWHERE. You have a mind; use it.

  3. We get the point: the press is grossly inaccurate, but in the final analysis the voter is responsible for his vote.

    1. So what if we're sexist? If you're a good girl, you'll get what you need.

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