We humans say the darnedest things!

MONDAY, JUNE 24, 2019

Joe Biden "praised segregation!"
For ourselves, we think Joe Biden is basically too old to run for president.

We admire several of his traits. Other traits, perhaps not so much.

That said, he may end up being the Democratic nominee. We can't say that the next political genius has yet emerged from the Democratic field. Meanwhile, have you noticed that Donald J. Trump is running for re-election?

For all these reasons, it would be better if other candidates, along with mainstream media figures, would stop showboating and grandstanding at Biden's expense.

Yesterday, Corey Booker said this on ABC's This Week. And yes, he actually said it:
RADDATZ (6/23/19): Senator Booker, I want to turn back to politics and to Vice President Biden's comments. He said he worked along segregationists in Congress in order to get things done.

You called the comments deeply disappointing, but the two of you spoke privately on Wednesday evening. What was your takeaway from that conversation?

BOOKER: Well, I've said my piece. I have a lot of respect for Joe Biden and a gratitude towards him, and has even more of a responsibility than I have to have—be candid with him, to speak truth to power.

He is a presidential nominee, and to say something—and again, it's not about working across the aisle. If anything, I've made that a hallmark of my time in the Senate to get big things done and legislation passed.

This is about him evoking a terrible power dynamic that he showed a lack of understanding or insensitivity to by invoking this idea that he was called "son" by white segregationists who— Yeah! They see him, in him, their son, but would refer to African American men—

RADDATZ: He said it was taken out of context last night.

BOOKER: I didn't, I didn't understand that. I think—I listened to the full totality of what he was talking about and frankly I heard from many, many African Americans who found the comments hurtful.
Biden was saying that the segregationists in question "saw in him their son?" He was evoking a terrible power dynamic by invoking that?

Does anyone believe that Booker thinks that's what Biden said or meant to evoke or invoke? Does anyone think that Booker still believes some such complicated thing, even after Biden has explained what he meant?

It's very hard to believe that. Meanwhile, we looked back through Dale Russakoff's well-received 2015 book, The Prize, this very morning.

The book paints a picture—not an especially flattering picture—of Booker's long-time partnership with Chris Christie, and with giant corporate funders, to battle the fiendish teachers unions in good old Newark, New Jersey.

It would be easy to demagogue Booker on the basis of such behaviors. Since Booker may end up on the national ticket himself, we would advise going easy on the demagogic stuff.

At any rate, it's hard to believe that Booker really believes that Biden meant to evoke or invoke the power dynamic he cited. At the same time, it's been amusing to watch media members try to explain what it is that Biden said that was offensive or wrong

Many pundits have agreed to go along with the line that Biden said something offensive. That said, here was The Daily Mail's Francesca Chambers, trying to articulate Biden's offense for Howard Kurtz on yesterday's BuzzWatch:
KURTZ (6/23/19): Was the press right to pounce, Francesca, when Biden was talking about people like James Eastland, who believed that the blacks were an inferior race? And he's making the point about cooperation, but it certainly came out as tone deaf.

CHAMBERS: Well, Joe Biden has had this problem, his foot in the mouth disease, as you could call it, for a long time. If you remember back the last time he ran for president, he made some remarks about Barack Obama in the context of race and how articulate that he was. And that became a problem for him then.

So, this is really reminiscent of past comments that he has made. And I think that that is going to continue to be a problem for him in this race.

KURTZ: Right. But overblown by the press or not?

CHAMBERS: This speaks to—but this speaks to the larger problem that Joe Biden has as a candidate, to what [another pundit] was saying, in that it speaks to what his opponents say, Howard, which is that he's a blast from the past, that the Democratic Party needs fresh new leadership, and he's not the right person to go up against Donald Trump. And that is what his opponents are saying.
It seemed to us that Chambers was struggling to articulate what Biden had said that was actually wrong.

In fairness, Kurtz seemed to be having a hard time too. The pair agreed that Biden suffered from "tone deaf foot in the mouth disease." But they didn't quite seem able to say what he had said in the current instance which was offensive or wrong.

We watched pundits battle this nagging problem all weekend long. They wanted to go along with the crowd, but couldn't quite seem to articulate the nature of the current offense.

(We thought NBC's Richard Lui and Mike Memeli took lifetime achievement awards for shameless inarticulate pandering during their joint appearance yesterday with Al Sharpton.)

We're caught here in a version of The Cult of the Offhand Comment. In this particular manifestation of that ancient cultic disorder, everyone is struggling to agree that the front-runner said something wrong. But a Standard Group Version of what he said wrong hasn't yet emerged.

Then too, there are people like CNN's Bakari Sellers, quoted in yesterday's Washington Post. Given our unfortunate wiring, how disingenuous are we humans actually willing and able to be? Sellers was even willing to say this:
WOOTSON (6/23/19): Bakari Sellers, a former South Carolina state lawmaker who is supporting Harris, said the concept of race goes deeper than the way it’s often portrayed by political pundits.


Biden’s comments, Sellers said, suggest he’s an undisciplined candidate out of touch with a diverse country.

“It’s death by a thousand cuts with Joe Biden,” Sellers said. “When you look at ’84 civil asset forfeiture, the crime bill, busing—which is a huge issue in South Carolina—and his praising segregation, it just shows that Joe Biden is an artifact.” Sellers was referring to Biden’s positions on major pieces of legislation that many activists believe hurt black communities.
Joe Biden was praising segregation! Even with Trump in line for re-election, we humans will sometimes go ahead and make statements like that!

We expect to discuss this matter tonight with several top anthropologists. "Our species ran on gossip and fiction," those disconsolate future experts will almost surely say.

As usual, these gloomy future experts will be speaking in the past tense. It's hard to feel completely certain that these scholars are wrong.


  1. "For all these reasons, it would be better if other candidates, along with mainstream media figures, would stop showboating and grandstanding at Biden's expense."

    Excuse me, for what reasons?

    Anyhow, what I see is that with regards to your zombie clown Creepy Joe, your zombie high priests keep using phrases like "out of context" and "overblown by the press".

    Which tells me that their objective here is to create the impression that Creepy Joe is being unfairly targeted, victimized by the media.

    Which is exactly the line your're pushing here, dear Bob. Being a good zombie that you are.

    Sad. Oh well, to be expected, I suppose...

    1. It's just Biden eyeing the "economically anxious" Trump voter with talk about how the segregationists were swell fellas.
      Unlike David in Cal, Biden must have a machine that can look into those Trump-voters hearts.

    2. Trump won't win again.
      The novelty of seeing a toddler wearing a toupee in public has worn off.

    3. Who's gonna beat Trump? Pocahontas? Old man plastic face?

    4. Ha. I get it. You call Warren "Pocahontas" because she created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which holds your elite banking pals accountable and protects consumers against their predatory business practices.

  2. “The book paints a picture—not an especially flattering picture—of Booker's long-time partnership with Chris Christie, and with giant corporate funders, to battle the fiendish teachers unions in good old Newark, New Jersey.

    It would be easy to demagogue Booker on the basis of such behaviors. Since Booker may end up on the national ticket himself, we would advise going easy on the demagogic stuff.”

    There is demagoguery and there is legitimate criticism. It’s hard to tell what attitude Somerby is taking here about Booker’s education efforts in Newark. (Does Somerby agree with the book’s “unflattering” portrait? Does he feel Booker unfairly went after teachers’ unions? Is TDH characterizing teachers’ unions as fiendish, or is he implying that is what Booker thinks, or...?) Given Somerby’s supposed emphasis on education, perhaps he could divert his attention momentarily from NYC to spend a little time looking at Newark’s public schools, and Booker’s ideas about education. Did Newark schools improve, worsen, or stay the same under Booker’s tenure? Is he a race-baiting pseudoliberal dummy like DeBlasio?

  3. Pocahontas or Biden will be the nominee and stand the best chance of not losing worse than Hillary did although they will both lose. Trump is going to win on immigration and the economy. Pocahontas is a fraud and Biden is an old clown.

    1. Watching Conservatives heads explode when it's correctly blamed on their bigotry will make the whole episode worth it.

    2. Playing the race card is am epic losing move. Dumb as dirt.

    3. "Playing the race card is am epic losing move."

      Remember when Conservatives pretended they hated political correctness? Fun times!

    4. 6:26,
      Would you suggest they drop the "race card" and just point out the Republican Party is objectively pro-rape?

    5. The race card is a losing political tactic as well as being unintelligent and anti-intellectual. Go for it! You're guaranteed to lose as Clinton lost when she stupidly employed it last time

      You fools are behind the times. Really far behind the times.

    6. "Go for it!"

      Meh. But of course they will go for it.

      Inciting fake race and gender grievances is their only card.

      What else do they have to offer: open borders and shipping American industries overseas?

      So, get used to being 'racist', 'misogynist', and 'homophobe'. And know this: if you're not called that, then you're doing something wrong.

    7. My grandfathers laid their lives on the line to beat the modern conservative movement in WWII. Being called a fool by an internet troll isn't going to keep me from doing the same.

    8. You lay your life on the line by calling Trump supporters, en masse, bigots, not to their face but from behind a screen? That's not courage and not brave or courageous like WWII. That's weakness. That is ignorance. You are weak and you are a fool. Your grandfathers would kick your lazy, dumb ass into next week for such grand weakness.

    9. "You lay your life on the line by calling Trump supporters, en masse, bigots, not to their face but from behind a screen? "

      Nice. Let's hope your call for killing all Conservatives and burying their movement under 60 feet of concrete makes it from your lips to my fellow countrymen's ears.

    10. Our grandfathers gave up their lives to defeat destruction of American values and freedoms. Commie and Nazi tyrants who would love to tell you what to think and say. No one gave up his life to defend what the modern Democrat party stands for. Immoral zombie death cult devoted to killing babies and convincing people to butcher their genitals.

    11. You don't bury their movement with the race card, you bury it by looking forward and inspiring the masses of people who you stupidly call racists. It's so easy. You're so dumb. But not that dumb. You'll catch on soon. You are a follower, an unoriginal and lazy thinker. You'll be shown the way soon and will follow the group as you have done all your life. There's nothing wrong with that. The conservative movement will be buried, no problem. You're not helping it now but ... whaddya gonna do?!?? You weren't born with insight or courage.

    12. I was called weak by a guy hiding under his bed, pissing his pants in fear because a 3-year old girl from Honduras might take over the country.

      Is there anyone who still doesn't realize every Right-wing accusation is a confession?

    13. 12:54,
      I'll leave it to you to inspire the "All Lives Matter" crowd, who cheer along keeping children in unsanitary concentration camps.
      Let me know how that works out for you.

    14. This is interesting. Tell us more about your grandparents, dear psycho-dembot.

      Are we to blame them: did they bash your head against the kitchen sink a few times too many?

    15. "Tell us more about your grandparents..."

      Sure, but I don't think you'd have liked them. They had no problem calling people who ran interference for bigots the pieces of Nazi shit that they are.
      They also took part in the March on Washington in August 1963.
      Their love for their country and wanting equality for all, make them the kind of folks you'd call zombies.

    16. We have to process the children appropriately but we also have to send a message to families and communities in Central America not to send their children on this dangerous journey in the hands of smugglers.

    17. 1:50,
      We can't send any message to those who reward this journey with employment, lest we be seen punching up, not down. That would send a terrible message to Mao's buddies in the Establishment Elite....

      ...and to the "economically anxious", who the Right wing media (AKA the media) would love for us to believe aren't bigots, but are sick of the elites getting one over on them.
      No worries. 12:54 is going to inspire the 'economic anxiousness" right out of them. LOL

    18. You'll be shown the way soon. Your ignorance is human.

      (2:06 - 1:50 is a direct quote from Hillary Clinton in 2016.

    19. I hope those like 2:06 will be shown the way. We're doomed if not enough aren't.
      Inspiring Conservatives to see those immigrant children, as well as those like Sanders in Warren, as allies in the fight against an economy rigged for the benefit of the elite is our only hope.

    20. Killing the youngest and most defenseless, 60 million so far, is accepted and endorsed by Democrat Nazis and they want the rest of us to pay for the killing.

      They pretend to care about immigrants and blacks because they hope it will get them more votes to keep them in political positions or freeload off producers.

    21. 2:55,
      What about all the "children" you deposited into your sweat sock while reading about what was happening to the children at the border? Won't anyone care for them?

    22. A sperm is a living human? Weak science departments at Zombie indoctrination camps these days.

    23. at 1:42 PM
      Whoa, hippie grandparents, dembot grandchild. It figures.

      So, not just severe head injuries, but also too much controlled substances consumed over generations, I presume?


    24. Let's not forget the Russians.

      Although in the context of Biden's purported comments having been morphed into his praising segregationists, and a video of an attorney arguing for a repeal of a decision based upon the Flores agreement, made against the Obama Administration's treatment of detained minors, who the hell needs Russians?

      Humans do say some stupid shite.

    25. Too much eastern woo and psychedelics, not enough western reason and logic and clean living from hippie dembot Memaw. That explains it.

    26. They didn't let us call them Memaw or Pop Pop, we had to use Carol and Richard. Mustn't allow any acknowledgement of authority imbalance except for the Politburo or the kids won't understand the evil of family over state.

    27. Another Anonymous fetusalator weighs in @2:55P. Or is it the same one? Hard to tell, since they all talk the same shit.

      Yeah, a sperm cell is pretty much the same as your “living humans,” the difference being that sperm cells on their own don’t require the use of a person’s body.

      Notice that to @2:55P, every blastocyst is special, but “immigrants and blacks” are freeloaders.

    28. Sperms cells do require the use of a person's body, the difference is that men reverence and treasure those babies...

    29. Sperm aren't humans. I guess Nazis claim things that aren't humans are human just like they like to claim some humans are not human before they kill them.

      Requiring the use of someone's body doesn't make one deserving of being killed or make their killing excusable.

    30. Mao and 3:32 give away the game; hating on my grandparents, because they fought the Nazis.

      There you go 12:54. There are a couple of (not at all bigoted) Conservatives who need your inspiration.
      Don't forget to let us know how that all works out.

    31. 11:36 you're stupid. You'll see how it works out. You're a follower. You're behind the times. Nothing wrong with that really. We can't all be smart.

    32. Being called "stupid" by a guy who loves bigotry.
      I feel so inspired.

    33. 60 million Americans might not be bigots, but at least that many are okay with bigotry.

      I will take your advice and go break bread and look into the eyes with one of them.
      Before I do so, can you let me know where the middle ground is between "All people should be treated equally" and the Proud Boys stance that white men reign supreme?
      Thanks in advance.

    34. Mao says, "Inciting fake race and gender grievances..."

      Now THAT"s Right-wing virtue signaling.

  4. Pocahontas turned 70 last week.

    Apparently she is the favorite of zombie media, according to Howie Carr: Happy birthday Liz Warren, turning 70 gets you more alt-left love.

    1. 11;50,
      I was told Clinton lost because she wasn't "authentic". Now I'm told Democrats will lose if they're too authentic.

      I really don't care that the truth hurts your fee fees. As Right-wingers say, "Fuck your feelings".

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  6. Can you really call the Republican Party objectively pro-rape, if they only support the rape of women who are "their type"?

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