What happens when you get paid by the Post!


Greg Sargent doesn’t know what big news orgs should do: In the future, if there is one, historians will record the way the liberal world gave up a string of political advantages during this political era.

All so fiery young liberal journalists could get good jobs at good pay!

We thought of that when we read Greg Sargent writing about the falsehoods which lie at the heart of the ongoing Romney campaign:
SARGENT (8/20/12): The folks working at the big news organizations know Romney is lying with abandon. What should they do about it? I’m sympathetic to political journalists—it’s not easy to keep up with all the falsehoods, and at a certain point, the same lie told again and again loses its news value. But perhaps Obama’s comments today will prompt at least a bit of media discussion about what it means that one candidate—yes, far more than the other—is running a campaign of such epic dishonesty.
Gag us, right now, with your foot. This is Chris Hayes and Jonathan Chait and all the rest of the fiery liberals who want good jobs at good pay.

What should “big news organizations” do about Romney's misstatements? For starters, they should report them! For the past two weeks, Romney and them have been saying that Obama “stole” $716 billion from Medicare. Have you seen a big news org explain the obvious problems with this assertion?

We’ll be discussing this topic all week. But just to help Greg figure this out, the first thing his paymaster should do is report the facts of this matter, at the top of the paper's front page.

Report this in appropriate detail, on the Post's front page!

Sargent implies that the big news orgs have gotten tired of correcting Romney. In fact, they've barely tried to do so. And they are enabled by people like Sargent, who draws his paycheck from the Post and says he sympathizes with the very hard task they face.

Never have so many people given away so many political advantages for so very little. Never have so many ditto-heads sat around watching them do it.

In fairness: In fairness, the “liberal” voices on TV are in fact getting big money. They refuse to challenge the slumbering big news orgs too.

If you doubt that, read the Hayes book. Page after page about baseball players. Big news orgs are barely mentioned, apologized for when they are.

"There's nothing nefarious" about what they do! They're victims of "cognitive capture!"

Sargent adds to this sad story, desperately trying to answer a question: What should our big news orgs do?


  1. The Real Unknown Confused Idiot GregAugust 20, 2012 at 5:30 PM

    "But just to help Greg figure this out, the first thing his paymaster should do is report the facts of this matter, at the top of the paper's front page."

    The Idiot spin on this, as always, is:

    Unless you do exactly what the Howler says you're not doing it right. Wahhh!

    So now if we don't demand "reporting the facts" we're giving "away so many political advantages for so very little."

    Greg says they're getting tired of reporting the facts and Bob says they've hardly bothered to report the facts -- Is there no way to resolve this contradiction?

    Oh wait, the Google machine says 1,234,567 hits for "Romney plan" so Sargent is right.


  2. http://prospect.org/article/romney-escapes-punishment-lying-continues-lying

  3. Um, that's right Bob, Chris Hayes never ever says one thing about Republican misstatements. Gosh, it's just you.

    You're getting a little stupid yourself Bob. The complaint here is logically directed at the major newspapers and news organizations which don't make it clear when a politician is saying something that isn't accurate. But you turn it into one of your complaints about Chris Hayes. Yes, Chris Hayes wasn't tough enough on the media, but maybe he's not the main villain here-- he himself does report on some of the facts that you want people to know. It's like everything has to fit into your storyline. Maybe you post too much and don't have enough to say.


  4. I'm sort of amazed at these comments regarding the protection of the MSM and so many of the toothless liberal bloggers. I hope Bob isn't deterred from exposing so much of the corruption that goes on in the media.