Lawrence just can’t quit Mr. O!


The latest from Brokensoul Mountain: Last night, the constantly horrible Lawrence O’Donnell went out and did it again.

To watch the full segment, just click here. Although we’ll warn you: Lawrence devoted a full eight minutes to this latest pile of crap.

To understand what Lawrence did, we have to go back to Keith Olbermann.

In the old days, KO wasn’t able to spend his whole hour making smutty remarks about young conservative women, or even about Kirsten Dunst. (Conventionally attractive women seem to make KO mad.)

For that reason, he devoted endless segments to the things Bill O’Reilly had supposedly said.

Often, KO chopped his Bill O’Reilly tapes to distort what Mr. O said. O’Reilly says lots of foolish things. But as a service to us rubes, KO kept making them worse.

Finally, Olbermann crawled away into the night, trailing his misogyny behind him. And sure enough! Lawrence O’Donnell has now taken over the Bill O’Reilly account!

Routinely, Lawrence wastes the world's time—and talks down to his viewers—by playing tape of the various things Mr. O has said. Last night, this is the way he teased the latest pointless fun:
O’DONNELL: Bill O’Reilly continues to insist he is not in a feud with Rush Limbaugh—no feud, not at all, even though he admits he never talks to Rush. The O’Reilly/Limbaugh feud and some of the other people Bill O’Reilly really hates are in tonight’s Rewrite.

O’DONNELL: Coming up, Bill O’Reilly denies that he is in any kind of feud with Rush Limbaugh. And nothing proves there’s a feud better than O’Reilly’s denials. And I am completely, like totally, absolutely, on O’Reilly’s side in this feud. And that’s coming up in The Rewrite.
In fairness, he only teased it twice. That’s because he was also teasing his segment about Jay Leno. And his segment about the Rutgers basketball coach.

By the time The Rewrite arrived, Lawrence went on and on about Mr. O, as he now frequently does. Here’s the way this pitiful “Mick” started his endless discussion:
O’DONNELL (4/4/13): In the Rewrite tonight, Bill O’Reilly has been busy trying to rewrite his feud with Rush Limbaugh into not a feud. And in the process, he is, of course, emphasizing just how bad the feud really is.

The O’Reilly-Limbaugh feud broke into the open finally last week over O’Reilly’s use of the phrase “Bible thumping.” Now where have we heard that before?

O’DONNELL (videotape): The Bible-thumping party doesn’t actually read the Bible, they just thump it. They don’t quote the Bible, they just thump it.

O’DONNELL (live): Oh, yes, that guy, that Bible-thumping guy who O’Reilly pretends doesn’t exist by never mentioning his name, even when O’Reilly criticizes me for something I’ve said about him.

As we showed you last night, O’Reilly talked about me accusing him of having a feud with Limbaugh without ever mentioning my name, which is the way O’Reilly used to deal with Limbaugh—never mentioning his name. That is a classic Irish form of feuding, just completely cutting the person off, pretending they don’t exist, never acknowledging them in any way. The Irish are very good at that.

That’s why O’Reilly’s feud with Limbaugh was so obvious to me. I’ve seen my people do that a thousand times. If you have an O apostrophe in your name like Bill and I do, you know what it is like to be in a feud with family or friends or someone. You’ve seen it. You know it when you see it.
We Irish! When it comes to the ways of “his people,” Lawrence is even worse than Joan Walsh!

That said, Lawrence is thoroughly sad. He can tell that O’Reilly is in several feuds because 1) he says he isn’t in a feud, and 2) he doesn’t mention the name of the person with whom he’s so clearly feuding.

If you want to kill many brain cells, just watch this giant piece of waste meat conducting this endless discussion. And uh-oh! As you can see from the excerpt we’ve posted, he was continuing his discussion of Mr. O from the night before! This extended the pointless discussion about O’Reilly he had been holding last week.

As he closed, Lawrence excitedly told us that he would be talking to Martin Short tonight. But then, Lawrence enjoys nothing so much as wasting your time with Tinseltown Tedium—or with endless, Olbermann-style discussions of what Mr. O has said.

For the record, Lawrence often distorts the things O’Reilly has actually said. Mr. O says plenty of foolish things. But as a special treat to us rubes, this pitiful fop makes them worse.

Lawrence O’Donnell has nothing to say. But then, you’ve noticed that.


  1. This reminds me of Dick Cheney's pre-invasion logic: the fact that there's no evidence just proves they are hiding something!

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  3. Don't end with a whimper as Somerby is doing; the Howler is absolute garbage now.

    1. And yet, here you are again, wallowing in it. How can you bear it?

      Horace Feathers

  4. "If you want to kill many brain cells, just watch this giant piece of waste meat conducting this endless discussion."

    Yep. Way to advance the "american discourse," Somerby.

    And Horace? Here once again is Somerby wallowing in Lawrence O'Donnell, a "giant piece of waste meat."

    Now if one was truly inquisitive, one might wonder how Somerby can bear it. And why he doesn't devote his obviously superior intellectual and linguistic talents to something besides a "giant piece of waste meat."

    To me, it seems that Somerby is trying to cling to the remnant readership of what was once a very promising blog by, as he himself once said, "throwing sweet hay to the cattle."

    And all that remnant fan base can now do in response to ideas that interrupt their notion of Somerby's continuing brilliance is to invite those who have grown tired and bored of the daily bashing of a few chosen targets to leave.

  5. Careful in your criticism of Keith Olbermann, for that brings you dangerously close to criticism of his last employer Al Gore. AKA the Infallable One, the Dear Leader, He Who Must Never Be Blamed For Anything (particularly his own demise in 2000).

    1. Walmart has an entire aisle dedicated to chew toys.

      Go fetch one.