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These issues are worth pursuing: What will MSNBC be like in the coming years?

That is a very important question. For our money, Hayes and Maddow have done a good job reporting on the Boston bombing. Hayes seems to be moving to a discussion about the explosion in Texas.

There is a great deal to discuss about both topics, and about many others. It would be an enormously helpful thing if these people developed strong cable news programs.

As readers will know, we’ve often been critical of Maddow’s work. She still can’t stop the incessant clowning, but a lot of potential exists on this channel, Lawrence largely excepted.

(Chris is just there to spew the lines the owners want. In 1999 and 2000, they wanted George W. Bush in the White House. For twenty months, Chris delivered. Now he recites different lines.)

If liberals and progressives want good work from this channel, we should go out and demand it. Elsewhere, the tendency has been to take whatever the channel gives us.

The tendency is understandable. On balance, it’s a lousy idea.

Sometimes, Rachel isn’t real honest; she tends to get a bit tribal on us in various ways. Serious people with serious values have to push back at such times, unless this channel is just a place where we can go to spend some time with our imaginary friends.

Tomorrow, we’ll discuss three more points of focus for us in the coming year. But we think liberals should be challenged as they developed a new liberal media.

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  1. Bob, I assume when you refer to Chris, you mean Chris Matthews and not Chris Hayes, but there may be confusion if you don't specify which Chris you are talking about.

  2. Bob, Here's a small deposit on some orthotics.

    You should be doing this blog in PJ's and slippers, the official uniform.