Supplemental: Our fund-raising drive has started at last!


Our least favorite time of the year:
No one puts anything off to quite the extent that we put off our not-always-annual annual fund-raising drive.

It’s our least favorite time of the year! Despite the distaste, only a fool could ignore the need.

In the next week or so, we’d like to lay out our excuses for the past year’s work. We’d like to establish some goals for future work. And we’d like to seek out an actual sponsor for our companion site, How He Got There.

The half-told story at that site really ought to be finished. (Most of the research has been done.) At some point, it got depressing to beat on into the face of the wind—into the face of the code of silence which surrounds many of the topics we’ve explored since 1998.

(At that time, we weren’t really aware of the code of silence.)

Remember when the Irish saved civilization? Actually, we don’t either! Still, we think someone should record our recent political/journalistic history, just in case the time ever comes when people want to stop clowning around with their darling Rachel and learn how to fight to win.

(Last night, Rachel started her week with almost five minutes of funny dogs. In our view, a person could almost see an agenda in that remarkable choice.)

We’ll offer more of these mewlings in the days ahead. For now, though, consider the great season open, perhaps as an adjunct to the World Series:

If you want to support this site, you can just click here.

In the days to come, we’ll try to speculate about where such support could take us.

Last night, Lawrence recalled his astonishing statement from eight weeks back:

“In 30 years of studying the New York Times coverage of these cases, I have never been critical of their work until yesterday.”

In that statement, you can see the undisguised heart of the problem we’ve described down through the years.

Lawrence gets paid for conduct like that.

To even the score, click here!


  1. I don't see how re-fighting a 15 year old election is going to "help us win."

    I don't see how endlessly batting away at Rachel Maddow is going to "help us win."

    I do see value in the "How he got there" being finished, as it does have historical value, and is interesting to some people, but I also don't see Bob not allowing everything he does there spill over here. In short, if Bob would keep that site and its topics discrete, while focusing THIS one on actually current events, that would be a good and donation-worthy event. But I don't see that happening.

    If the "How he got there" site was actually interesting and important enough to stand on its own, it wouldn't languish. But it does. Yet, that subject matter very clearly dominates Bob's thinking. That doesn't help us win, either.

  2. Clearly a liberal hero like Ben Affleck can afford to donate.


  3. You've convinced me. I'll send Somerby my contribution right away!

  4. "In our view, Mr. O got it mostly right" -- One of Bob's catchphrases.

    Whattaguy, that Mr. O. Now, let's rip in to Rachel Maddow some more. Because she's just like Rush Limbaugh, and attacking her helps us win.

    1. Ok, I get it. I'll send a bigger contribution. If you guys hate him, he must be doing something right.

    2. What is with these O'Reilly trolls?

  5. You have put off finishing the series on the Procrastination Conference as well. Don't mean to nag, but you did promise.