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In our award-winning series, The Way We Are, we explore the way our national discourse actually works, as opposed to what schoolchildren read in their civics books.

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Week One—The Way We Are
Part 1: Bill Clinton discussed those “storylines,” like Krugman and Shipp before him
Part 2: When Cillizza failed to respond, it was classic press behavior
Part 3: Breaking (almost) all the rules, the New York Times discussed the sexist trashing of Hillary Clinton
Part 4: Storyline ahoy! Maureen Dowd is still upset about 1994!
Part 5: Cokie pretended to name the scripts which drove Campaign 2000

Week Two—The Way We Argue
Part 1: Bombs away! Ben Affleck and Bill Maher staged a televised fight
Part 2: Affleck’s trio of bombs proved listening can be hard
Part 3: Affleck kept repeating his script, the way fundamentalists do
Part 4: Kristof agreed with Harris and Maher. And yet the bombs still fell
Part 5: Increasingly, our liberal world leans toward the dogma rules

Week Three—Gatekeepers Gone
Part 1: The doctor was IN—and was out of his mind. No dimwit need not apply!


  1. In our view, after review, the best Part of the Way We Are took place sometime between 1994 and 2000 and involved Cokie Dowd.

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha. Where do trolls come up with such clever comments? I am in awe of the intellect that could have generated this succinct but pithy criticism of Somerby's folly. You trolls are da bomb.

    2. Compliments are the key to a winning electoral discourse but not in troll managment programs.

    3. This is odd. How can Somerby decry the loss of gatekeepers in the media but refuse to moderate his own combox?

    4. This is odd. How can Somerby readers claim Somerby doesn't read his combox when he does posts on the comboxes and letters to editor columns of others.

  2. Did the finale on the Procrastination Conference ever get posted?

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