EMANATIONS FROM SALEM VILLAGE: Marco Rubio spots the lie!


Part 2--As CNN looks on: Did Hillary Clinton tell any lies in the days after Benghazi?

We've never seen evidence of that, though we've seen endless accusations. It's a bit like the 9-year-old children in Salem Village who saw neighbors turn into cats.

Back in September 2012, it was John McCain who first cast himself in the role of the 9-year-old children. Appearing on Face the Nation, he misstated what Ambassador Susan Rice had just said about the attack on Benghazi.

Bob Schieffer also seemed to be roughly nine. He quickly accepted Schoolchild McCain's version of the facts.

These episodes start in this manner. This past Sunday morning, on CNN's State of the Union, someone else said that he had spotted the former secretary of state turning into a cat.

In this case, the badly frightened child was Senator Marco Rubio. He was shown on videotape, being interviewed by CNN's Jamie Gangel:
GANGEL (10/25/15): Hillary Clinton has had a pretty good two weeks. She had Saturday Night Live, she did well in the debates, she went through 11 hours of the hearings. If it is a face off, Marco Rubio/Hillary Clinton, how formidable is she?

RUBIO: Well, she'll be the Democratic nominee. Someone who comes from a political dynasty and that, in itself, is going to bring fund-raising capabilities and so forth. People may think she had a good week. I think this is the week it was proven that she lied about Benghazi.
"This is the week it was proven that Clinton lied about Benghazi?" Rubio had made a very serious charge. But here's how Gangel reacted:
GANGEL (continuing directly): So here's the good news for Marco Rubio. You are on the rise. The betting folks say you are now the most likely person to win the Republican nominee over Jeb Bush. Democrats say you are formidable, that they are scared of you. So why is it taking you so long to get traction?
We think Gangel's reaction was striking. Here's why:

Until recently, it was extremely rare to see a politician or major journalist use the L-bomb in the way Rubio did.

For sensible reasons, use of the L-bomb was virtually forbidden. The L-bomb was rarely deployed.

By now, that traditional stricture has largely been abandoned. Here's how the history works:

Roughly 23 years ago, politicians and major journalists began seeing famous people turn themselves into cats, boars and wolves, and sometimes into yellow birds.

First, they saw Bill Clinton do it. Then, they saw the sickening trick performed again and again by the devilish Candidate Gore.

In the present day, it's Candidate Clinton who they're constantly able to spot performing this work. Back in September 2012, Susan Rice turned into a cat on four Sunday shows, thus frightening Schoolchild McCain.

Please understand! In the modern context, frightened accusers don't actually say that they saw someone turn into a cat. They understand that the liberal press corps would roll its eyes at this claim.

The accusation takes a different shape now. In this case, the witches are said to be liars. And just as the claim of shape-shifting once spread all through a frightened village, so too this updated claim has become so common that Gangel didn't bat an eye when the frightened Rubio made it.

"This is the week it was proven that Clinton lied about Benghazi!" To Gangel, it was almost like Rubio had said that it was a beautiful day.

She didn't ask Rubio what he meant. She didn't ask him to justify his charge. As in Salem, so too on CNN's State of the Union:

So many people have seen this candidate turn into a cat that the claim now seems mundane.

What would Rubio have said if Gangel had challenged his statement? On Face the Nation, John Dickerson actually seemed to have watched the hearing at which Clinton worked her shape-shifting. On the CBS Sunday show, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) pushed the standard shape-shifting lines.

Nunes noted that Clinton had volunteered to testify in public. "So clearly, she had it in her mind to make this a political grandstanding occasion, which she did very well."

Fiendishly, Clinton had testified in public! Now, Nunes went on to describe what Clinton had actually said.

"It was the first time that I had learned that there were e-mails that existed, or transcripts of recordings, about, that she knew immediately that this was an al Qaeda attack," the troubled congressman said.

"Now remember," he continued, "us on the Intelligence Committee, we knew the next morning, not necessarily that it was al Qaeda, but we knew it was a terrorist preplanned attack. And so it ends up that she knew that...she knew it was a terrorist attack hours after the attack. And I think that is a real problem as to why the people sat at the State Department and never left."

Schoolboy Nunes was frightened by many things, including Clinton's clever trick of testifying in public. Eventually, he managed to state the standard line, in a jumbled and confusing form, about her misrepresentations.

Incredibly, Dickerson responded like this:
DICKERSON: Her testimony, and then also the CIA's best information to the rest of the administration, was, at first Ansar al-Sharia claimed credit for it and then they withdrew it and that that's what led to this confusion. So at first she believed those reports. Then they were withdrawn and that`s what made her change her position.
Incredibly, Dickerson responded by noting some of what Clinton had actually said in the hearing! After more than three years of frightened reports, Dickerson's conduct was hardly enough to clarify these extremely jumbled matters. But no one person can be asked to nullify three more than three year of non-performance by the rest of the press.

Did Secretary Clinton turn herself into a yellow bird in September 2012? In modern parlance, did she lie about Benghazi in the days after the attack?

This claim has been made for more than three years. Back in 2012, the relentless, ugly charge turned Susan Rice into a gnome, as liberals ran for cover.

On Sunday, a frightened schoolboy made the claim on Jake Tapper's Sunday show. He made his frightened claim loud and clear.

Jamie Gangel didn't say boo or bat an eye. Gangel simply moved on.

Tomorrow, let's look at the way our modern village has responded to these repetitive claims. In Salem Village, the scare was over fairly quickly. In our village, the current scare has persisted for 23 years.

Tomorrow: The questions which go unasked


  1. Question: "Did Hillary Clinton tell any lies in the days after Benghazi? B.S.

    Answer: Yes

    At Andrews AFB, HRC told the families that the producer of the YouTube video is to blame for the "spontaneous protest" in Benghazi that resulted in the deaths of their loved ones. Of course HRC was in possession of information that debunked that story but continued to repeat it.

    "I gave Hillary a hug and shook her hand. And she said we are going to have the film maker arrested who was responsible for the death of my son," the entry says." Charles Woods, father of Ty Woods,


    1. A) That's not a quote from Clinton.

      B) The quote from Woods claims Clinton said the film maker "was responsible for the death of [his] son."

      If you believe the Secretary of State told the families whose relatives were assaulted and killed that a film maker "was responsible for the death(s)" you are frankly too ridiculously gullible to conversed with seriously.

      There is no way in the world that it happened in the way Woods describes.

      But such faith on the part of you and the BENGHAZI!!!!! crowd is unsurprising. You are the same folk who nakedly try to elide "some have sought to justify" to pretend that Clinton on the day after the attack definitively stated that it was "a response to inflammatory material posted on the Internet."

      You're unbelievable. And unbelievably credulous when you want to believe.

    2. @Sanity

      If you were confused by the "some have sought to justify" caveat by HRC on September 14, 2012, HRC removed the caveat last Wednesday.

      “Congressman, I believe to this day the video played a role." HRC October 21, 2015 House Select Committee on Benghazi

      Let's examine the gullibility of Clintonistas.

      Did you believe HRC ducked sniper fire at the Bosnian airport?

      HRC claimed that she never solicited Sidney Blumenthal emails. Did you believe her? During her testimony, she revised that to mean she initially didn't, but the....well...she did.

      HRC claimed all her grandparents were immigrants? Only three were. Did you believe her?

      HRC claimed she used only one device for emails. She had two. Did you believe her?

      Telling Charles Woods that the YouTube film director was responsible for the death of his son actually sounds exactly like a comment HRC would make.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Question: Did Hillary Clinton tell any lies in the days after the Benghazi attack?

      Answer: cicero doesn't know, but keeps asserting this because he wants so badly for it to be true

      Question: did Clinton really tell Woods what Woods claims?

      Answer: cicero doesn't know, but keeps asserting this because he needs it to be true

      Question: if Clinton really did tell Woods this, was she lying?

      Answer: cicero doesn't know, but keeps asserting this because so much of his time will have been wasted if it's not so

      Question: did the video play no role in motivating the attack?

      Answer: cicero doesn't know, but please god for cicero's sake let this be true!

      Question: did anyone in the administration lie about anything Benghazi-related?

      Answer: cicero doesn't know and has yet to show a) that any particular claim made by the administration about Benghazi is definitively known to be false and b) that the person who made the claim knew it to be false at the time they said it. and yet cicero keeps asserting they all lied because if they didn't he might be forced to take stock of his empty life and move on

    6. All Sentient Life EverywhereOctober 28, 2015 at 5:16 PM

      "played a role" Does Not Equal "caused"

      Obvious. Unless you are a troll.

  2. You can't get much more gullible than this. A diary entry by an emotional parent reporting what he or she thought she heard, not what Clinton said, and you are going to hang your hat on that for the narrative you just cannot bear to give up? Nobody ever excluded the possibility that the attack itself was either inspired by or conducted by al Qaeda, and after careful investigation the video has not been excluded as possibly providing the excuse for the particular timing of the assault even if "an" assault had already been in planning. The video was a huge deal. Why would anyone not consider seriously that the events were connected in some way, especially before formal investigation had even started?

    As The Howler has demonstrated umpteen times, but you apparently are incapable of processing the information, Susan Rice that very day of the talk shows expressly told Bob Schieffer that "al Qaeda" -- yes, with exactly those words -- could have either inspired or even conducted the raid. John McCain was either a flat out liar in those days or he likewise was unable to process the information that directly contradicted the story he wanted to tell..

    1. @Urban

      All you have to do is read HRC's emails to Chelsea, President of Libya, PM of Egypt to know HRC was positive the YouTube video had zero to do with the terrorist attack on Benghazi compound.

      Charles Woods made that entry in his diary on September 15, 2012. He is not relying on a three year old memory. You characterize it as what "he thought he heard, not what Clinton said." One thing for sure, you were not there. That you call Woods a liar is fascinating as HRC has told more whoppers than Burger King sells. He was right on all counts. The filmmaker was arrested. and HRC continues to blame the YouTube video for the failure of her goals in Libya.

      "I haven’t looked at my notes for quite some time before I came out here to Washington, D.C.,” Woods told Fox News, as he was in the nation’s capital for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s testimony before the House Benghazi Select Committee Thursday. “And I just decided I’d better look at the notes just to review exactly what she said so I’d have the facts down.”

    2. Cicero is an obvious example of the sort of moron Bob thinks less of us for not treating with respect. Obviously, Bob does not have much of a case.

    3. It would seem Somerby is referring not to tribal ideologues but rather decent people who don't have the time or inclination to delve deep into political issues.

      It's lazy to label, then write off whole groups of people, although the likes of Cicero is quite happy that you do.

    4. Don't label and write-off decent people who don't have the time or inclination to delve deep into political issues.

      Label and write-off conservatives. They aren't decent people. They are liars. They have the time and inclination to delve deep into political issues, and we shouldn't fall for their "too stupid to know any better" schtick.

  3. Cicero, you seem to have a problem wiyth the English language. Saying it was the responsibility of an "al Qaeda-like" group says nothing about whether the protests over the film provided an opportunity to attack. "Al-Qaeda-like" says nothing, and whatever her personal beliefs were at that time were totally irrelevant. As Rice said a thousand times, a professional investigation was necessary before drawing conclusions that could be made public.That would be a dereliction of duty for her to spout off without the necessary disclaimers. The President made it clear the day after the attack that it was an "act of terror."

    I have been following politics for many decades, and this line of argument is by far the stupidest and most dishonest I have ever seen. Everything that was ever said about what Susan Rice said, for example, can be directly contradicted by indisputable facts, but when they are identified the Republicans -- to a person, apparently -- just soldier on saying Susan Rice lied as if they never heard the truth.

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