Supplemental: The developing tale of the son’s dying words!


What “authenticity” looks like:
Does Politico’s Edward-Isaac Dovere know whereof he speaks?

We can’t answer that.

Maureen Dowd provided zero sources when she started the story of the dying son’s last words. Today, Dovere cites only anonymous sources as he claims to reveal Dowd’s source.

He says her source was the dying man’s father, Joe Biden. Headlines included, this is the way he begins:
DOVERE (10/6/15): Exclusive: Biden himself leaked word of his son's dying wish/
The vice president is mourning. He’s also calculating.

Joe Biden has been making his 2016 deliberations all about his late son since August.

Aug. 1, to be exact—the day renowned Hillary Clinton-critic Maureen Dowd published a column that marked a turning point in the presidential speculation.

According to multiple sources, it was Biden himself who talked to her, painting a tragic portrait of a dying son, Beau’s face partially paralyzed, sitting his father down and trying to make him promise to run for president because "the White House should not revert to the Clintons and that the country would be better off with Biden values.”

It was no coincidence that the preliminary pieces around a prospective campaign started moving right after that column. People read Dowd and started reaching out, those around the vice president would say by way of defensive explanation. He was just answering the phone and listening.

But in truth, Biden had effectively placed an ad in The New York Times, asking them to call.
Is that what actually happened? We can’t tell you that. But this report creates a Rorschach test concerning what “character” and “authenticity” mean in the unattractive, script-reading minds of America’s upper-end press corps.

If Biden told this story to Dowd, he broke no eternal rule. Nothing in the tablets Moses carried provided any specific direction about this type of conduct.

That said, Dowd’s column placed the current White House campaign within a deeply emotional, melodramatic framework. Especially coming from her, it also created an ugly type of story:

So deeply vile are the Clintons that it was the sainted young man’s last wish that they not return to power! Even as the son “was losing his nouns,” he maintained his Clinton-hatred:
DOWD (8/2/15): When Beau realized he was not going to make it, he asked his father if he had a minute to sit down and talk.

“Of course, honey,” the vice president replied.

At the table, Beau told his dad he was worried about him.

My kid's dying, an anguished Joe Biden thought to himself, and he’s making sure I'm O.K.

“Dad, I know you don't give a damn about money,” Beau told him, dismissing the idea that his father would take some sort of cushy job after the vice presidency to cash in.

Beau was losing his nouns and the right side of his face was partially paralyzed. But he had a mission: He tried to make his father promise to run, arguing that the White House should not revert to the Clintons and that the country would be better off with Biden values.
Is that what actually happened? We don’t know.

Did Biden tell the story to Dowd? We don’t know that either. If he did, we don't know how accurately she reproduced what he said.

But when an American White House campaign is placed within that kind of saccharine, weepy emotional framework, the “Creeping Dowdism” of which we were warned (in 1992!) has seized full control of our lives.

Did Biden tell that story to Dowd? If so, a peculiar type of self-praise suffuses every square inch of the story.

He doesn’t give a damn about money? (Translation: He isn’t like the Clintons!)

The country would be better off “with Biden values?” (There’s no one as great as our clan!)

According to Dowd’s column, the paralyzed son who was losing his nouns had one last wish for his country. Did Biden himself really go and tell this story to Dowd?

Presumably, Dovere’s report will trigger further debate and reporting about this episode. Our own judgment is this:

We don’t have any idea who the “good people” are in this mess. We don’t know if Joe Biden is a better person than Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton.

We also don’t especially care. Long ago, we came to understand a basic point: People in politics aren’t our friends. Beyond that, we have no way of finding out what they’re “really like.”

That isn’t the point of political discourse—except to obvious lost souls like Dowd, who wants our discourse to be a succession of silly stories about “authenticity” and “character,” with never-ending snide assessments of those she doesn’t favor.

And now, with moving deathbed tales involving the pol she prefers!

(Obvious side note: We Irish!)

Ever since that column appeared, we’ve felt that Biden was behaving unattractively just by letting this melodrama get so much play in the press. Perhaps his grief has occasioned bad judgment. We don’t gigantically care.

We do care about this:

Ever since that column appeared, the pundit corps has turned it into one of our basic controlling narratives. As always, the pundits have agreed to recite.

Everyone has wept for Joe, who got such a terrible break. We’ve seen no one wonder if there wasn’t something a bit exploitive about this maudlin story, behind which he has been hiding, upon which his rise has been based, whose truth no one can confirm.

Today, in its headline, Politico finally says that Biden has been mourning but that he’s also been “calculating.” Only the people who pose as our press corps could have failed to raise that possibility until now.

On August 2, Dowd told us a story. We’re now told that Biden himself was the source. Consider:

When Dowd wrote her column, she cited no source for her story. Woodward and Bernstein always needed two sources. In that influential column, Dowd had whittled that requirement down to none.

Today, we’re told that Biden was her source. Question: If that’s true, how could Dowd have known that the story he told her was accurate? Also, what made the pundit corps feel so certain that the story was true?

Answer: Our pundit corps doesn’t work on such considerations. Our pundits repeat approved stories, full stop. It's narrative all the way down!

Those Clintons! In this ultimate instance, they were brazenly moving ahead despite the pleas of the dying child. In many ways, this has been Dowd’s ugliest, creepiest, most exploitive story to date.

That said, our “national discourse” persistently runs on this low-IQ fuel. In the case of Dowd, we’ve been willing to tolerate this type of disorder every step of the way.

We simply aren’t a very bright people. Among other things, our ability to follow a lost soul like Dowd explains our devolving status.


  1. Imagine the uproar if Hillary had leaked the "death wish" of Chelsea (had she suffered a tragic fate), allgedly telling Maureen Dowd how bad it would be to let Biden become President.

    1. @ A Perez

      HRC claimed Chelsea was jogging around the Twin Towers on 9/11 and went into a coffee shop just before the planes hit the Towers. Chelsea was actually 12 blocks away at the time. Considering HRC's trouble with the truth, If HRC was the sole source for the death of her daughter, she had better be able to produce a death certificate.

    2. You're the liar cicero.

      Go back and get instructions from Brent telling you what to do next, Troll.

    3. !$$I$C$K$E$$T$B$U$R$N$E$V$E$R$!

    4. @7:06

      Have you tried carbonic acid?

    5. Cicero, why is it so important to you that the death tax be abolished and we get to start a war with Iran?

    6. @AC/MA

      How do you benefit from a death tax? Obama seems to want to start a war with Doctors Without Borders.

    7. "How do you benefit from a death tax?"

      Increased revenues collected by the IRS and used to fund activities that serve the common good.

      The dead don't need the money and their relatives have not earned it. The estate tax is only applied above a very high income level, so it does not hurt lower income families. The wealthy should be paying their fair share of taxes. In a world where people learn social responsibility as a value (previously called noblesse oblige), the wealthy would want to contribute to the good of their neighbors and their society instead of hoarding wealth.

    8. @ 11:49

      The dead paid their taxes when they were alive. Why tax the same money twice? Better the government hoards your money? You have a lot of unwarranted confidence in the IRS. Perhaps you have missed the numerous scandals they have been involved with over the last decade.

      "If the government were to ...
      1.Nationalize the entire wealth of every billionaire in the country ($1.3 trillion) by liquidating all of their hard and soft assets, thus rendering them broke.
      2.Seize all income earned over $250,000 (no deductions, gross pay), you would have $1.4 trillion.
      3.Confiscate 100% of the profits of the Fortune 500 ($400 billion), thus making them non-profit enterprises ...
      You would have enough money to operate the U.S. Federal Government until the middle of August."

    9. Cicero, eliminating the estate tax would correspondingly increase the deficit. The estate tax has been around for 100 years, and within the last 20 has been substantially reduced. it only affects those with estates over $5,000,000, and $10,000,000 for married couples. The double tax argument doesn't apply to the extent that there is a step up in basis on death for capital gains purposes, a large component of these estates. Abolishing the estate tax will hugely magnify the already of the charts concentration of wealth in fewer and fewer hands. we're worried about deficits and running out of money for social security and Medicare? There is an utter lunacy in the plan to abolish this tax. (this is on top of the brilliant GOP / Club for Growth program to balance the budget while drastically cutting taxes on the rich (in addition to eliminating the estate tax), vastly increasing defense spending, building a wall on the Mexican border, while allegely not cutting social security or Medicare, without explaining how this will be accomplished. Instead of responding to any this, all we ever see from you is full throttle disingenuousness, changing the subject -e.g,that the IRS has had 'scandals' (basically drummed up by the right wing propaganda machine).

    10. @AC/MA

      How did the "right wing propaganda machine" manage to get the Inspector general to confirm the IRS singled out conservatives because of their politics?

      "IRS admits targeting conservatives for tax scrutiny in 2012 election"

      "Newly recovered Lois Lerner email shows IRS tried to cover up tea party targeting"

      "The IRS inspector general has concluded that the agency did in fact target conservative and tea party groups for intrusive scrutiny, and the Justice Department is still conducting a criminal investigation into the targeting."

    11. Has nothing to do with abolishing the estate tax

    12. AC?MA

      Has to do with debunking your erroneous and vapid characterization of the IRS scandals as being "drummed up" by Republicans//Conservatives.

      I already rendered your penalizing people with the death tax as invalid as anything other than petty jealousy. Once again, if you confiscated all the wealth of all the American billionaires ($3 trillion+) you might be able to run the federal government for 8 months. What do you do for an encore to run it the rest of the year and all the subsequent years?

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  2. NBC is reporting to Biden's office said Politico"is flatly wrong to suggest that Biden intended the leak to be a trial balloon for his candidacy."

    Read it very well: Biden doesn't deny being the source, but "intending" for the anonymous leak to be a "trial balloon".

    This is a non-denial denial that strengthens the theory that Biden was the source.

    1. What pray tell was his intent then? He uses the death of his son to stick a knife in Clinton's back. What a stand up guy.

      Oh Joe, how authentic thou art!

    2. @mm

      Why should VP Biden be a Clintonista? He wants to be POTUS. HRC is in his way. HRC wanted to be POTUS in 08. Candidate Obama was in her way. Do you not remember Willie's comments regarding candidate Obama?

      Does tis mean that you no longer bear malice towards Maureen Dowd for repeating what the Biden camp leaked?

  3. Maybe I am just not very bright. I don't see what difference it makes. For one thing, why shouldn't the story be true? I, myself, am pretty fond of my own dad. If he was a Senator or Vice President, I probably would think he would make a better President than the dad (or mom) of anyone else. That the country would be better off with my family's values. I might even encourage him to run. So what? I also don't find that to be a compelling reason to vote for or against somebody. Nor do I think it really shows that Beau 'hated' the Clintons. There are, perhaps many Americans who are somewhat put off by the seeming creation of 'political royalty' although the Biden's themselves seem to be another example of that, or at least they would have been if Beau had won the Senate seat that 'belonged' to his dad. So Beau (or Dowd) (or Joe) might have been saying something like that.

    I do find it funny a narrative that Joe Biden "does not care about money". He has pretty much had a six figure salary since 1973. By income, he is better off than 90% of Americans. He has a six figure pension coming to him. From where I sit, he looks like a rich man. Certainly, he has not taken a vow of poverty.

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  5. Bob Somerby knows whereof he speaks.
    Chris Matthews slipped up last night and talked about the Irish connection between Dowd and Biden. Transcript not available yet.

    1. Bob Somerby speaks:

      "We liberals are the problem now too! We're lazy and we aren't very smart. We exude a moral squalor. We're lazy and dumb and our morals are bad."

  6. Today the New York Times calls Biden Clinton's biggest threat, when it would be much more accurate to call him Sanders biggest threat.

    Grieving isn't a qualification for office.

    1. It would be more accurate to say that the New York Times may be Clinton's biggest threat.

      The paper is influential. Much more so than Biden. The paper don't like the lady. Running these Biden memes is just one of the ways the paper is "running against" Clinton.

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  7. "If Biden told this story to Dowd, he broke no eternal rule."

    Bob Somerby The Daily Howler, September 6, 2015

    If Biden told this story to Dowd, then Somerby missed what commenter
    Quaker in a Basement in the previous post called "Obvious from the start."

    "Who else could it have been?" asked the Howler commenter.

    Two months ago, a few days after Dowd's column had first appeared,
    Somerby hinted that the story might have come from Dowd's own version of Bob's sprawling campus residents, his analysts. And of course Somerby, ever the guardian against novelization by the "press
    corps" added a sex scene to his detective tale.

    "... Dowd’s column was built around a melodramatic claim. Before his recent death, she said, Beau Biden, the vice president's son, had urged his father to enter the White House race.

    Diddling herself as she lay on her shag, Dowd took us right to the dying man’s bed. She quoted the dying man’s words to his father. She took us inside the head of the dying man’s dad, telling us what he thought about the words his dying son had said.
    Is the news really a novel? At no point does Dowd explain how she’s able to quote both Bidens.
    Please understand—it’s possible that Dowd’s sequel to Love Story is true in every respect.
    No source is presented in this column as Dowd pleasures herself and weeps.
    As you may recall, Dowd has invented a whole lot of “quotes” down through these many long years.
    The use to which Dowd’s novel was quickly put is more astonishing still.
    ...a completely unsourced claim magically became the source for Chozick’s front-page “news report.” Journalistically, there’s a word for this sleight-of-hand:

    Journalistically, that word would be “scam.” "

    Bob Somerby, The Daily Howler, August 4, 2015

    1. What's your point?

    2. Bob is an authentic novel spotter?

    3. I think the commenter's point is that Bob Somerby is not as smart as Quaker in a Basement. Given that Dowd's column involved a private conversation between Beau and Joe, it should have been obvious to anyone reading Dowd's column with two IQ points to rub together that the source was Joe, unless you believe Dowd speaks to the dead.

    4. @2:21, It seemed to me very likely also, but it could have been people close to Biden who Biden told and then subsequently passed it on to Mo.

      It any case it really matters not to me, since Biden had ample opportunity to repudiate the column or at the least disown the ugly holier-than-thou Biden "values" vs. those evil Clinton values part. That's the kind of stuff we expect to get from the other side but not from one lifelong D vs. another lifelong D. That part was despicable.

      Look, who's kidding who? The whole justification for a Biden candidacy was that we needed someone in case "something" came out that would destroy Clinton's candidacy coming from the Eghazi ratfucking. And Biden was playing that tune all along doing continual damage to Clinton's standing.

      That kind of stuff was below the belt. You want to go out and challenge her on policy and issues like Bernie, fine, jump on in, the water's great. But Holy Joe the Authentic couldn't play it straight up.

    5. @mm

      Don't worry. Her Majesty HRC's Super Pac "Correct The Record" is about to disembowel Uncle Joe.

  8. Woodward and Bernstein, Two sources.
    I was in my early 20's at the time of the events, the book and the film. It was such a great narrative.
    Two sources!
    I miss standards.

    1. And now libs treat Woodward as a traitor to investigative journalism for scrutinizing HRC's compulsion to have a private server.

      As far as the movie "All The Presidents Men," at no time were Woodward & Bernstein's lives ever in peril. That was Director Pakula's lame invention.

  9. "HRC claimed Chelsea was jogging around the Twin Towers on 9/11 and went into a coffee shop just before the planes hit the Towers. Chelsea was actually 12 blocks away at the time."

    BS! Facts are stubborn things.

    "CLINTON: She'd gone, what she thought would be just a great jog. She was going to go down to Battery Park, she was going to go around the towers. She went to get a cup of coffee and -- and that's when the plane hit.

    JANE PAULEY (host): She was close enough to hear the rumble.

    CLINTON: She did hear it."

    1. @Mutaman

      Paul Harvey would say.. .And now the rest of the story...

      Chelsea owns words in a November, 2001, article in the now-defunct Talk magazine doesn’t mention anything about a jog, but she talks about seeing the plane hit the tower on television in her apartment that is 12 blocks ( 2.1 miles away). away from Twin Towers.

      "But on closer inspection of both Clinton’s accounts, the truth is a little more nuanced. Chelsea wrote that she was watching television in a Union Square apartment when the planes hit, but was in the World Trade Center’s vicinity when they actually collapsed. Senator Clinton seemed to indicate Chelsea was there “when the planes hit,” seemingly confusing this with the event that happened an hour later.

      Why HRC brought her daughter into the 9/11 attack storyline is just bizarre. But if HRC didn't embellish everything in her life she wouldn't be HRC.

    2. 1. Link for "Chelsea's own words" please.

      2. Your second paragraph starts out as a quote that never ends. Who said it and where's it from?

    3. @Mutaman

      "In a Nov. 9, 2001, article in Talk magazine, Chelsea Clinton never wrote she went jogging on Sept. 11, 2001. Instead, Clinton said she was alone inside a friend’s apartment 12 blocks away when the first plane struck the World Trade Center. She watched the second plane hit the South Tower on her friend’s television."

      Sources: “Today Show,” NBC News, Sept. 18, 2001; “Chelsea Clinton Speaks Out for the First Time in a Personal Account of the September 11 Tragedy and Its Aftermath,” Talk, Nov. 9, 2001.

    4. You're quoting BS from the Free Republic, a right wing internet forum. Where is the actual quote from Chesea Clinton?

    5. I knew I'd have to find this myself. Here's the real story (from Media Matters):

      "A November 9, 2001, UPI article about a piece Chelsea Clinton wrote in Talk magazine corroborates Hillary Clinton's claim that Chelsea did, in fact, leave her apartment to have coffee the morning of the September 11, 2001, attacks:

      "When the World Trade Center collapsed on Sept. 11, I was 12 blocks away, (and) nothing has been the same since," Clinton wrote in the December/January issue of Talk magazine, on sale Friday in New York.

      [...]Clinton had been staying with her high school friend Nicole Davison in her apartment near Union Square for a few days in September before she went to England to study at Oxford. After they had coffee together, Davison went to work and Clinton returned to the apartment.

      Davison called Clinton with the news of the first plane that crashed into the World Trade Center. Clinton turned on the television and watched the second plane crash into the second WTC tower, and tried to reach her mother in Washington, but after speaking to her assistant, the phone line went dead.

      [...]Panicked, Chelsea Clinton left the apartment and found herself running toward downtown "in the direction everyone else was coming from," in search of a public telephone. She was desperate to call her mother and her father, who was on a speaking tour in Australia.

      Chelsea Clinton was downtown in line at a pay phone when she heard the rumble of the second tower collapsing. Later she found Davison and another friend, and the three spent the day walking uptown. Chelsea Clinton wrote that she had an "irrational medley of thoughts" running through her head."

    6. Turne out this BS about Hillary's "lie" was started by Dick Morris on Hannity:
      MORRIS: She says Chelsea was in danger on 9-11, jogging around the towers of the World Trade Center and was saved only 'cause she ducked into a coffee shop. She -- turns out she was in bed at home, and a friend woke her up and said, "Watch this on TV."

      SEAN HANNITY (co-host): Right.

      MORRIS: She's always saying this stuff that isn't true, just like this, and she gets nailed.

      HANNITY: Does this now --

      MORRIS: It's like Al Gore, "I invented the Internet," "Love Story was about me."

      HANNITY: Yeah.

      MORRIS: I mean, it becomes almost a joke.

      Its total BS:

    7. @Mutaman

      Media Matters attacks their arch enemy Dick Morris and you imagine that clears HRC of making up a total confabulation about her daughter being at ground zero when the planes hit the Twin Towers. HRC even claims Chelsea heard the planes hit the Towers when her daughter was actually watching it on TV.

      But good for you. You finally proved to yourself that Chelsea was not downtown when the planes hit, but was in fact 12 blocks away in her apartment and saw it on TV like millions of other folks. She was not jogging downtown, nor had any intention of jogging downtown at the time of the attack or after the attack, contrary to HRC's hyper retelling of a non story.

      Now explain again how HRC's account of Chelsea's whereabouts, intentions, and being in any danger on 9/11 bears any resemblance to the truth?

    8. Pretty hard to argue with someone who refuses to understand what a quote is. All I can do is quote Chelsea's interview and quote Hillary's interview . Those two quotes make it abundantly clear that there was no "lie" and this false retelling of the story by Dick Morris and the morons who listen to him is all part of the Republican wet dream that somehow they will get to run against someone other than Hillary.

    9. @Mutaman

      The HRC propaganda machine Media Matters fixated on Dick Morris, not the discrepancy between what Chelsea was actually doing on 9/11 and what HRC claimed she was doing.

      I already posted the Chelsea Talk Magazine piece with excerpts before you ran to your favorite source Media Matters for the same info.

      From your own posted interview of HRC with Jane Pauley:

      CLINTON: "She'd gone, what she thought would be just a great jog. She was going to go down to Battery Park, she was going to go around the towers. She went to get a cup of coffee and -- and that's when the plane hit."

      JANE PAULEY (host): "She was close enough to hear the rumble."

      CLINTON: "She did hear it."

      Compare to your go to source Media Matters Chelsea quote:

      CHELSEA: "When the World Trade Center collapsed on Sept. 11, I was 12 blocks away, (and) nothing has been the same since," Clinton wrote in the December/January issue of Talk magazine, on sale Friday in New York."

      Senator Clinton seemed to indicate Chelsea was there “when the planes hit,” seemingly confusing this with the event that happened an hour later.

      In your liberal alternate universe it is possible for Chelsea to be 12 blocks away watching the Twin Towers hit by planes on TV and also "hear the rubble." In Chelsea's article she makes no mention of going jogging or even contemplating jogging near the Twin Towers. Odd that Brock's intention was to shore up HRC's claim and yet couldn't substantiate any part of it even using Chelsea's own article.

      Where does HRC tell Jane Pauley her daughter was 12 blocks away when the planes hit the Twin Towers and she saw it on TV?

      Where does Chelsea say she heard the rubble of the planes hitting the Towers?

      Where does Chelsea ever mention she intended to jog anywhere near the Twin Towers?

      Epic fail again for David Brock trying to clean up HRC's mess.

      What was Brock's excuse for HRC imaging she was under sniper fire at the Bosnian airport?

    10. "I already posted the Chelsea Talk Magazine piece with excerpts"

      No you did not. You posted Free Republic's paraphrase of what Chelsea actually said.

      "it is possible for Chelsea to be 12 blocks away watching the Twin Towers hit by planes on TV and also "hear the rubble."
      Of course it is.

      "What was Brock's excuse for HRC imaging she was under sniper fire at the Bosnian airport? "

      Good idea- I'd change subjects too if I were you.

    11. @Mutaman

      The Free Republic as a conservative blog, but the source is Talk Magazine which I posted. But what did Free Republic get wrong when they repeated the info from Chelsea's article?

      You consider Media Matters as a non partisan neutral source for fact checking, Even the creep Brock makes no pretense that Media Matters raison d'être is as a propaganda manure pile for liberal lunacy.

      Of course it is possible to hear the planes hitting the Twin Towers from 2.2 miles away?...... . Interesting....... Do you have a scientific data or actual witness testimony to support that? But where does Chelsea herself claims she heard it? Only her momma claims that. Where does she claim she was going on a jog? Only her momma claims that. How much time will you require to search the Talk Magazine article to support HRC's and your version?

      In the interim, can you explain how HRC imagined Chelsea was watching TV in her apartment viewing the planes hit the Towers and simultaneously be at Battery Park when the planes hit the Twin Towers.

      CLINTON:" ... She went to get a cup of coffee and -- and that's when the plane hit."

      Are you now suggesting HRC meant Chelsea got the coffee out of the kitchen in her apartment and not at some restaurant/Starbucks in Battery Park? This ought to be good.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

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