Superman spies the real Chuckles the Clown!


World literature's greatest lesson:
Conundra concerning Comey the God had us thinking, early this morning, about the greatest moral lesson in all of world literature.

We refer to the old Superman episode involving Chuckles the Clown.

(We re-watched the famous episode a few years back. The clown's name wasn't actually Chuckles, but the story sounds better that way.)

The story went like this:

Chuckles the Clown was about to hold his annual benefit show for the children. Because Chuckles always raised so much money, some criminals decided to dress someone up like Chuckles the Clown and steal the children's money.

They kidnapped the real Chuckles the Clown. The counterfeit Chuckles performed the show and stole the children's money.

As this was happening, the real Chuckles escaped from the cellar where he'd been imprisoned. He began pursuing the counterfeit Chuckles, determined to get the children's money back.

The two clowns looked exactly alike. They ended up struggling on the roof of a tall building. By now, Superman and Lois Lane were involved in the chase.

As the two clowns struggled near the edge of the roof, one threw the other off the roof, then lost his balance and fell off himself. Forced to make a terrible choice, Superman swooped down and saved the first clown, the one who had been pushed.

As it turned out, he'd saved the real Chuckles the Clown. The children got their money.

As the program neared its end, Lois was left with a question. "There's one thing I don't understand," she said to Superman. "How did you know which of the two was the real Chuckles the Clown?"

Muscles rippling, Superman delivered world literature's greatest moral lesson:

"It was easy, Lois," he masterfully said. "I knew the real Chuckles could never have thrown another man to his death."

The analysts return from their carrels: We're thinking of episode 16, season 2. Why not just click here?

Years after it aired, the famous episode was mentioned by someone in our college dorm. A surprising number of college sophomores remembered the episode, agreeing that it contained world literature's greatest moral lesson.

Struggles over Comey the God brought it to mind today.


  1. I'm trying to figure out how to apply that parable:

    Trump, the evil clown pushed CNN, the good clown, off the roof?

    Comey, the good clown, pushed Trump, the evil clown, off the roof?

    Comey was dressed like a good clown, but turned out to be the evil clown?

    1. Credit where credit is due: the troll DOES do a good John McCain impression.

    2. “The president is new at this,” Ryan said. “He’s new to government. And so he probably wasn’t steeped into the long going protocols that established the relationships between DOJ, FBI, and White Houses.”

      There's only one fucking clown here, asshole DinC. That would be you for supporting that orange abomination. That would be you for inflicting that plague on my country, you fucking traitor.

    3. That was very kind of Ryan to point out what white privilege is in action.

  2. I love this man.

  3. We don't need Superman to determine which is the real Chuckles.

    God status, in the age of Trump, is a low bar.

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