Josh Marshall makes a striking claim!


We don't know if it's accurate:
" 'Liberals' are as hypocritical as everyone else."

We don't know if that statement is accurate. But Josh Marshall has made that statement, with reference to the Harvey Weinstein rolling disgrace.

We don't know if that statement is accurate. Beyond that, we would assume that there's no real way to find out.

(Not even in a "study!")

That said, liberal thinking has long turned on the idea that They're hypocritical Over There, but We are not, Over Here.

(Also, that They are racist, stupid, dishonest and everything very bad, even while We Over Here are not. This deep investment in tribal thinking is the liberal world's current version of climate denial.)

Josh has now said that we're all alike. We have no idea if his specific statement is true, but it's a step back toward sanity.

No doubt, the statement will be retracted by the end of the day. In some ways, Josh started taking it back right in the paragraph where it was made.

We're so old that we can remember when Ta-Nehisi Coates explained, in great detail, why the Zimmerman verdict was right! Our modern pseudo-liberal world tends to roll this way.

Shhhh, and please remain very quiet! Don't let The Others know!


  1. "We don't know if that statement is accurate"

    It's not. Liberals these days are much worse than everyone else. Hysteria of hatred and sanctimony.

    I don't remember seeing anything like this anywhere. Individuals - perhaps, but not as a mass-phenomenon.

    1. "Hysteria of hatred and sanctimony."
      Heil Trump. He must not be crossed. Send Corker to the Gulag. We conservatives love free speech; fire the SOB's exercising their right to free speech!

      Trump: "Obama plays too much golf. I would never do that. "
      Family values voters: "Bill Clinton is a disgusting pervert and is unfit for office."
      Trump: " you just grab 'em by the pussy."
      Family values voters: "we luv Trump. "
      A mass shooting occurs in an American city.
      The shooter is Muslim: all plane flights from overseas will be canceled, all travelers from the United States will remove their underwear, stand on their heads, and get probed in their anuses by TSA, and America will invade Namibia and Andorra.
      The shooter is a white male American citizen with no ties to international terrorism: (republicans say:) never mind. go on about your business.

    2. Mr Trump is only pretending to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria, so why do you support him, Mao?

  2. “Also, that They are racist, stupid, dishonest and everything very bad, even while We Over Here are not.”
    That’s not what We Over Here believe. Some do, possibly. None that I know of, Bob. (Do you have liberal friends?) It’s false, because it is a generalization.
    I won’t discuss the fact that is also unfair, because that seems subjective. However, you are a great exponent of ‘fairness’, at least towards The Other Side.
    Towards Our Side? Not so much. (You seem gleeful when sarcastic. Not an attractive tone to take, but again…subjective).
    And, I believe there was a lively critique of liberalism and the Democratic Party just last year, during the Democratic primaries.

  3. So, what are we being blamed for this time? Letting Josh Marshall change his mind?

  4. The right is being self-righteous when it had every opportunity to take down Weinstein but attacked his accusers instead.

  5. IMHO there's lots of hypo-criticism in both parties. That's why I vote Republican.

    It's not that Republicans pols are better than Democratic pols. It's that I do not want to give either party's hypocritical politicians more power.

    1. You mean hyper criticism not hypo, which means under and contradicts "lots".

  6. The politicizing of Harvey Weinstein's behavior is fine, if you expand the story to include the confessed rapist that is President of the United States. Let's go back and talk to those women again.

    Better late than never.

    1. Greg--Absolutely. Trump's personal life is disgusting. And, let's also talk to the women who say Bill Clinton raped them.

      We have a rotten class of politicians in this country. That's why I don't want to give them even more power over us.

    2. There are big differences between the solid, credible evidence that Trump assaulted women and the politically motivated, never verified attacks on Bill Clinton. His political enemies tried to take him down but there was no substance to the accusations, unlike the more recent cases, including Trump.

    3. "Trump's personal life is disgusting."
      His actions as President are worse. As are the actions of all other Republicans. Thee is no connection between the fact that Trump is an admitted sexual predator and, for instance, that his EPA appointees are okaying pollution of our air, water and land so plutocrats can make more money.

    4. That's funny, Comrade DinC.

      You should check out a great blog, The Daily Howler. He's been writing about those dubious allegations for more than 20 years.