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For that reason, no posts today:
We've been called away from our campus on a mission of national import.

For that reason, there will be no posts today. We expect to finish our award-winning series, First Accuser In, tomorrow. Next week: Age in the cinema!

For today, we'll redirect you to an anthropological mystery, with the hope that you can explain it.

Everyone is shocked, shocked and upset, upset that the GOP tax plan might "explode the deficit" by $1 trillion over ten years, even allowing for possible economic growth. Big news orgs and big major pundits are truly deeply upset.

That said:

When Candidate Trump released his original tax proposal in the fall of 2015, it would have expanded deficit spending, over ten years, by roughly $10 trillion! It was the craziest such proposal in all of human history.

But how odd! Even after the formal proposal was fully scored, the press corps barely reported this fact. The press corps was no longer doing policy. Where Atlas once shrugged, the press yawned.

Also this, with Selection Sunday approaching:
This is how the Power 5 conferences performed this year in games against other Power 5 teams, plus Notre Dame:
Big 10: 7-6
Big 12: 4-6
SEC: 7-9
Pac-12: 7-3
ACC: 9-14
In fairness to the ACC, they were 8-9 excluding their games with Notre Dame, with whom they share an arrangement.

The conferences don't play a huge number of games with each other. But you might keep those numbers in mind when sports pundits insist on telling you which is the mightiest, most dominant conference.

Final note:

As usual, the Big 12 has ten member schools; the Big 10 has 14. This puzzlement has nothing to do with Donald J. Trump. The situation predates his tenure.

Also, the whole conundrum disappears under dynamic scoring.


  1. " would have expanded deficit spending, over ten years, by roughly $10 trillion! It was the craziest such proposal in all of human history."

    This is the third time I'm seeing this particular bullshit outrage here.

    Once again: if that was "the craziest", what are we supposed to think of the actual performance of the previous (heavenly) administration - expanding deficit spending by $9 trillion in only 8 years?

    1. Yeah, I guess they don't teach basic arithmetic in that Albanian basement where you work from. That $9 trillion would have been $19 trillion.

      You're welcome, vodka breath.

    2. Deficit? Agreed. No such thing.
      So when the whining starts about not giving every citizen healthcare because we can't support it, we tell the Establishment Republicans (including President Establishment Trump) to take that nonsense and shove it up their asses.

  2. Bob took Trump's tax cut figures literally. Trump's supporters kept explaining that Trump merely meant he would seek a big tax cut. Events have demonstrated that the supporters were right and Bob was wrong.

    1. Oh good, traitor DinC is here and I see he brought along his magic LYING SACK OF SHIT DECODER RING.

      Help us out here, Traitor DinC.

      Just a couple days ago, the LYING SACK OF SHIT you voted for said this:

      “This is going to cost me a fortune, this thing, believe me,” Mr. Trump said, in the midst of a frequently meandering 45-minute speech to a festive crowd of 1,000. Then he invoked Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader. “This is not good for me. Me, it’s not so — I have some very wealthy friends. Not so happy with me, but that’s OK. You know, I keep hearing Schumer: ‘This is for the wealthy.’ Well, if it is, my friends don’t know about it.”

      Since we know every single word he told that audience is 100% Grade A prime horseshit, I tried to decode what the LYING SACK OF SHIT really meant. I understand per your repeated claims that we can't take the LYING SACK OF SHIT literaly, so here goes my translation.

      "You fucking rubes are so stupid I could sell you a used car without an engine and you'd still applaud me"

      How did I do, Traitor DinC?

    2. Hey Traitor DinC,

      how's you day going?


      On CNN.....Rep. Adam Schiff was asked if Trump has lied during the Russian investigation. His response was..... "Abundantly , frequently and just about in every way."

      You need to explain to Rep. Schiff that he shouldn't take the fucking President of the United States literally, right asshole.

    3. " Events have demonstrated that the supporters were right and Bob was wrong."
      Yeah. Suck it, Bob. The guy who stiffed his contractors for 5+ decades, is giving a massive tax cut to the elites and Establishment.
      If nothing else, we now have every Republican on record, stating that deficits don't matter.
      We could afford to give every man, woman, and child healthcare---and every Republican knows it.
      Obviously, the "we can't afford it" line was 100% bullshit. Conservatives are still against universal healthcare because black people might benefit from it.

    4. “Events have demonstrated that the supporters were right and Bob was wrong”

      Let’s polish up your brilliant quote for maximum accuracy (giving you full credit of course).

      EVENTS HAVE DEMONSTRATED THAT THE republican party is fully devoid of integrity, decency and moral courage; the SUPPORTERS and non-supporters alike WERE fucked in the ass in order to enrich soulless RIGHT wing oligarchs AND BOB WAS basically correct in suggesting it was WRONG to focus on bullshit while orange Saddam scorch-earthed America, aided and abetted by enablers like

      --David in Cal

    5. What exactly were we suposed to do about this that we didn’t do?

    6. I sympathize with your frustration and defensiveness 1:06.

      Here’s what “we” could have done to stop this runaway tax-atrocity train: nothing. This was going to happen hell or high water (incidentally, earthly hell and high water will palpably be accelerated by the obscene actions of the republican turd machine). Runaway trains often crash spectacularly though. And by the way, give no credit to the “courageous” nay votes of any republicans. They were given free passes by Apprentice Paul and Apprentice Mitch once the backroom circle-jerk resulted in a majority.

      More cogent is what can we do going forward. These are my suggestions:

      -If you are required to interact with hardcore Trump voters, point out how they personally will suffer as a result of republican policies. Don’t mention how they are destroying the planet for our great-grandchildren because they don’t give a shit. Prepare yourself with facts and lock eyes with them because generally speaking they behave like bullies and deep-down bullies are cowards. Bob would recommend singing Kumbaya to them but let’s agree to disagree with him on this one.

      - Don’t worry about swing voters, most of them are self-flagellating already. You may want to rub it in a little to solidify their shame.

      -Ceaselessly resist this fascist usurpation of our government and culture.

      -Vote, even if you have to crawl through broken glass to get there. If possible, help others get to the polls. This will really piss off the mouth-breathers and goose-steppers.

      Related to this site:

      -Support journalists that fight the good fight without behaving like Rush and Sean. Bob is right that it’s disappointing when so much time and talent is wasted by our journalist-types addressing trivialities and endlessly repeating worn-out old chestnuts when there are more important topics to tackle.

      -Challenge our own “award winning” blogger-type to leverage his decency, wit and ample rhetorical skills to move on to the bigger and better things he has been promising, and stop addressing trivialities and endlessly repeating worn-out old chestnuts when there are more important topics to tackle.

  3. Can a statistician explain this to me: The total number of wins in the Power 5 breakdown is 34 and the total number of losses is 38. Shouldn't they be the same number?

    1. Notre Dame isn't in any of the conferences, so their record (against those conferences) isn't included in Bob's list. I'm assuming that when you include them the numbers add up.

    2. OK, I was thinking they'd put ND in Big 10 like basketball. Thanks.

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