Sam Seder gets the axe from the suits!


What these life forms are like:
Sam Seder has been given the axe by the suits at NBC News. For Kevin Drum's account, click this. At the Washington Post, Erik Wemple gives a slightly fuller account.

Seder has been given the axe for an ironic remark in September 2009. It's obvious what his actual point of view was. Kevin Drum totes up the scorecard:
DRUM (12/5/17): Let’s tote up the scorecard here. NBC News passed on the Harvey Weinstein story. They harbored a sexual abuser for years even though “everyone knew” what Matt Lauer was up to. Ditto for Mark Halperin.

But thanks to the demands of a lunatic conservative, they cut off Sam Seder for a single lame joke made on Twitter in 2009. What the hell is in the water these days at 30 Rock?
In fact, NBC's history of broken-souled gender politics runs much, much deeper than that. What is in the water these days? In fact, it's been there for many years.

NBC's history of gender politics runs much deeper than that. So does the liberal world's history of agreeing not to notice the overt, on-the-air misogyny of big stupid "cable news" stars like Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and a legion of supporting players.

Conducted over many years, their overt misogyny surely helped defeat Hillary Clinton last year. Year after year after year after year, the career liberal world agreed not to notice, or discuss, what these stars were doing.

Dearest darlings, use your heads! That could have been bad for careers!

Olbermann's "misogyny" was in fact explicitly discussed in the (private) Journolist discussions. But the fiery liberals weren't willing to discuss his horrid conduct out in the open air.

Today, Matthews is Rachel's favorite analyst. She told us that she loves Greta too—Greta, the Birther King's leading enabler at Fox during the birther years.

As for the cable and network suits, the dumping of Seder represents the full extent of their moral and intellectual emptiness.
As we've told you for many years, these life forms are barely human in any recognizable sense. Their emptiness explains the stupid shit you've seen from their cable divisions over these many years, including all the stupid shit you're served on MSNBC.

That stupid shit is making money. Attempts at journalism or moral reasoning will pretty much end right there.

This is who and what they are. This is all they are.

We've been writing about this problem with NBC's gender politics since early 1999. We proved one thing during those years—you can't get the others to speak.

Your extra-credit questions: Lawrence worked in Hollywood for many years.

He's extremely pure today, but did he know about Harvey Weinstein? Assuming there's no chance he didn't, how did our Dimmesdale react?


  1. Is Joy Reid next. Why not?

    She tweeted a number of offensive and derogatory anti-gay stereotypes in order to make a sarcastic point as well. A lame attempt, just like Seder's.

    She still does that same thing, too, every time she mockingly refers to "Jefferson BEAUREGARD Sessions."

    So she gets a pass?

    1. Good question to ask NBC/Universal flunky Andy Lack.

    2. She's hostile to the left so she's probably safe.

    3. NBC is owned by Comcast now.

      They hate Seder because he is a big Net Neutrality advocate.

  2. Think NBC/Comcast [courtesy of AV Club]:

    "Because of this eight-year-old dig at the film industry’s morals—and the fact that “internally there was disgust over the tweet,” as a source tells The Wrap, Seder’s contract with the network will not be renewed.

    This joke was returned to public attention last month by Mike Cernovich, the human “TRIGGERED?” meme who remains at the forefront of today’s white-dudes-ranting-into-webcams media, largely thanks to his successful spreading of conspiracy theories like “Pizzagate” and incitement of harassment campaigns against the journalists he and his army of angry internet boys don’t like.

    In a recent edition of Seder’s podcast, The Majority Report With Sam Seder, he described how Cernovich and slightly higher-placed trolls such as Sebastian Gorka were using the unearthed tweet—which Seder had deleted after they began retweeting it—to concoct a smear campaign against him based on “willful misinterpretation,” hoping to silence his criticisms of Roy Moore—one of the only actual (alleged) pedophiles Cernovich has ever come into contact with, when he offered him his endorsement.

    MSNBC has now fully bought into that smear campaign, siding with Cernovich, Gorka, and the rest of the “alt-right” whose openly stated goal is the destruction of news outlets just like it through the use of blatantly manipulative trolling techniques that use their own propensity for faux outrage against them—exactly like what happened here."

    1. Actually, Seder spends a lot of time lampooning both Cernovich [LINK] and Gorka [LINK], the riffs nearly always include the mocking of the speech patterns of one or the other's speech patterns.

  3. I don't understand Bob's problem. MSNBC just offered the alt-right an olive branch, just as Somerby has been harping on them to do for the past few years.
    I fully expect the alt-right to vote for liberals, now that their excuse for not doing so is gone. LOL

  4. Not a bad post here...a couple of thoughts.

    I always wondered why Al Gore hired Keith Olbermann at Current TV, even after Olbermann's well-documented misogyny.

    The entertainment world is a bit of a closed system, with a few giant corporations owning everything. If O'Donnell knew about Weinstein, it's also possible that Somerby's pal Bill Maher knew too, since Maher is a big player in the entertainment world. Maybe Somerby knew?
    Speaking of Maher, he seems to be a liberal, yet says some pretty incendiary things about Trump and Republicans, i.e. The Others. Why does he get a pass from Somerby, but Jimmy Kimmel doesn't?
    And Maher has been called a misogynist by more than a few people.

  5. Also, why this instant belief of all the accusations against Lauer (for example), but meanwhile Somerby urges us to treat the accusations against Roy Moore as credible, but not proven? And the vociferous defense of Moore's dating habits, which Somerby oddly never questions, despite Moore's total denial of ALL the accounts.

    1. Dave the Guitar PlayerDecember 6, 2017 at 1:30 PM

      Why does it bother you that Somerby is asking you to treat the accusations against Roy Moore as credible, but not proven, when in fact the accusations are credible, but not proven? You can believe what you want, but journalists are not supposed to make things up. That's why the accusation by conservatives of "fake news" is credible, even if not provable. We aren't going to win if we just make things up.

    2. Death Panels, indeed.

  6. Can't think why anybody is surprised by this. I feel sure Andy Lack has been longing for any excuse to fire him. Hasn't anybody noticed how Lack had been getting rid of all center and left of center "talent?"