Diagnosing Omarosa!


What these nitwits are like:
Omarosa Manigault is one of our less significant persons.

That said, the children love to gossip and talk about her. In the end, this is what these corporate nitwits are actually like.

This morning, Morning Joe opened with several embarrassing minutes in which Mika snarked, smirked, gossiped, clowned and side-eyed about Omarosa. Joe wasn't in his seat yet.

Eventually, we may be able to offer a transcript of this embarrassing mess. That transcript may help you see what these nitwits are actually like, though sighs and eye-rolls aren't recorded in such documents.

Later in the program, Mika and Yamiche devoted five minutes to this utterly pointless matter. To watch them stage their parody of human behavior, you can just click here.

Last night, on CNN,
Don Lemon and (mainly) a pair of guests embarrassed themselves for roughly ten minutes as they gossiped about Omarosa. This is very much who these corporate employees actually are. Also, this is a major part of our deep national problem.

The children like to gossip and play! As a matter of anthropology, this has been, and will continue to be, a route to national and global disaster.


  1. They don't just gossip, though. Their goebbelsian job is to produce and endlessly repeat fake 'narratives' useful for the establishment. And that's what they do.

    1. Benghazi.
      Supply-side economics.
      Saddam's WMDs.
      CEOs who can't find good workers.

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