BREAKING: Tara Westover captures the press corps!


Does so in Guardian interview:
Tara Westover's widely-praised memoir is called Educated. For her recent interview on After Words, you can just click here.

In an earlier interview with The Guardian,
Westover captured the essence of the modern career liberal elite/mainstream press corps:

"In families like mine there is no crime worse than telling the truth."


  1. Do you suppose she meant that literally or was she trying to be cute?

    1. I think she was posturing. I hope that's Bob's point.

      And again, how does such a toxic background get you ready for a Cambridge Ph.D? And in 10 years time no less.

      Sounds like a bit of myth-making going on here -- and I love how this "interview" treats her advancement to Cambridge as the most normal thing in the world?

      Nobody bothered to ask her about the details? Or would that get in the way of the myth?

  2. I'm sure Somerby views himself as some sort of truth teller. What that "truth" is is open to some amount of interpretation.

  3. Hold on.

    How do you go from backwoods Utah or wherever to Cambridge University, and with no schooling?

    There's something missing here -- such as the whole truth about her background...?

    1. You take the SAT.

    2. Did you watch the interview?

      She was home schooled, although not very well. She got into BYU. A professor at BYU was impressed with her and told her to apply to an exchange program at Cambridge. She applied and was rejected. The professor called Cambridge and asked them to give her a second look. The accepted her to the exchange program. From there, she applied to get into a degree program at Cambridge.

    3. You believe that story? I don't.

      She said she was self-taught, by the way. A highly dysfunctional background like hers does not lead to college, let alone Cambridge.

      No, she got help and advantage she's not talking about. Or, life on the Range wasn't as bad as she's making it out to be.

      Who was that industrialist character in Dickens' "Hard Times" who used to go around and boast about how self-made he was? When it turns out he was hiding away his dear sacrificing mother?

      Her story is bogus. And, I don't believe at all that someone so precocious would blurt out in a classroom her complete ignorance of the Holocaust. Internet, first, anyone.

      It's myth-making folks. She may have done a lot on her own, but not THAT much.

    4. I want to add too that so many of these Millennials are total and complete hustlers. They lie and maneuver and game the system.

      Ever read college application essays these days? The kids fluff their histories like they're something out of Dickens. Tales of pain and woe abound -- all to get that advantage.

      No doubt she got into Cambridge through a special program. It's her pre-BYU and BYU history that I don't buy.

    5. I heard Millenials won't take a job unless it pays them a good wage for it. Due to that attitude, some call them 'entitled'. Due to that attitude, I call them "the greatest generation".

  4. As usual, Somerby gives no context for his citing of Westover or her book. Did he like it? Did he read it? We can see the quote that he liked that feeds into his narrative about the press. Is that all there is?

    1. It would seem so. Let’s break out the booze and have a ball.

    2. I suspect Bob's going to pick up on it later .... to show what a phony she is (?) It's called a teaser.

      I hope so. I don't believe at all her woeful Utah history at home. She got out of BYU in four years being self-taught until 18?