BREAKING: Collins examines the latest sex stories!


Latest dispatch from the realm:
Gail Collins stopped trying years ago. But she still writes her regular column.

This Saturday, her regular column concerned the latest sex stories. She started with "the Pennsylvania district where Republican Tim Murphy, a strong anti-abortion conservative, had to resign after he got caught urging his lover to have an abortion if she got pregnant."

From there, she moved to "the district next door, where the former lover has announced she’s running against a Democratic incumbent."

Next came last week's "special election for the Kentucky State House of Representatives in a rural district." What was the hook about that election, what with its 15 percent turnout rate? The election occurred because the incumbent, "who was also the bishop of an evangelical church, killed himself in December after he was accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old parishioner."

From there, it was on to Missouri, where the incumbent governor "tied his naked lover to a piece of exercise equipment and took her picture."

It was delicious stuff. "See, you’re already getting interested and I haven’t gotten anywhere near the connection to the November Senate races," Collins wonderfully wrote at one point. If only the Times would let her link to the audio of the Bentley sex tape!

In theory, it's possible to write a column about such matters in order to state some actual point. It's hard to see how anyone could think that Collins was trying to do that.

Increasingly, Collins is sending these dispatches from the realm of deep upper-class indifference. Are children being shot in school? Collins would rather do this.

At one point, Colins offered this pensee about the Missouri matter:
This story leaves those of us who do not live in Missouri with several questions. One of which, of course, is, “What kind of person is this?”
What kind of person is this! We often ask that very question when we encounter these columns by Collins. Also, what kind of person would publish a nation's most famous newspaper and put dreck like this in print?

No, really. What kind of person does that?

In Florida, 15-year-old high school students say they can't sleep at night. By way of contrast, Lady Collins' sweet dreams come to us in this manner.

What kinds of publishers publish such dreck? As our failing nation slides toward the sea, we'll ponder such questions all week.

On the bright side: No mention of Seamus!


  1. "What kind of person is this! We often ask that very question when we encounter these columns by Collins."

    Ha-ha, well said. Thanks for the laughs, Bob.

    1. "Thanks for the kopeks, Bob."

      FTFY, NFO

  2. Yes, it is horrible when newspapers try to entertain instead of inform.

    The people who decry all the new names being given to our non-binary sexual identities can skip this next paragraph. Many people have a very strong interest in sex. The ones who don't, who are relatively indifferent to it, are being called asexual. There is argument about whether their way of being is part of their identity or a fixable endocrine disorder that should be addressed to make them more interested in sex.

    For someone who IS interested in sex, sex tinges nearly every aspect of their lives. That's why these elected officials are getting caught in behaviors that shouldn't have happened. Most people include sex in their lives, even when they probably shouldn't.

    Now Somerby wants a newspaper that only talks about sex when it is the main topic, such as in medical reports (I supposed) and not when sexual human beings get caught engaging in sexual behavior that gets them into trouble. He thinks the interest in such things is prurient. Others, who integrate sex more fully into their lives, consider this relevant, important, interesting, and a natural thing to be discussing. They can learn from this and use this information as surely as they would information about other misbehavior by elected officials.

    Maybe Somerby is wanting to present sexless news because of his advancing age, or maybe he has always been this way. He needs to realize that others don't react the same way or have the same interests (or lack of them).

    And then there is religion. Maybe that is Somerby's concern. But it is hard to see that as the explanation when he makes such a fuss about the New England Irish Catholic media mob.

    Remember, he's always had a thing about working "blue."

    1. It would seem from your response that you are prone to hysteria.

    2. No sex for you troll-face.

  3. Kevin Drum yesterday compared the Republicans to Homer Simpson and Bart, and the Democrats to Lisa Simpson. Then he pointed out that no one likes or wants to be like Lisa. He is so wrong about that, in his typically tone-deaf way. Women love Lisa and are sad about her struggles and the way she is treated. Women identify with her.

    When people call Hillary Clinton unlikeable, some of them are equating her with Lisa Simpson and assuming, like Kevin Drum, that this is a bad thing, a wrong way to be.

    Sexism comes in many forms but this is a particularly blatant example. If Democrats want to try to out-macho Trump, they’re going to do dumb stuff, like Homer and Bart, and we will be left with a bunch of guys who think listening to women’s concerns makes them whipped.

    We need to get our heads straight about this. Drum didn’t even try. Certainly embracing his inner Lisa wasn’t an option. Another reason why guys like him and Somerby were so tepid in their support for Hillary. Less ambivalence and she would have won.

    1. Kevin Drum did not make the comparison. A United States senator did, Ted Cruz, (AH-Tx).

      "Women love Lisa...." Actually, most women don't watch Lisa and those that do know she is a cartoon. Your comment, however is just cartoonish, but proves the point Drum was making about liberals.

    2. Weird that Cruz seems to be a fan of The Simpsons. One can only imagine what he thinks when watching it.

    3. Cruz reads speeches written for him by government employees.

    4. Perry, hello? White women were tepid in their support of Hillary. More white women voted for Trump than her! Do you really think that she evinced the type of femininity that Lisa does? I feel like it was she that tried to out-macho the Republicans. I agree that we have to get our head on straight about it because femininity is the answer and really, deeply, the biggest problem. The imbalance between the two. But Hillary was macho. My wife thought she was too masculine the whole time. She was turned off not on by her masculine feminine balance. And so were a lot of other white women probably. It is probably one of the reasons that we can add to her to the list - with her unlikability and her legacy status - that made her a weak candidate.

    5. Clinton did poorly with white people. Probably because her campaign didn't talk about keeping minorities in their place. She was a bad candidate because she fell for the "we're better than this" lie hook, line and sinker.

  4. I'll take Collins any day over someone like Somerby who spends his time defending perverts like Moore and sexual aggressors like Trump. But then Somerby's goal in life is to defend Trump and attack liberals.

  5. If Mr Trump had been at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School:

    "I really believe I'd run in there even if I didn't have a weapon."

    We don't need good guys with guns, we don't need armed teachers; we need Mr Trump.

    1. Trump could maybe waddle at best.

  6. From Collins:
    "So people, how do you think the sex scandal in Missouri will affect the Democrats’ attempt to take control of the Senate?
    That was actually a test. Which part of the sentence got your attention? Sex or the fate of the November elections? I’ll bet that tells a lot about your character."

    In the case of Somerby, the answer seems pretty clear.

  7. No mention of Seamus! Collins could write a whole column about Trump's dislike of pets and the implications for his family.

  8. Damn. You mean Gail Collins is still working after Somerby's lengthy takedown of her for her Romney/Seamus the dog stories back in 2012???

  9. You buried the lede. Someone at the New York Times understands abortion is shameful?

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