BREAKING: Bombastic barrister says it again!

FRIDAY, MAY 11, 2018

In fairness, has scored a cool billion:
Full disclosure:

By last evening, we felt bad about the things we said yesterday about the man who's sometimes, quite unfairly, referred to as "Barrister Bluster."

On Wednesday night, it struck us as funny when the gent told Rachel Maddow that he had erred on purpose this week—that he had deliberately misstated the amounts of money paid to Michael Cohen, just so we could see if Cohen would come clean about the misstatement.

It struck us as a silly claim—at the time. But then, last night, he said it again, in his first exchange with Don Lemon. Just like that, we realized his comical claim had been truthful:

It happened in the 11 PM hour. In the face of a withering, skeptical question from Lemon, the jaunty jurist said it again. He had misstated on purpose:
LEMON (5/10/18): Good evening to you, sir.

AVENATTI: Good evening.

LEMON: So the AT&T spokesman confirmed to CNN, and I just want to make sure I get all this legally correct here, that they hired Michael Cohen for consulting on the Time Warner merger, FCC regulations and tax reform. And then today we saw the reporting of the $600,000, not $200,000.

You said that you knew they had more. Why did you—were you just hanging onto that?
And what do you think of these new developments?

AVENATTI: We knew that AT&T had paid $600,000. We disclosed $200,000 because we wanted to see what was going to happen. Frankly—

And the same thing with Novartis.
We knew that they have paid more than approximately $400,000. We knew they paid north of the million dollars, and again, we wanted to see what would happen.

We wanted to see what Michael Cohen did, we want to see what his counsel did. We wanted to see what this company did. I mean, look, we are in this for the long game. This is a strategic play. We're playing chess, not tic-tac-toe. And you know, look, Don, here's the bottom-line.

And this is really what it comes down to at this point, somebody's lying. There's no question about that.
As it turns out, the jurist was just playing his usual game of chess when he reported the wrong amounts! Also, somebody's lying!

When we saw the solipsistic solicitor repeat his claim last night, we realized that we'd been wrong. One thing's for sure—no one would go on Lemon's show and try to sneak something past him!

Meanwhile, we should have included the exchange shown below in yesterday's report. On Wednesday night, Avenatti had offered a bit of straight talk when Rachel asked him who's paying his legal fees:
MADDOW (5/9/18): Who is paying you, and how long do you think this case is going to go on? And do you have confidence that you`ll get paid the whole time?

AVENATTI: We took a de minimis amount of money. have taken a de minimis amount of money from Ms. Daniels. All the additional money we have been paid have come from funding page that we created in connection with the case.

There's no big fat cat donor. There is no left-wing conspiracy funding us. There is no political party, there is no PAC, it just isn't there. People are fabricating this because they want to undercut what we're doing.

You know, Rudy Giuliani, I think yesterday, said that I'm not a very successful lawyer and he couldn't find a single case that I had been affiliated with. Well, guess what? Last year I had the largest verdict in the state of California, $454 million in federal court, a fraud case. That was the third largest in the nation. I've had over a billion dollars in verdicts and settlements to my name where I have been lead counsel.

So I've had a fair amount of success. So I don't know what Rudy's problem is, but he is not doing his homework or his research.
One of the analysts said to us, "Does he possibly sound just a bit like Trump?" We sent him to his dungeon-like quarters without a hint of supper!

At any rate, there you see the full story. When Avenatti reported the wrong amounts, he was engaged in his usual "long game" of chess. On the other hand, when his client had sex with The Donald that time, she only did it because she felt she pretty much had to.

She wasn't playing a game at all. These stories all make perfect sense!


  1. I don't know if, ad hominem hurts or helps or hurts, but it, is certainly the order of the day here, and, with more sadness than, of course, panties, it is impossible to escape, the fact, Bob Somerby's is an idiot.

  2. "By last evening, we felt bad about the things we said yesterday about the man who's sometimes, quite unfairly, referred to as "Barrister Bluster."

    Somerby has never felt bad about anything ever, else he would be in a permanent self-loathing funk about the many nasty things he has written in his blog over the years.

    He is pretending here, doing a sarcastic act for the rubes that he believes make up his audience.

    Perhaps Somerby wants to back off calling Avenatti "Barrister Bluster" because he realizes that Avenatti's revelations are anything but bluster.

    Is he Trump-like? Why? Because he defends himself from Giuliani's playground "ambulance chaser" insult?

    Avenatti is providing a window into the corruption, fraud, blackmail, extortion, and influence peddling in Trump World, and so far, he is essentially correct.

    But that merits an attack on his character and motivations from someone like Somerby, who is no longer interested in such truths ever seeing the light of day.

    "Somebody's lying" indeed.

    A check from Cohen is forthcoming, Bob.

  3. If there's one thing the Daily Howler community likes to ponder, it's a gender issue.

    1. Consider whether it would be funny to announce to an elevator containing white and black academics, 5th floor, fried chicken and watermelon. Not funny? Neither is the lingerie "joke."

      Women in nontraditional disciplines encounter a barrage of these kinds of remarks, each one trivial on its face but adding up to a tiresome and ongoing hazing. If you object, you're a humorless bitch. If you don't object, it wears away at you, emphasizing your differentness to your peers and colleagues, and subtly underlines that you do not fully belong in that nontraditional field. That may not be the intention of the men who say these things, but that is the effect, and that is why it needs to stop.

    2. There's more to this than that. Talking about lingerie reminds everyone present that women are sex objects. The purpose of lingerie is to look sexy. PJs are for sleeping in. It makes women feel uncomfortable in work situations when you refer to them in a sexual way. It is inappropriate but also damaging to women to be seen that way when professionalism demands that everyone be respected for their job-related abilities.

      An equivalent unfunny joke would be if a man giving a lecture were to take off his suit coat and a woman shouted out "Take it all off, Magic Mike!" Not funny.

  4. "On the other hand, when his client had sex with The Donald that time, she only did it because she felt she pretty much had to."

    She met with Trump because she wanted to discuss being on Celebrity Apprentice, because she is ambitious and wanted to advance her career. Many women are lured into hotel rooms by such opportunities. That is why the acting guilds have now outlawed auditions and meetings in hotel rooms. A bit late, but better than nothing.

    When she came out of the bathroom, there was Trump sitting on the bed. Why? You'd have to be dense not to understand what he was doing there. Many women in that situation will weigh their options and choose to go ahead with sex rather than make a scene, especially if the man is powerful and can influence one's career, as is true with Trump. So she went ahead with it. She considers it consensual but many women reading her account of things recognize the coercive aspects. She isn't suing Trump over the sex. She wants out of the NDA.

    Somerby thinks this is a made up story. He apparently believes Trump when he claims he had nothing to do with Clifford (I'd watch the wording of any denials). But what does Clifford have to gain by making up such a story? She isn't accusing him of assault or anything except trying to shut her up, which is demonstrably true given the existence of the NDA and the payment. She says she can identify his penis, if it comes to that. Does Somerby think that is a lie too? Then there is the similarity between Clifford's account (from back in 2006) and the stories told by numerous other women of similar encounters. Are those all lies too? You have to dismiss all of them to believe that Clifford made up a lie back in 2006, without knowing that Trump would ever be anything more than a TV show celebrity.

    Somerby can throw as much mud as he wants at Clifford, but the suggestion that she, not Trump, is the one lying is so ridiculous that someone must be strongly motivated in order to take it seriously. That leads to the question of what is motivating Somerby these days. Why is he writing this kind of crap?

    He doesn't like women much. He may have a rule never to believe any woman's accusation against a man. If so, he is biased, sexist. But how can he defend Trump? And how can he call himself any kind of liberal?

    Attacking Avenatti doesn't make Clifford's account any less true. It won't get Trump off the hook. It just makes Somerby sound foolish.

  5. Yesterday, one of the trolls suggested that Stormy Daniels is a prostitute because she has sex for money. Because that is transactional. That's an interesting point. What exactly did she do for money?

    1. She portrayed sex on camera as an actress in adult films. That means she was paid money to act in a movie that included explicit sex scenes, real or simulated.

    2. The money was paid to her by the film producers, not by the actor with whom she had sex. Since they didn't receive sex but obtained a film performance it is safe to say that acting is what was done for money.

    3. The sex acts benefitted the producers, not the individuals who had the sex. They neither sought it nor "enjoyed" it, except in a physiological sense.

    4. The things actors do on screen are not who they are off screen. If that were not true, Al Pacino would be a gangster in real life.

    5. It is a male fantasy that sex workers enjoy sex with their clients. It is wrong to think that Stormy Daniels doesn't differentiate between the sex acts she portray on screen and the real life intimate relationships she enjoys with those she loves off screen.

    6. The sex Clifford had with Trump, if you accept her story, was neither affectionate nor part of any movie. It was coerced, at least situationally, and that makes her a victim, not a prostitute, no matter how much she might have hoped to be on Celebrity Apprentice. She prefers not to think of herself that way, but the circumstances are recognizable to most women because they too have found themselves in a similar situation.

    7. Stormy Daniels was paid $130,000 not for sex but to refrain from talking about her encounter with Trump. For signing an NDA (nondisclosure agreement). Most of Trump's staff have signed such agreements -- are they prostitutes too? However, since Trump says he didn't have sex with her, how can the NDA concern anything related to sex or the payment be for money? If he did have sex with her, she claims he offered her money and she refused it. That makes her the opposite of a prostitute. The NDA came much later, in the context of his campaign, and it remains unclear what she might say that could damage him in any way. It probably isn't the sex.

    Adult film actresses are not prostitutes. Neither are models, non-porn actresses who do sex scenes in movies, actresses who don't do sex scenes, women who want to work in films, women who want to work in any other industry, nor women on dates who have let men pay for their dinner. Prostitutes are prostitutes. What makes them so is that the "John" asks for sex and the woman gives him a price, to which he agrees. That's when they make the arrest (assuming it isn't Nevada).

    Hope this clears things up for our beknighted trolls.

    1. Also, Bob’s new affinity for too cute nicknames for people he’s disparaging has a sad, obvious parallel.

    2. It was transactional. She fucked for money. It's true, it's all legal and above board.

      Emotionally, all the hundreds and hundreds of dicks she took inside her mouth, vagina and anus over all those years must have prepared her for Trump's squiggly little dick that night. What's another dick? She probably fucked 5 other guys that week alone. But you are right, she ain't no prostitute. She fucked for money legally as she was merely an "actor in a movie."

      And what a wonderful actress and what wonderful movies. That is great acting that she does when she's bent over on her hands and knees in 6 inch spiked heels, dressed up like a Barbie doll letting some creepy coke head sodomize her. She's just like Al Pacino. Only he has, well let's say he has a little bit greater range. Daniel's range is just a little bit limited. In fact, every scene Daniels ever did portrayed one thing and one thing only: the violent physical and emotional degradation of women.

      And yes it was legal. She willingly transacted hundreds of thousands of dollars to play a woman in the movies that is happy to be violently degraded and treated like a sex object, a woman that is happy to advance the worst and lowest stereotypes about women. Good point. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Thanks for helping me get my facts straight about liberal's current number one feminist hero.

    3. Are you aware how much you reveal yourself when you write this? You get off on what she does but also on disparaging her, and by proxy, all women. The degradation comes from your mind, and yes, it is dirty in there. Enjoy the cesspool you call your self.

      I'd suggest looking up the term "sex positive" but it would waste your time.

    4. Vaugely, yes. I'll look it up. But what she does has nothing to do with sex. What she does disparages women. You know that don't you? Porn isnt about sex. It's about degrading women and degrading the most important thing in the world, the only thing that can save us,femininity.

      I'll check out sex positive. I can't wait. Does it rationalize her immoral, destructive career?

      I know it's not you that's fucked up. It's the culture that formed you. Plus you're obviously young. You'll grow older and wiser in time.

    5. Okay, yes, I just looked up sex positive. What Stormy Daniels does and what porn is has nothing to do with sex and is certainly in no way positive. In no way. Basta. Full stop. You should really research porn a little further and the impacts it has on femininity and men's attitudes towards women. It's extremely, extremely violent and very, very dangerous. There's nothing positive about it. I think when you research it further you'll change your mind about Daniels and a lot of other things.

      Ewwww. You advocate porn as positive and what she does as positive? That's extremely sad but not surprising.

      Our country is fucked up man!

    6. Clifford didn't invent porn. If you don't like it, don't consume it. The same goes for all the things people do as sex. It comes in all varieties. Have you seen video games lately? Try being less judgmental and stop blaming the world's problems on women. Men produce and consume most porn.

    7. Okay, thanks for the advice and tips. Good night and all the best.

    8. "Enjoy the cesspool you call your self."

      Ouch! Thank you, dear, for setting that infidel straight. It's truly thrilling to meet a person as virtuous as you are, even if just online.

      However, instead of bullshitting here, shouldn't you be spending your time working at a soup-kitchen somewhere?

    9. 11:39 those are actually accurate descriptions of what Daniels does for a living. If you are going to defend porn (which is tragic for a woman to do) you better damn sure know what it is.

    10. Disputing hate is not signaling virtue. It is correcting the record.

    11. But you're the one spewing hate here. How else would you describe "Enjoy the cesspool you call your self"?

      You're the righteous one, and you hate the wickedness, isn't it so?

    12. Porn, her job, is completely about hatred of women. She perpetrates hatred and violence towards women. She is a scumbag who helps destroy women and feminism.

      I know her and pornography. We'll just have to disagree. You feel so free to throw accusations of hatred towards women around while you.defend someone who job it is to extend and advance that hatred. So it's strange. But clearly you are young and dumb. Have a nice day though I'm not against ya!

    13. You just totally dense. You're gullible enough to think that her offer of giving a hundred thirty thousand back is some kind of gesture of her idealistic intentions. Think about it. She'll give it back now because now she can easily make million-dollar book deals. really, what is the matter with you?

    14. I don't love porn or her job. I respect her first amendment right to speak about her experiences if she wants. I probably wouldn't read what she wrote -- I don't read tabloids, but she has the right to speak. Rich men don't have the right to coerce women into shutting up about their wrongdoing, whether they pay them money or not.

      You keep making this about the sex. You seem very sex obsessed and porn obsessed. Without men, there wouldn't be anyone watching porn.

      If she can make million dollar book deals now, good for her! I wouldn't read her book either, but she has the right to write one, as do you or Mao or anyone else.

      I am not young, not dumb, and not a sexist like you, thank God!

    15. "I respect her first amendment right to speak about her experiences if she wants"

      I'm not aware of the Congress making any laws abridging the freedom of her describing her dick-sucking techniques.

      The issue is entirely in the realm of civil law, contract enforcement.

      Private parties sign a contract, and if one of them breaches it, she has to suffer the consequences, as stipulated in the contract. Comprende? Do you have a problem with that? No first amendment issues at all.

      She is completely free to break the contract and publish whatever she wants. She'll just have to pay the forfeit. $1 million per unauthorized disclosure.

      In fact, since you're so concerned and outraged about this matter, you should help, send her a check.

    16. I didn't mean to make it sound like it was all about sex. My point is that 1 Her behavior is transactional. Something you accuse Trump and men of .

      2 Her behavior is also sexist, misogynistic, anti woman and anti-feminist because she participates in films that about, in full, the physical and mental degradation of women. Which are also accusations you Loosely throw around.

    17. An NDA is certainly transactional. Her job, acting, is transactional, as are all of our jobs. The people who produce porn are sexist, misogynistic and anti-woman (and anti-man). Sex is not inherently degrading but can be when not consensual. It can be degrading for both men and women and remember that both men and women act in porn.

      But Stormy Daniels was not engaging in porn with Donald Trump. She says the sex was consensual and doesn't herself consider it degrading. She has normal, loving relationships with men outside her job, judging by her marriage and family. Those relationships are not sexist or anti-woman or anything like that. She, as a human being, is a person doing a job and having a life.

      Trump, on the other hand, is transactional in his personal life too. He has no normal relationships. There are other men like him, including ones trying to slut shame Stormy Daniels because she is suing to get out of an NDA (which Trump didn't even sign). Her job is entirely irrelevant to anything between her and Trump and irrelevant to this lawsuit. It is also irrelevant to the merits of the suit -- the judge will not consider whether the contract is valid or not based on what she does in her work.

      Calling Daniels a bunch of names isn't a very nice thing for you to be doing here. You yourself come across as sexist, misogynistic, etc., when you blame women for porn when the industry is run by and for men. That's a lot like the way the Catholic church blames women for lust even though it is felt and expressed largely by men, and like Somerby who blames everything on Stormy Daniels' large body parts.

      I sent all my money to Hillary. But note that Clifford's lawyer is being paid by a gofundme campaign. A lot of people feel the way I do about this, apparently.

    18. "she acts like she enjoys it"

      She's an actress. You do realize a lot of porn is fake?

      Movies aren't real. Al Pacino is not really a gangster. Hellboy isn't real. Fantasy is not reality.

    19. 7:18,
      I wouldn't vote for Bob Marley, because he shot a sheriff.

    20. Do I realize a lot porn is fake? ALL porn is fake. When she acts like she enjoys it, she normalizes it. So the point is is that she's normalizing, helping normalize, the violent degradation of women which is a a horrible thing for feminism.

      The fucking of Trump was personal, not business. As were the subsequent bargaining and bartering of money for the story. All personal and all transactional. It was personal when, in order to advance her immoral career, she undressed and allowed him to drag his horrible, wilting, aged, white flesh over and on top over her and somehow find is little pink butter bean from within the reccesses of his McDonalds engorged lower area and further somehow manage to let it gain entry into her well worn horrible vagina. Can you imagine the sight? First you say men are transactional. Then, when confronted with the utter stupidity of that claim, you move the goal posts and then everyone is transactional in work but poor sweet innocent feminine hero Daniels who has made a career of making violent anal sodomy look fun and exciting and normal is not transactional in her idylic sweet personal life. You fucking idiot. Her personal life is most likely 100% transactional. The episode with Trump was as was the transaction for the horrible details of the horrible story that was eaten up by the vacant masses like yourself and as is her current gambit for a book deal which you of course stupidly cheer on and endorse.

    21. The corruption in the Executive branch is real (not fake). Acting like it's fake normalizes it. So the point is, listening to anyone who defends Trump's corruption, helps normalize that corruption, which is horrible thing for the nation/ world.

      That has nothing to do with screwing porn stars and committing crimes to cover it up, any more than it has to do with Trump having a financial worth of $642.37.

    22. 10:45,
      We get it, you hate capitalism. Can we move on now, or do you want to suggest we do something about it first?

    23. I'm just saying Daniel's behavior is transactional and her professional behavior of fucking hundreds of strangers is immoral, misogynistic, sexist and helps destroy the most important thing in the world and the only thing that can save us: feminity - the realm of meaning, feeling, and creativity that man must get in touch with and come to terms with in order for us to survive.

      Therefore, we should be be careful not to treat her as a hero and be skeptical about her motivations being anything beyond transactional and sleazy.

      I'm against Trump. I'm not saying his corruption is fake. Did I say that?

      I know you're just doing the best with what you have, intellectually speaking.

    24. "the only thing that can save us: feminity (sic) - the realm of meaning, feeling, and creativity that man must get in touch with and come to terms with in order for us to survive."

      Fair enough. Other than bad-mouthing capitalists, how do you propose we get there?

    25. "I'm against Trump."

      Of course you are. I never questioned your intellect, even though you questioned mine.

    26. Well ... Stormy Daniels is sex positive? You're constantly misreading and mis-stating things. You're not the sharpest knife in the chandelier as you prove time and time again with your strange misreadings.

    27. I'm sorry, when did I bad mouth capitalists? Are you saying Stormy Daniels should get a pass at her imorality and furthering tropes that reinforced violence and degradation of women because she gets paid for it? Oy. If so, you're a real piece of work. You're a real piece of work anyway!

    28. "how do you propose we get there?". Be patient and less critical of those we disagree with. Bring the aforementioned feminine qualities to those that we disagree with and are trying to oppress us. We need to study ancient myths and try to think more mythologically.

    29. I would read this book if I were you: (I would read it again if you have already.)

    30. "Are you saying Stormy Daniels should get a pass at her imorality and furthering tropes that reinforced violence and degradation of women because she gets paid for it?"

      Yes. Haven't you paid any attention?
      We just lived through a decade where wanting to charge those who crashed the economy for their fraud was called "criminalizing success", and where a fraudulent grifter was elected President.
      This is the United States you live in, not the one you wish you lived in.

    31. 10:31,
      That's different. The bankers, whose fraud crashed the world's economy, and President Scam University are men, while Stormy Daniels is a woman.
      The United States you live in, indeed.

  6. Hmm...Maybe it is time for the promised series attacking Mueller. At least it would be a change.

  7. Just watched Bob's appalling pal Bill Maher completely tank an interview with another rabid wingnut, Duncan Hunter. So many untethered, unchallenged lies, revealing the essential weakness of Maher: he's impressed by energetic liars like Hunter and bends over backwards to chuckle and slap them on the back.
    Case-in-point: Hunter claimed several times that democrats were registering undocumented Mexicans to vote in every election, and that he knew it as a fact. Maher responded, "Millions?" Hunter replied that he wasn't sure of the exact number but there were certainly a huge number.
    This went completely unchallenged by Maher. In fact, he fucking changed the subject, and wouldn't allow an eye-rolling Robert Reich to speak!
    Then they get started on the environment, a topic Maher considers his own pet project - Hunter says, "I'm a conservationist not an environmentalist" - and then proceeds to support the destruction of air and water standards and deny global warming. No retort from Maher, just a weak response from Ethan Hawke about how wonderful hunters have been for the environment.
    Why do I bring this up? Because for years Somerby has touted his long-time relationship with Maher - fellow comedians in the 80s - but never, NEVER has he criticized Maher for his repeated lame and semi-moronic behavior. Now, Maher has begun effusively thanking his wingnut guests for their bravery in coming on his show - it's hilarious! Real Time has become the safest place on the planet to be a know-nothing conservative, so long as you affably blow the host.

    1. Wouldn't it be the right thing to do for the Ds (The Forces of Light) to register undocumented Mexicans to vote in every election? Y'know, to defeat rabid wingnuts and to make the world a better place.

      Or is it that you enthusiastically approve using them for cheap labor but you draw the line at using them for winning elections? Inconsistent. You might want to think it through, dear.

    2. Nothing says "anti-Establishment" like reducing funding for Children's health (CHIP), just so you can give the elites a tax break. Amirite?
      Seriously, though. Can you imagine what a Trump Presidency would be like if he wasn't just kissing the asses of the Establishment?
      Me neither.

    3. And that's why you register undocumented Mexicans to vote in every election?

    4. Most immigrants come from Central America these days. Do they count?

    5. Nah. Anyone from central America is entitled to vote in the US elections. It's in the constitution. Limited edition.

    6. Mao,
      Nice job with the "both sides schtick.
      Trump, in reality, fucking over children for the benefit of elites, is exactly the same as your factless delusions about Democrats registering undocumented Mexicans.
      BTW, when are you going to stop fucking alapacas?

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  9. Stormy is my kind of feminist hero. She's all about pleasing men, keeps her mouth shut and asks for nothing in return except the cost of a DVD. As long as you don't trust women with business including legal contracts, feminisming is easy enough. At this rate I'll put on a pussy hat.

    1. As long as you don't trust women being in business, capitalism is easy enough.

      Fixed it for you.

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