MONDAY, MARCH 25, 2019

Starting tomorrow, black kids (don't actually) matter:
As of today, we'd be inclined to say that Donald J. Trump is likely to win re-election.

It may not turn out that way, of course. But we'd be inclined to favor Trump's prospects with journalists like Blow going wild.

This morning, Charles Blow has opened a previously unexplored "new frontier" in the liberal world's bungling attempt to deal with Trump and Trumpism. It comes near the start of his latest unhelpful rant in the New York Times:
BLOW (3/25/19): The best case against Donald Trump and the age of Trumpism has always been, and remains, the moral case. Criminality is only one facet of that, although it is the one that the courts and Congress can use to punish him.
As for the people, the voters, it is the moral abomination of having a racist, sexist, child-caging, family-separating, Muslim-hating transphobe as president that must remain front and center. That is the only way to move beyond Trump in 2020.
We have to hand it to Blow! It has become tired and tedious to describe Trump as a racist and a sexist. Until this very day, we don't think we've ever seen him described as "a transphobe" as well!

It has long been clear that this type of name-calling is the only play Blow seems to know. That, and the sweeping denunciation of whole groups which constitutes blindly tribal, pre-rational "thinking:"
BLOW: The very symbols of Trumpism—the MAGA hats, the wall, etc.—are more than merely physical objects. They have long since transcended their original meaning and purpose. They are now emblems. They are now the new iconography of white supremacy, white nationalist defiance and white cultural defense.

They are a form of white pride credentialing.

In much the same way that the Confederate flag became a white supremacist signaling device, wearing the MAGA hat and self-identifying as a “Trump supporter” now serves the same purpose.
According to Blow, self-identifying as a Trump supporter is now a "white supremacist signaling device!" So it goes as public figures like Blow work to get Trump re-elected.

They're all white supremacists now! In such ways, sub-rational figures have always urged the tribe to march off to war with The Others, who are of course all alike. Or, as Professor Harari has limned it:
"Tolerance is not a Sapiens trademark. In modern times, a small difference in skin color, dialect or religion has been enough to prompt one group of Sapiens to set about exterminating another group."
"Tolerance is not a trademark" of our tribal, war-like species! Then too, neither is rational thought. In the current context, Trump's re-election prospects will be enhanced by the familiar three-step process which has been quite visible for more than three decades now, dating at least to the crazy decision to take out Gary Hart:
Mainstream journalists and liberal thought leaders: Mainstream journalists and liberal thought leaders will behave in highly irrational ways. On cable TV, they will behave in unhelpful ways designed to help corporate ratings, corporate ad rates and earnings and cable superstar salaries. (Despite our love of transparency, we liberals aren't allowed to know how large those salaries are.)

They'll talk about nothing but The Chase, thereby pleasing the base.

Elite logicians and other academicians: Elite logicians and other academicians will fail to step forward with useful critiques and correctives. On the highest levels, they're too busy trying to determine where the number 3 "resides"—where such "mathematical objects," which have an "actual reality," can in fact "be found."

Rank and file liberals and progressives: Assailed by bad advice from the top, rank and file liberals and progressives will tolerate ludicrous conduct by their thought leaders.

The Others will persistently notice our tribe's persistent ridiculous conduct. As part of an age-old human tradition, they'll tell family and friends about it.
Last week, we discussed the heroic attempts of elite logicians to determine where the number 3 lives. Was man [sic] ever "the rational animal?" Our reports went exactly like this:
Tuesday, March 19: Professor Livio's well-received book! High-order rational animals.

Wednesday, March 20: "When language goes on holiday." Hardy and Godel gone wild!

Thursday, March 21: Fields Medal winners get tons of respect. Mathematicians gone crazy!

Friday, March 22:
Livio's magical mystery tour! Things that go bump in the night.
At the start of last year, we told you "it's all anthropology now." The irrational conduct of leading liberals and elite logicians is a basic anthropological reality—and it's going to help Trump's re-election prospects.

As we said a few weeks ago, we plan to split out focus this year between 1) the work of our elite logicians, and 2) the liberal world's total disinterest in the lives and the interests of black kids.

We plan to return to the frequently comical, bungled work of our elite logicians next week. Tomorrow, we start a series of reports about the liberal world's latest clueless reaction to the latest enrollment figures from Gotham's Stuyvesant High.

As for The Others, they're all white supremacists now! So it goes as a high-ranking "liberal journalist" struggles with the simplest elements of rational thought. Even worse, as he tries to create our next war, as we tribal animals always have done, down through the annals of time.

Our ancestors did this long ago. Our leading "journalists" do it today, even as our "elite logicians" comically stare into air.

Were we ever "the rational animal" in any essential way? Anthropologically speaking, we'd have to say that, in advancing such self-impressed claims, we've been "seeing ourselves from afar."


  1. "It has long been clear that this type of name-calling is the only play Blow seems to know."

    Pfff. That's what the dembots do. And that's the only thing they do. What else is new.

    1. Are you aware that there is no such word as "dembot"?
      Oh that's right, you would have to have a brain to know that.

    2. Sorry it upsets you, Alan. It's called a 'blend word', like, y'know, 'motel' or 'mansplaining' - you certainly should be familiar with that one, right?

  2. There is a fourth group that will enhance Trump’s re-election prospects:

    So-called liberal bloggers/pundits like TDH who say things like “the liberal world's total disinterest in the lives and the interests of black kids”.

    So-called liberal bloggers/pundits like TDH who, from the comfort of their hermetically sealed lives, make sweeping pronouncements about “rank and file liberals and progressives”.

    So-called liberal bloggers/pundits like TDH who repeat and enhance false conservative characterizations of liberals.

    Somerby knows next to nothing about rank and file liberals and progressives because:
    1. he is not one,
    2. he consistently fails to notice the actual views and concerns that the rank and file have,
    3. he labels people like Charles Blow as “thought leaders”

    The rank and file liberals that I know, here in my very red state, do not go around accusing their local GOP legislators and fellow citizens of being racists or bigots. THEY DO NOT DO THAT. Instead, they are focused on specific issues that they are passionate about.

    One of the big issues here currently is the toxic waste produced by commercial hog farm operations. The GOP-dominated legislature is trying to loosen the rules to allow this waste to flow into rivers and streams with far less (almost no) oversight going forward. There is a local environmental activist group trying to change this. One of its leaders is...a mathematician. Gasp! He is speaking to the science aspect.

    Another activist cause: the voters here last fall overwhelmingly approved an increase in the state minimum wage. The GOP legislature decided to bring forward a bill creating so many exceptions to it that it would effectively undo the voters’ will.

    Somerby needs to quit slandering rank and file progressives and liberals and try to see the truth, if that’s even possible for him anymore. He is awash in his own smug narrative.

    1. Rank and file progressives and liberals have nothing in common. Rank and file progressives are ignorant, childish, and emotionally unhinged. Their agenda is to heal their wounds with hatred of white males.

      They think offensive speech should be illegal and they do things like eliminate the mention of white males from American Political Thought courses. The fact that there are two sexes enrages them because they can't tolerate maleness and masculinity. They are almost entirely female or gay. There is nothing they hate more than the white American family. They do not care about working people or unions or blacks or any traditional liberal constituency except to pay lip service to try to hold them in a coalition that will stick it to white males who they hate. Traditional liberals are now conservative and there is no place for them in the Democrat party.

    2. Thanks 12:21 for illustrating my point so vividly. You and Somerby definitely deserve each other.

    3. 12:30 Your grievance is that two groups with nothing in common aren't joining forces against a third group. When the third group has more in common with one of the two groups than they have with each other.

  3. Somerby has read 2 books in 14 years, from which he extrapolates the views of elite mathematicians/logicians/academics.

    Perhaps Somerby needs to hire an imaginary logician to join his group of imaginary analysts.

  4. “As we said a few weeks ago, we plan to split out focus this year between 1) the work of our elite logicians, and 2) the liberal world's total disinterest in the lives and the interests of black kids.”

    It is duly noted that Somerby is not going to focus on the lives and the interests of black kids. Instead, he will focus on the liberal world’s disinterest in the lives and the interests of black kids. That should appeal to precisely no one who is actually interested in the lives and the interests of black kids. Rather, it will appeal to people who despise liberals.

    And this is precisely the wrong way to discuss the lives and the interests of black kids. As a matter of fact, it is a further contribution to the political noise that passes for discussion these days.

    Just more political bs.

  5. I commend Blow and his ilk. Keep calling all white conservatives white nationalists, and eventually you'll be right.

    1. This is true. Force a choice between a group that despises you and one that thinks you're superior. Guess which group everyone who isn't a masochist chooses every time?

  6. Where are the liberals who were concerned about the big rise in number of black murder victims from 2014 to 2016 and the big decrease in 2018? Where are the liberals who noticed the number of unemployed black Americans who now have job and are no longer living in poverty? Liberals not only don't care about black children, they don't care about blacks of any age.

    1. They weren't concerned about the black murder victims in those years because they caused them by causing law enforcement to retreat from protecting communities.

    2. Wher are they? asks the person who exactly illustrates the problem with Somerby’s blog.

    3. DavidinCal,
      I have a shiny new Susan B. Anthony Dollar for you if you can make "Trump Loves Black People" the President's 2020 re-election campaign motto.

  7. Oh dear. Avenatti, the Democrat hope who delivered so many delicious 'bombshells', is charged with extortion. I'm shocked.

    1. The sleazebag who Democrats joined forces with to kill the Kavanaugh confirmation was the best hope for 2020.

      The only other Democrat stars on the horizon are the mystical dirt eating psycho who serves shit on a plate to the mother of his children and the 85IQ waitress with the nice rack.

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