Who gets to cruise on the trustees' yachts?

FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 2019

We're just an extremely dumb nation:
A ridiculous fellow named Peter Singer organized a very limited college admissions scam. Recently, he got arrested, along with a few dozen parents.

This scam featured gruesome behavior, but it was very limited. That said, the scam involved Hollywood, wealth and admission to Yale, the only three things which actually matter to much of our national press.

For that reason, this very limited scam has received a blizzard of coverage. Much of the coverage has been stupendously dumb. At this particular point in time, we're just a very dumb nation, and the dumbness keeps getting worse.

The New York Times did some very dumb work concerning race, a very serious topic. We've seen several chunks of dumbness at Slate. This blanket coverage by New York magazine is enough to make brain cells die.

(If you want your brain cells to die, click here, but also click this. This is utterly silly teen magazine stuff. Presumably, it was assigned by some New York magazine editor.)

The dumbness has been general. For our money, though, the dumbest moment occurred early on, on March 13, on Don Lemon's CNN program. It involved the fact that Olivia Jade was cruising in the Bahamas on the yacht of a Southern Cal trustee when the scandal broke—Olivia Jade, the teen-aged daughter of a Hollywood actress and an international designer. (She's friends with the trustee's daughter.)

We'd planned to review that dumbest moment. We don't have the heart to do so.

That said, you can check the transcript yourself. As far as our floundering nation's concerned, there's no clear way out of this mess.

We weren't all that sharp from the start. Along came corporate cable.


  1. Democrats stupidly prioritize and race and gender over class in their politics. (I'm a Democrat). Race and gender are important but not as much as class warfare which affects all races and both genders. We hardly ever even mention class! Dumb.

    1. Interesting. And yet, this admissions scandal is precisely about...class and privilege, not race and gender.

    2. Haha. Yes, that isn't the aspect of class I was referring nor the one that stirs the electorate. Use your imagination. :)

  2. Get ready for a gloatfest to last from now until Trump wins in 2020, all thanks to inept Democratic strategists and politicians who can't control their emotions. Bob warned us about the emptiness of COLLUSION allegations and the more sane among us knew all along this would be the outcome. Gotta hand it to Trump. He made Democrats pony up 25 million dollars in free advertising and publicity, at the end of which he can declare he was right and they were "losers."

    Months of "Mueller is careful and meticulous. Just wait." GTFO of here with your TV movie fantasies. Democrats have losers as leaders. Maybe if Beto eats more magic dirt it will all get better.

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