The New York Times [HEART] Ivy admissions!


Super-rich, Hollywood too:
The New York Times seems to have found an education topic it loves.

It involves admission to Ivy League schools and the rich and the famous. These may be those only two topics this newspaper actually loves.

Forget about the achievement gaps which afflict ten of millions of low-income kids! The Times is all over this Hollywood-inflected tale, offering an astounding cornucopia of full-length reports in today's print editions.

We'll use the hard-copy headlines:
Front-page news reports:

Scandal Gives A Hard Lesson: Racial Inequity: page A1, 1200 words

Costly? Always! But Their Help Is Rarely Illegal:
page A1, 1700 words

Full-length reports inside the paper:

Warning for Students And Additional Arrests On College Campuses: page A13, 1400 words

Tougher Road to Career Redemption for Titans of Finance and Law Stung by Fraud:
page A13, 1200 words

When Parents Jump In Even When You're 28:
page A14, 1450 words
This week's arrests involve very few people and very few seats in a handful of schools. So far, these arrests say nothing about the overall practice of upper-end college admissions.

That said, the story involves a few Hollywood stars along with the one thing which actually matters—getting kids into Ivy League schools! For that reason, the Times is all over this topic today—pretending, of course, that it's principally concerned with the "racial inequity" angle.

This is the actual culture of the Hamptons-based Times. It's also part of the culture of our own liberal world, though we liberals may not always understand this fact.

Very few seats in colleges have been eaten by this pathetic scheme. That said, in line with the way our tribe behaves, the Times is telling black kids all over the country that this is why they can't hope to get ahead.

The New York Times loves to posture and pose in such ways! Our culture rots from the head down. That's obvious from the apparent facts behind these arrests, and from the Times itself.

In the days ahead, we expect to review the logic of a few of these reports. For today, let's just marvel at the gigantic coverage this relatively minor event has received:

When Hollywood met the Ivy League, the New York Times scrambled its jets!


  1. “It involves admission to Ivy League schools and the rich and the famous.”

    The schools involved were:
    University of San Diego
    University of Texas at Austin
    Wake Forest

    There is only one Ivy League school in that list.

    1. Thanks!
      Are you here to tell us that we've been drinking water wrong our whole lives as well?

    2. Have you? That’s ...bizarre.
      Somerby repeats his little meme about Ivy League schools several times. It’s in his title. But, since only one of the schools involved in this scandal is in the Ivy League, that would seem to contradict Somerby’s meme that this story shows the Times’ obsession with the Ivy League.

    3. That depends, 2:54. If you have been sticking a straw up your ass and trying to take in water by hovering over a glass of water, then, yes, you have been drinking it wrong. Next question.

    4. In academia, we call them R01 universities because they can grant doctorates and they emphasize research instead of teaching. They are prestigious and are the best places to graduate from in order to gain admission to a first-rate graduate or professional program.

  2. When that ludicrous dog park study got published, it turned out to be a hoax, and got front-page coverage in the Times, and was widely discussed.

    (“BREAKING: Ludicrous dog park study gets published!

    SATURDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2018”

    Nowhere does Somerby marvel at the gigantic coverage this relatively minor event received. Instead, “We're lazy and stupid and nobody likes us except in Oregon dog parks! Those hoax studies are intended to point in that general direction.”

    Today’s story, about cheating in higher education, and the culture of corruption in the ranks of the privileged, seems at least as important as fake academic studies perpetrated by 3 people in a few obscure academic journals.

  3. Huh, Jussie Smollett Pleads Not Guilty To Charges He Faked Attack Against Himself, NPR reports.

    Sounds like his lawyers failed to make a deal with the prosecution, after all. This is going to be fun.

    1. They're hoping they'll get enough dumb leftists on the jury like OJ.

    2. Mao's jealous of the money Jussie Smollet has made over the years. Typical Right-winger. They hate success.

  4. Apparently, the Times only cares about the Hamptons. But, there is this:

    Tiny Costa Rica Has a Green New Deal, Too. It Matters for the Whole Planet.

    America’s Light Bulb Revolution

    Ocean Heat Waves Are Threatening Marine Life

    How the Weather Gets Weaponized in Climate Change Messaging

    What Is the Green New Deal? A Climate Proposal, Explained

    How Much Hotter Is Your Hometown Than When You Were Born?

    Circular: Why conscious consumption isn’t enough to combat climate change.

    Students across the world are protesting on Friday. Why?

    How to avoid plastic at the grocery store

    Promise and peril of the green new deal

    Powerful floods are wrecking businesses. Including mine.

    Who will be the 2020 climate candidate? There are many choices.

    In ‘the uninhabitable earth’, the apocalypse is now. (Review of a book by David Wallace-Wells)

    Most of these are from the current year.

    But sadly, the Unnamed Cable Star didn’t have much to say about this, so liberals were unable to know about it.

  5. The discouragement felt by racial minorities when they hear that rich kids can shortcut the system is also felt by all of the non-rich students who are trying to get into a good college. All students depend on the system being fair and will feel upset when they learn it is being rigged to benefit the rich.

    I remember feeling that it was unfair that athletes and musicians and those with special talents should get preference over those who worked hard to get good grades. Aside from those who cheated on the SAT/ACT, it is the athletic admission process that is being manipulated. Maybe it is time to consider eliminating college athletics again. Talented kids can turn pro younger and get paid what they deserve and all their fans can go on betting on the games and cheering their teams and tailgating, and colleges won't have to deal with underprepared students who have trouble maintaining eligibility.

    1. 10:38,
      How do you know 6:10 is Mike Pence?

  6. Fortunately the more we evolve as a society the more they will be losing their prestige just like the "news" media.

    Well deserved since both institutions have failed in their purposes.

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