Comey the God expounds again!


Plus also, Waiting for Mueller:
We're happy to say that Gloria Borger got it totally right. Here's how the carnage went down:

James Comey, long known as Comey the God, was basically at it again. Inevitably, Comey had written his latest high-minded opinion column.

Inevitably, the New York Times, for unknown reasons, had decided to print it.

What happened next happened on CNN. Shortly after the end of yesterday's Senate appearance by Williams Bar, Jake Tapper broke the news about the return of the god.

First, Tapper reported the appearance of the Comey op-ed. Then, he quoted an excerpt:
TAPPER (5/1/19): Gloria, let me—I just want to bring in something that James Comey wrote today in the midst of this investigation. In the midst of this hearing, rather.

James Comey, the former FBI director, who had previously said that he thinks—that he thought the attorney general, Bill Barr, should be given the benefit of the doubt? That benefit of the doubt has been thrown out the window.

He wrote an op-ed in the New York Times—James Comey, "How Trump co-opts leaders like Bill Barr"—which includes saying that "proximity to an amoral leader"—that is President Trump, in Comey's view—"reveals something depressing. And I think that is at least part of what we have seen with Bill Barr and Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general. Accomplished people lacking inner strength can't resist the compromises necessary to survive Mr. Trump. And that adds up to something they will never recover from.

"It takes character like Mr. Mattis', the former defense secretary, to avoid the damage, because Mr. Trump eats your soul in small bites."
Thus spake Comeythustra. Our question would be this:

Does anyone know why we still have to hear from this high prince of the pompous? His own ridiculous pompous behavior threw the last election to Candidate Trump. Does anyone know why he's still sounding off—inevitably, in the New York Times—about The Moral Decline of Everyone Else on Earth?

Apparently, Borger has a similar thought! When she gave voice to her excellent thought, Brother Tapper rolled his eyes and the rest of the panelists laughed:
BORGER (continuing directly): First of all, I don't know why James Comey feels the need to weigh in at every sort of large moment.

TAPPER: Yes, you do. You know why.


TAPPER: Yes, you do. You absolutely know why.

BORGER: Well, I kind of—I'm thinking about that—


BORGER: —but he does.
Everyone knew what Tapper meant, and everybody laughed. That said, the answer to Borger's mordant question is obvious:

Why does Comey "feel the need to weigh in at every sort of large moment?" Because he's high god of the pompous! And now that he's criticizing Trump instead of getting Trump elected, the New York Times is silly enough to think we should hear what he says.

We think there's a larger lesson here. It concerns the type of establishment critter deified by the pundit class at any one point in time.

As of July 2016, Comey was one of those gods. As so often happens with such overpraised people, he went screeching off the rails that month, then again in October 2016. His ridiculous self-regard helped put Trump where he is.

Down through the years, we've noted a certain fact. Whenever Insider Washington confers godly status on some player, that exalted person will, quite routinely, soon show that he isn't a god.

(We say "he" because very few women have ever been afforded that status.)

So it went with Comey the God. Warning! The current great establishment god is, of course, Mueller himself.

From where we sit, Mueller's report was much less impressive than we'd constantly heard. In this morning's New York Times, Michael Schmidt was novelizing furiously on this great god's behalf, regarding his alleged anger at Barr.

Our suggestion would be this:

Yesterday, Barr made some intriguing claims about Mueller. In particular, he said Mueller was more upset with the news media than with Barr himself after Barr released his four-page letter concerning the principal conclusions of the Mueller report.

Cable novelists swung into action, insisting that couldn't be true. We're looking forward to seeing what Mueller himself might say about this.

Uh-oh! Cable pundits did career off the rails in the aftermath of Barr's letter. They were trying to figure why Mueller the God hadn't stated a judgment about the possibility that Trump had committed obstruction of justice.

As we noted at the time, many pundits seemed impossibly daft as they tried to puzzle this out. In the process, these silly tribunes even began to criticize Mueller the God!

Last night, on CNN, Michael Isikoff broke every rule in the book. He suggested that Mueller may have been upset, in the wake of Barr's four-page letter, because he was getting so much criticism from these hapless pundits.

"At least part of the subtext here is Mueller was upset at the criticism he was getting after Barr's letter for not making the call [regarding obstruction of justice]," Isikoff said. "And that's why he wrote the letter [to Barr on March 27]."

Is there any chance that something like that could be true? This morning, the Times was busy constructing a novel. We'd prefer to wait to hear what Mueller actually says.

That said, "cable news" is on the air around the clock. Mueller's account will be heard some day, but novel production is instant.


  1. These guys are all Republicans:

    Comey -- Republican
    Mueller -- Republican
    Rosenstein -- Republican
    Barr -- Republican
    Sessions -- Republican
    McCabe -- Republican
    McGahn -- Republican
    Cohen -- Republican
    Manafort -- Republican
    and so on...

    There are no liberals, no Democrats, no unbiased actors here. There are also no Gods, and Somerby conceit about anointing them Gods is silly and not what has happened.

    There has been a search for integrity in a situation where there has been habitual lying, cheating, corruption and wrong doing, probably a bunch of treason too. The hope was that Comey, as head of the FBI, would have integrity. He didn't, as it turns out. You stop giving someone "the benefit of the doubt" when their behavior makes it clear there is no doubt and their bias is obvious. Comey took down Clinton because he is a Republican, being pressured by other Republicans.

    Mueller is a Republican and all the people on his investigative team are Republicans. There are very few Democrats in law enforcement. Mueller wrote a report that could be handed off to his Republican bosses with sufficient wiggle room to let Trump off the hook, if they wanted too. It may be that Mueller was embarrassed by how blatantly they used his report to "exonerate" Trump, but these guys are not subtle (not matter how subtle Mueller tried to be). The facts, however, speak for themselves and there are plenty of them in Mueller's report, whether Trump's Republican staff want to prosecute him or not.

    People are obviously afraid of Trump. Either Trump has power, or the Russians backing him do. It is clear that the entire Republican party (even McCain most of the time) were terrified of opposing Trump. If some have shown more integrity than others, I suggest that it is because there is more leverage over some Republicans than over others (e.g., Mattis). This is about compromat, not Republican souls. When a Republican takes a gift from a Russian, there is compromat in that transaction. How many Republicans are compromised? It appears, all of them.

    Why does Comey keep appearing in print and on TV? Because he furthers the fiction that there is a schism between good Republicans and bad ones or between Trump's people and people of conscience (there are none of those, I suggest). Comey's words are entirely self-serving, since he implies that he himself was seduced by Trump, not that he willingly threw the election to him by disobeying FBI policies.

    There is no point in examining liberal views of Comey or any of these figures. This isn't anything liberals did. This is owned by the Republican party and they are all guilty as hell. We need to start impeachment so that WE can drain the swamp and get rid of Russian influence and cleanse our government of these people. The sooner it starts, the better.

    Mueller has nothing to say to us. He didn't indict when an indictment was called for. He is a Republican and he has behaved like a Republican, enabling Trump to stay in office. He is not any kind of God.

    Somerby plays this game along with the Republicans. Who does that? People who want to keep Trump in office by pretending there is any kind of drama except the one about how the American people were fleeced in 2016. If he isn't talking about that, he is one of them.

    1. Well said.

      Imagine if this report had been about a President Hillary Clinton. Just imagine.

      When the Monica stuff came out major newspapers all across the country couldn't come out fast enough to call on President Clinton to resign. Over lying about a blow job.

      Since the Mueller report detailing 10 counts of criminal obstruction of justice, crickets.

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  2. It's obvious why Comey wanted his opinion published in the Times. That's just normal. I imagine Bob would like his blog posts on the Times op-ed page. mm and I and the rest of the commenters here would no doubt like our comments there, too.

    It’s equally obvious that the Times wanted Comey’s opinion because it was anti-Trump, as Bob pointed out. The Times is unapologetically partisan.

    1. The NY Times spent 2016 pretending to care that Hillary Clinton used a private email server. Only a Conservative or a clueless hack, but I repeat myself, would think the NY Times is "anti-Trump".

  3. "Yesterday, Barr made some intriguing claims about Mueller. In particular, he said Mueller was more upset with the news media than with Barr himself after Barr released his four-page letter concerning the principal conclusions of the Mueller report."

    Dear Bob, no, it wasn't an "intriguing claim" of esteemed Dr. Barr.

    Captain, The God, Klink wanted the redacted version of his so-called "report" to be published as soon as possible, because, in his opinion, the short summary, while being perfectly correct, "did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance" of the fruits of his labor. And thus his, Captain Klink's, work wasn't presented by the goebbelsian media to his, Captain Klink's full satisfaction.

    And that's all there is to it.

    You're reading every word of your goebbelsian establishment media - and you didn't get it? Jeez, it must be much worse than I thought...

    1. No one cares about you or what you think. What you think doesn't matter. You don't matter. As you know. xo bon weekend,

    2. His presence is one of the top reasons I enjoy these comments so speak for yourself.

    3. Me too, 12:21. My favorite is when he makes believe his problem with Elizabeth Warren is the native American stuff, and not because she's fighting for the consumer against his elite banker friends. You can practically see him nodding and winking over the internet.

  4. For decades, leaders of both parties have violated our Constitution by illegally waging war without congressional approval.

  5. Plenty to find ironic, or to find fault with, in Comey’s op ed. Plenty to put in context of how this whole disaster occurred. Alas, Bob channels his inner eight year old in this childish performance. Do as I say, Rachel, not as I do.

  6. Wow, Bob:
    "...the unemployment rate dropped to 3.6 % — the lowest in nearly 50 years"

    Eh, sorry, I didn't mean to distract you from analyzing every fart of esteemed Dr. Barr, and from your fetish, the dembot named Rachel...

    1. After saying last week that he is worried that the November election will be “rigged” against him, Trump, on Monday, argued in a speech on the economy that the unemployment rate, published once a month by the Labor Department, is a “hoax.”

      Thousands of GM workers at soon-to-be closed U.S. plants face 'a lot of uncertainty'

      "It’s emotionally devastating,” one worker at a Michigan plant said of watching some co-workers leave to transfer to other plants, some as far as Tennessee.

    2. What's the word-salad, Hillary? You sound even more 'disordered' than usual.

    3. Mao doesn't understand it if it isn't in the script the establishment elites provide him. Sad.

  7. The touched high prince of pompous would be amusing if it were not so horrifying that he led a major US law enforcement institution.

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