Should Donald J. Trump be impeached?

FRIDAY, MAY 31, 2019

Propagandized by favorites and friends:
Should Donald J. Trump be impeached?

As a general matter, we're not real big on impeachment. In our view, the American system runs on elections, and in the last presidential election, roughly 63 million people voted for Donald J. Trump.

We didn't vote for Donald J. Trump. We regard him as disordered and dangerous, but we also respect the fact that many Others don't see him that way.

It seems to us that Donald J. Trump may be mentally ill or cognitively impaired. But the "journalists" who propagandize us each day aren't willing to stage that discussion.

At any rate, 63 million people voted for Trump. Within the traditional American system, it would be a very serious act to overturn that election.

On the other hand, there's the daily dose of propaganda we liberals now receive—the remarkable dose we're delivered each day by Nicolle Wallace and her "favorite reporters and friends."

Back in the day, Wallace was a spokesperson for the invasion of Iraq and for torture and for ballot proposals outlawing same-sex marriage. Today, she uses her substantial ability, plus her fabulous teeth and hair, to propagandize us liberals.

Wallace has a lot of smarts, but she seems to possess the soul of the slightly disordered den mother. That positions us, her daily viewers, as maybe 8 years old.

Amazing! Each day, Wallace starts her MSNBC program, Deadline: White House, by introducing a panel she describes as "some of our favorite reporters and friends." This is her way of letting you know that you're being seen as a child.

On Wednesday's show, she outdid even herself at the close of the hour:

"I could talk to these friends forever, especially on a day like today," she amazingly said as the close of the hour. As she proceeded to name and thank each of the friends, John Heilemann delivered a playful shove to his friend, Jonathan Lemire.

This is the way these idiots behave when their mother praises them. Wallace then extended her theme. "MTP Daily, with my friend Chuck Todd, starts now," she Stepford-ly said.

The key point about Deadline: White House is this—you'll never hear a single word of dispute or disagreement. The Stepford friends all cluster about, agreeing with their corporate den mother.

No matter what Wallace says, the children rush to second it. Tomorrow, we'll show you a remarkable statement she made on yesterday's program—a remarkable statement which was quickly affirmed by Harry Litman, one of her favorites, live and direct from La Jolla.

On Wallace's show, everybody wants to impeach Donald Trump. All the children favor that stance, as does the children's den mother. For that reason, we recommend today's column in the Washington Post by conservative pundit Mark Thiessen.

Thiessen quotes statements by Mueller the Royal—statements you'll never hear quoted on Deadline: White House. On Deadline, you're with your favorites and your friends. Everybody always agrees, and they select the various things you'll be permitted to hear.

Tomorrow, we'll show you a crazy thing Wallace said. We'll also discuss a peculiar remark by Mueller the Royal. Meanwhile, should Donald J. Trump be impeached?

For people exposed to Deadline: White House, we recommend reading Thiessen's column. After that, at 4 PM Eastern, we can gather for our play date with our favorite reporters and friends.


  1. More people voted for the other candidate. We owe it to her to investigate the election meddling by Russia and determine why Trump finds it necessary to obstruct such an investigation.

  2. “the American system runs on elections”

    It also runs on norms, like the rule of law, or the expectation that the president will obey his oath of office, norms which are now being overturned. Our system, meaning our constitution, also specifically includes impeachment as a tool to deal with a lawless president. It is as much a part of that system as elections.

    “Within the traditional American system, it would be a very serious act to overturn that election.”

    First of all, impeachment is not the removal of a president. It is the charging of a president with crimes. Removal happens upon conviction in the Senate. Secondly, impeachment and/or removal of a president are not the “overturning of an election.” They represent necessary steps to deal with a lawless president. Indeed, based on Barr’s reading of DOJ policy, impeachment is the only way to handle a lawless, dangerous, disordered president, one who is currently in the process of overturning our entire “system”.

    But Somerby can’t even have an honest, serious discussion of his views on impeachment. He has to bring in one of his favorite targets, Nicolle Wallace, to convince us and himself that calls for impeachment are pure propaganda made by “children” and their “den mother”.

    Today’s post is a particularly clumsy and transparent effort to attack a serious issue by associating it with media narratives.

  3. You're sooo cute, dear Bob.

    But of course Donald J. Trump should be impeached.

    In the last few years your liberal zombie death-cult has thrashed most American institutions; why should this one be an exception?

    1. Institutions like Meric Garland not being considered for the Supreme Court, packing the courts with Federalist Society approved Catholic white men, near end of Presidential press briefings, calling the press enemies of the people, calling Democrats evil, paying campaign money to porn stars and Playboy Bunnies, having four campaign officials and a personal lawyer in jail, agreeing with Putin that Russia did not interfere with the election and doing nothing to stop future attacks, getting rid of everyone investigating the Russian attacks and replacing them with cronies who will investigate the investigators, proposing a tax on the average consumer of $1,000 with Chinese and Mexican tariffs, chuming up with Russian, North Korean, Philippino, Turkish, etc. autocrats while bitching about NATO and pissing off our allies, shovel $28 billion to farmers after Chinese retaliate against incoherent tariffs, passing millionaire and corporate tax cuts exploding the deficit in a growing economy leaving no safety net for a downturn, working to eliminate pre-existing medical protections, director of EPA working to wreck the environment, Education Department working to end public schools, bragging about destroying functional government agencies, dismantling the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that had saved consumers $23 billion, falling in love with Kim Jong-un, incoherent nearly constant Twitter streams, bursting up with Saudi leaders and refusing to condense their war crimes or their murder of a journalist, tearing up Ronnie's nuclear arms teeth with Russia, tearing up Paris environment treaty, tearing up Uranium nuclear weapons treaty, getting stomped to the curb with Kim Jong-un negotiations, spending over $100 million to play golf every week at Trump owned properties, hiring undocumented workers at his properties, hiring foreigners with visa exceptions at his properties, I am getting tired of typing.

      I do of course blame the libtards.

    2. Word-salad much, dembot?

      Yes, in the last few years your liberal zombie cult has completely destroyed some major US institutions: the press, the political system, the national security. Y'all can be proud.

      And so, like I said, why not presidency too? At this point, who cares. Pass the popcorn.

    3. What is the precise year that the press and political system was completely destroyed?

    4. Like all Conservatives, Mao hates the working class.

  4. “Within the traditional American system, it would be a very serious act to overturn that election.”

    It would also be a very serious act to collude with foreign powers to influence and possibly steal an election.

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  8. Trump's highest approval rating was his first week as president, around 45%, which is historically the lowest rating for a president at that time in their term. By two months in, Trump's rating slumped to 40% where it has essentially stayed his whole term, right up to today (Trump's rating is actually down a point from three weeks ago, but the variation is mostly just noise). Trump and Republicans got trounced in the 2018 elections, Trump is the least popular president in modern history. The number of Trump voters on the fence is insignificant, his supporters are not influenced by events, therefore his support, such as it is, historically low, is pretty much set in stone.

  9. Impeachment is literally made for situations like this. Yes, 63 million people voted for Trump. But the best possible light of what he did is that the attempted on several occasions to obstruct justice only to be thwarted by his staff refusing to obey his illegal orders. Currently, as in literally yesterday, his Justice Department refused to obey a legal court order for unredacted parts of the Mueller report. This man quite literally thinks the law doesn't apply to him. He thinks it is OK to tell his employees to lie to Congress, he thinks it is OK not to obey judicial orders, he thinks it is OK to use the Justice Department to investigate his enemies. This is literally the kind of stuff the founders had in mind when they created Impeachment.

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