DESEGREGATING THE GOTHAM ONE: Big liberal audience cheers bold stand!

FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 2019

Coming next, The size of the gaps:
Last evening, on network TV, Candidate Harris took an uncompromising stand in favor of desegregation.

Rather, she took a bold stand in favor of public school desegregation when done in the 1970s. That doesn't mean that she's in favor of any such effort today!

Predictably, the big liberal audience cheered her fearless bold stand. Early this morning, top anthropologists appeared before us, ruefully telling us this:

"This is what the species was like. Anthropologically speaking, this was the best we could do."

As always, these future experts spoke in the past tense when discussing our own human race. They spoke from the years which follow the global conflagration they refer to as Mister Trump's War.

No one favors mandated busing today. Last night, the audience loudly cheered the practice, though only if done in the past!

Top anthropologists shook their heads. This was the shape of their tale:
The top anthropologists' tale:
Every modern performative liberal knows to repeat this mantra:

Our public schools are more segregated today than at any time in the past!

That said, no one favors taking action to address this alleged situation! That's because no one actually cares about black and Hispanic kids, and no one ever has!
We find it hard to believe such claims—until we read the New York Times, or until we see Harris declaim. We love her performance and communication skills—and yet, we fear what may come.

We tend to agree that last night's debate shapes up as a win for Trump. We don't know what the future will bring, but we tend to agree with Joe Scarborough's gloom and despair about what happened last night.

Last night, Harris declared that she's in favor of public school desegregation—as long as it's done in the past.

Meanwhile, the New York Times has been posturing hard in a lonely, ugly, stupid crusade to desegregate the top one percent, even as it engages in total denial about the brutal size of Gotham's achievement gaps.

This has actually begun to look like the best we human beings can do. Next week, we plan to start an informative set of reports. Our topic:

The size of the gaps.


  1. Harris lied, for one thing. Or at least implied, that we all might infer.

    "Two decades after Brown v. Board, I was only the second class to integrate at Berkeley public schools. Without that decision, I likely would not have become a lawyer and eventually be elected a Senator from California.

    "That’s the power a Supreme Court Justice holds."

    She was not the second class to be integrated at Berkeley public schools. The Berkeley school district, like most districts in California since Mendez vs Westminister, enrolled by neighborhood. Berkeley High School had always been integrated because it was the only high school in the district. After nearly a decade of black community pressure, junior high schools had been integrated in 1964. Berkeley High had tremendous racial tensions throughout the sixties, caused not by white segregationists but demands by emboldened black radicals. (I’m not saying that’s a bad thing).

    After the school board survived a recall vote by opponents, they decided to work more slowly to integrate the elementary schools. This gave white opponents time to leave, and many of them did. (Prior to this white flight, Berkeley was a primarily conservative town; the liberals banded together with blacks to gain control. ) However, many other progressive whites moved to Berkeley to support the idea of voluntary integration, so the white population stayed the same. Notably, the black population didn’t increase: blacks in unintegrated Oakland stayed put rather than move to Berkeley.

    Four years later, in 1968, the elementary schools were integrated via busing, with the black children in the Berkeley “flats” traveling to the mostly white schools of the hills, and vice versa. Kamala Harris was in the second class of integrated elementary school students.

    I was one of the parents who moved to Berkeley for the sake of the schools. My older daughter was 2 years behind Harris. The integration in Berkeley was based on blending neighborhoods that differed economically. The segregation was de facto, not de jure. It was not required by a Court decision. It was a policy decision made by the city.

    BTW not only did some whites and Asians flee the integrated school system, but middle class blacks did as well. Many middle class black parents didn't want their children in classes with lower class black kids.

    1. Link for above quote is

    2. Busing was instituted to correct *de facto*, not de jure, segregation, David. You may recall that de jure segregation had been ruled unconstitutional.

    3. Get a load of Chuckles DinC fact checking a Dem. Bwahaha!!! I keep telling you, Chuckles, you have forfeited for all eternity the right to question anyone else' facts, asshole. You're a piece of human waste, sniffing at Donald J Chickenshit's lying ass, without shame.
      Go away, Chuckles, you're a clown.

    4. @3:14. My point was to show the inapplicability of Harris's comment, "That’s the power a Supreme Court Justice holds."

    5. @3:14P,

      I can’t tell one Anonymous from another, so I don’t know whether you’re an old hand at dealing with DAinCA or whether this is your first encounter. In the former case, let me remind you and in the latter let me inform you that DAinCA is this commentariat’s Village Idiot, both intellectually and morally. He knows nothing, learns nothing, and does nothing but regurgitate right-wing talking points. We don’t hold idiots to the same standards as those with intellectual ability and ordinary agency. Thus I advise commenters like mm to refrain from calling DAinCA names. He can’t help it, and heaping abuse on his head is like attending the Special Olympics to jeer at the losers.

      Does DAinCA think that Kamala Harris, lawyer, former California AG, and current California Senator, knows less about the power of the Supreme Court than he, himself does? Boggles the mind, doesn’t it? But this is a question most suitably abandoned at its third word.

      For anybody wondering, the Supreme Court held in Missouri v Jenkins 515US70 (1995) that while a district court couldn’t itself increase local taxes to implement desegregation plans, it could order state authorities to do so. Now that tells the power of SCOTUS.

      For anybody wondering, that power was to no avail. KCMO public schools are about 55% black, 29% Hispanic, and less than 10% white.

    6. That may be true, deadrat, but let me just add one point. Harris never mentioned anything about High School.

      Fact check: School district confirms Kamala Harris was correct on integration in Berkeley

      I will wait right here for Chuckles to apologize for calling her a liar.

    7. mm and deadrat - I know all about the Berkeley busing plan. My children were a part of it, beginning a couple of years after Kamala Harris. The idea was to match poor areas near the SF Bay with upper middle class areas in the hills. For grades K-3, the poor kids were bused to the hills schools to attend school with the upper middle class kids. For grades 4-6, the hills kids got bused down to the poor areas.

      So, let's review:

      1. Before the busing plan, elementary schools were not legally segregated. But, kids living in the poor area tended to be mostly black. Upper middle class kids tended to be mostly white and Asian. I presume there were some white kids in the poor areas and some black kids in the upper middle class areas, but I do not know the percentages.

      2. mm -- Harris seemed to me to imply that her using in Berkeley related to a Court decision. It didn't. The busing plan was not required by any Court. It was just deemed good policy by the city fathers.

      It was a difficult integration, not because of differences in race, but because of differences in economic and educational backgrounds. Nevertheless, I think that integration plan did some good. At least, it helped my daughters to have accepting attitudes toward race.

    8. Right, Berkeley busing was about economics, and it was voluntary as well. They bus trips were also only about 10 minutes. Harris is misrepresenting both the issue and her own history.

      Her cheerleaders today seem to think that forced busing was and is a good thing. It wasn't. Biden was on the correct side of the issue, and if Dems keep cheering her on they're gonna lose.

      Democrats: the party of Busing.

    9. mm,

      OK, so let me get this straight. DAinCA can’t get his facts straight and won’t apologize for calling Harris a liar. The first is an intellectual failing; the second, a moral one. But DAinCA is both an intellectual and moral idiot, so these two things are as surprising as standing on the Golden Gate Bridge to find that the sun rises over the Bay and sets over the Ocean.

      I admire your perseverance, but you’ll wait forever. I hope the view from where you’re waiting is as compelling as the view from the Bridge.

    10. Gotta second deadrat on this one, mm. While all of you (including 8:35, in the form of an attempt at a moronic, sympathetic clown in terms of shitty arguments) gave me some things to parse, even answering someone like 8:35 is the equivalent of debating Mao. Only the newbies – or those spoiling for a useless fight – even try. Been saying it for years. However:

      I have to thank both for livening up an unusually moribund post from Bob. Actually lol a couple times, there was some rapier wit going on there, deadrat. I have to admit, it’s often more interesting when commenters are the foil, rather than Bob’s actual post.


    11. They'll have Biden as a Birther in another week.

    12. The shamelessness of Conservatives on this sight is only surpassed by the actual Nazi's running the Republican Party.

    13. That represents a surprisingly magnanimous statement from someone of your thinking.


    14. deadrat and mm - which facts do you allege I didn't get straight? Can you quote the comments that you disagree with and explain why they're false?

    15. 4:32

      "DAinCA is this commentariat’s Village Idiot,"

      Every deadrat accusation is a confession.

    16. deadrat and mm - nihil dicit of course.

  2. Candidate Harris said what she said. (She did not say what Somerby says she says. Anyhoo...)

    What was Candidate Biden’s response? He was there, wasn’t he? The man who knows how to talk to The Others? That was his opportunity to set Harris straight.

    We also heard the “big liberal audience” applaud Biden, Sanders, and the rest. There were obviously fan sections for most of the candidates, so it wasn’t a unified response.

    And is Somerby now prepared to outsource his opinions to TV boob Scarborough?

  3. I hear a bunch of your zombie clowns had a 'debate', dear Bob. I'm sure you wached it; was it really as miserable as people say?

    1. Don't be stupid. Go suck your nightly cock fag.

    2. Trump, the God of Dembot Zombies, won.

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