Elora Mukherjee, back from the border!

TUESDAY, JUNE 25, 2019

A remarkable act of witness:
Elora Mukherjee is the Jerome L. Greene Clinical Professor of Law at Columbia Law School.

She's also director of the Law School’s Immigrants’ Rights Clinic. In that capacity, she recently visited the facility in Clint, Texas, where hundreds of children were being held in squalor.

Mukherjee offered a remarkable witness on last evening's Last Word. No transcripts are available yet—what else is new?—but we'll strongly recommend that you watch, and listen to, every word.

This is a remarkable act of witness. Some people walk among us carrying a powerful aura.


  1. "director of the Law School’s Immigrants’ Rights Clinic"

    Hmm. If she is an expert in immigrants' rights, why is she wasting her valuable time on illegal border-crossers, especially the kind who commit crimes with children in-tow?

    Is there not enough immigrants in the US of A who might need her help?

    And aren't there experts and rights-defenders for the people held in detention?

    1. ...and doesn't The Wall sound like a great idea now, to avoid all this mess?

      Or, dear Bob Somerby & Zombies, do you have a better solution to offer?

      And what would it be: super-comfortable concentration camps for all uninvited visitors, or open borders?

    2. Mao making believe he doesn't get a hard on from children being treated cruelly, is the worst piece of gaslighting I've seen today.

  2. "A remarkable act of witness" is certainly an apt way to describe the morphing of conditions ruled against as found in detentions centers in 2015 (tooth brushes, soap) into the "torture centers" of 2019.

    But then 2019 Biden has now come to praise segregationists, not to bury them.

  3. I watched it. The only "aura" was a dishonest and rehearsed one.

  4. Mukherjee is a virtue-signaling pseudoliberal.

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