We simply aren't up to this task, part 2!

TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2020

Absurd work from major Rhodes Scholar:
We humans simply aren't up to this task. Consider last night's absurd performance by cable star Rachel Maddow.

Maddow opened her program on a rare note of concern. She said that something seems to be wrong with President Donald J. Trump.

Stating the obvious, something has seemed to be wrong with Trump for a very long time. Apparently, Maddow has just noticed.

"What is wrong with the president today?" she actually asked at one point.

Justin Baragona described Maddow's short monologue concerning this topic at The Daily Beast. This is the way he started:
BARAGONA (5/12/20): MSNBC host Rachel Maddow expressed concern for President Donald Trump’s emotional well-being on Monday night, claiming the president was “visibly struggling” and unable to “keep it together” after he stormed out of a press briefing earlier in the day amid tough questioning by female reporters.

At the tail end of a Monday afternoon press conference in which the president misleadingly boasted about the nation’s coronavirus testing capacity, Trump fumed after Asian-American CBS reporter Weijia Jiang confronted him over his answer to her question about America’s rising death toll, wondering aloud why he told her to go “ask China.” He then huffed off after CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, whom he had just called on, attempted to ask him a question.

Maddow, kicking off her primetime broadcast by noting that she typically follows a “general rule” of concentrating on what the administration does and not what the president says due to his propensity for falsehoods, told her audience she was “going to make a little bit of an exception” this time.

“Because I think this is something we should all see,” the progressive anchor declared. “Just because I think it is worth knowing, in all seriousness, that the president, right now, in the midst of this crisis, is visibly struggling.”
She thinks it's worth knowing, in all seriousness!

Stating the obvious, the president has been "visibly struggling" for a very long time. He has stormed out of press briefings before.

He has insulted many reporters, men and women alike. Last month, he even started telling male reporters that their questions were "nasty."

Apparently, Maddow has just noticed this disordered behavior, or she feels that she has to pretend. She offered a thousand heartfelt disclaimers, suggesting that the president may simply have had a bad day. Or maybe it's just the pandemic!
BARAGONA (continuing directly): Adding that there is “something wrong or he’s just not doing OK,” Maddow said that “the president apparently just is not able to keep it together right now in his public appearances” before playing a clip of him leaving the presser.

“What is wrong with the president today?” Maddow later asked. “We don’t know. Something is wrong.”

After saying it could possibly just be stress getting to the president, Maddow concluded by pointing out that even though Trump and his administration have been pushing the narrative that the pandemic is in the past, there’s now an outbreak of the coronavirus in the White House itself.
It could possibly just be stress? Stress has been getting to Trump, in disturbing ways, for a very long time.

Something has been visibly wrong with Trump for a very long time. People more honest than Maddow tried to start a discussion of this topic in 2017. She still won't directly cite their concerns, not even today.

Is Donald Trump psychiatrically or cognitively impaired? Maddow still isn't willing to ask such questions in a simple, straightforward way.

Lawrence O'Donnell has often done so during MSNBC's 10 PM Eastern hour. One hour earlier, Maddow is still playing it safe.

Last night's presentation was corporatized soft soap at its silliest and its most plain. We advise you to read the full Daily Beast account, then watch the ridiculous tape at the Maddow site.

(Headline: "Something appears to be wrong with Donald Trump.")

Simply put, we humans weren't built for tasks of this type. Anthropologically speaking, multimillionaire TV stars play their games; we rubes can't see through the con.


  1. When reporters ask nasty questions, Trump accurately identifies them as nasty questions. That shows an excellent grasp on reality.

    1. Hmm...when people ask me questions or make comments that I take umbrage to, I still don't call them nasty. This is typically understood as a mature, rational thing to do; not calling people names, that is. What was about her question that was nasty. Secondly, in what context telling the reported to "ask China" makes sense?

    2. Ilya - Regarding your second point, the questioner referred to the American deaths. Trump believes that China is to blame for these deaths, as well as all the deaths around the world. That's what his "ask China" comment meant. He has been making this point repeatedly, so there shouldn't be any real misunderstanding.

      The question was nasty, because it included a criticism of Trump for boasting about all the US tests. It's not the place of reporters to criticize someone at a press conference. This criticism is disingenuous, because leaders routinely boast about how their country is doing better than others. it's a way to measure performance. It builds morale This criticism from Trump's enemy is particularly inappropriate, because Trump's enemies have been continually comparing the US to other countries, whenever the comparison makes Trump look bad.

      Should a President be mature and turn the other cheek, when someone unfairly criticizes him? That's what GW Bush and Mitt Romney did, and it was a losing strategy. Trump's policy of returning insult for insult is working better, although it isn't nice. Trump's supporters like this approach. We think that people who unfairly and dishonestly attack Trump do not deserve nice treatment. YMMV.

    3. Go fuck yourself, David. The question was to our president concerning his actions and his words and his deeds. It has fuck all to do with China, you jerkoff.

      His response was a belligerent insane reaction and total non-sequitur to her question. And it was fucking racist since the reporter happened to be Asian.

      Why are you doing this? Go ask China!!! Sure, David, you fucking fascist prick, that was totally normal response from the president (Acting) of the US.

    4. The virus came to the US via Europe, not China. Some are suggesting it has been around in various places for the last 10 years, well before reaching Wuhan.

    5. David's the actuary for the aggrieved-victim subculture that trails in Trump's (and the GOP's for that matter) wake.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. David:
      The question was nasty, because it included a criticism of Trump for boasting about all the US tests.
      That plainly does not make the question "nasty". Perhaps, it makes it challenging, but a rational, mature, well-spoken, and a reasoned person would be able to answer it without resorting to personal attacks. The "ask China" refrain is, for the lack of a better word, is just stupid. It's juvenile. It's like telling the reporter go ask your mama, which is something that a middle-schooler would do. And this is exactly the intellectual prowess that we get from Trump.

      Good leaders don't boast. They don't bring up their ratings or blab about how they have done better with testing anyone else. That's what self-absorbed narcissists do. Leaders tell people that we are all in this together; they thank everyone for their hard work and sacrifice; they tell people how humbled they are by the suffering and privation that some people have to face. Have you heard Trump say anything of a kind.

      Snapping at a reporter and blaming China -- even if you assume that it was incidental to her ethnicity -- is something that a weak, insecure, self-absorbed person would do...and then throw a little temper tantrum. Even if the question was a bit edgy and loaded.

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    9. Trump's supporters like this approach.

      Yes, yes. I couldn't agree more. The deplorables from the Church of the Perpetually Aggrieved want more of the uncivilized Fuhrer screaming at reporters. It gives David a woody.

    10. Losing strategy? GW Bush was a two-termer, and more popular than Trump. Trump's approval rating is the lowest in modern history.

    11. Losing strategy?

      I can try to translate from Wingut Crazytowne Right Wing Church of the Perpetually Aggrieved and Angry Hate Radio, since I have occasion to listen to Rush Limpdick and Mark "give me my purse" Levin.

      These folks despised Romney/McCain/GW for displaying on occasion disturbing signs of humanity. That will never do. That will never attract the tough guy bikers and bitter racists who want their country back and who stayed home in 2008 and 2012.

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  2. Trump's performance at the presser was beyond impressive and he left the podium to the cheers of everyone at home watching except for every man's crazy ex girlfriend, who identified with the two screaming, unprofessional, hysterical women.

    1. A little early in the day to be huffing paint, don't you think?

  3. "Stating the obvious, something has seemed to be wrong with Trump for a very long time."

    Yes, dear Bob: he's not your liberal cult's figurehead, he's not following your zombie cult's orders.

    And that's the most terrible abnormality for you liberal zombies.

    And for everyone else, it's - Hallelujah!

  4. Note that “absurd work” to Somerby means not diagnosing Trump on air as a malignant narcissist.

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  6. Poor control of attention
    Lack of social communication

  7. Reporter asks Trump a baiting and disrespectful question. Trump responds like a juvenile, his base likes that, and the interaction becomes part of the news cycle for the rest of us. If we give a crap. Which I don't. Rinse, repeat. Now, go to youtube. Find a reporter asking Obama a baiting and disrespectful question. Watch what someone with an adult mind does with that.

    1. Fair point, @10:37, except that I probably cannot find a reporter asking President Obama a baiting and disrespectful question. It would have been unthinkable. E.g., Trump ended yesterday's presser when a reporter refused to shut up after Trump had called on another reporter. I cannot imagine a reporter doing that to Obama. Nor can I imagine a reporter interrupting Obama in the middle of an answer to argue with him.

      Actually I do recall a single instance when a reporter yelled out that Obama was lying. That was a national scandal.

    2. David,
      It's not that I don't appreciate your whining and crying about the way Trump is treated. I'm just very disappointed that you forgot to call liberals "snowflakes" when you did so.

    3. I sometimes wonder what happened to that piece of shit.

      Ask China!!!

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