But also, that fake Southern drawl: Who is Wajahat Ali? 

In the current context, we'll start by noting that Ali is a New York Times "contributing opinion writer." Beyond that, he's led a very impressive life, with a great deal more to come.

Ali was born in the Bay Area. He graduated from Berkeley. Later, he became a licensed attorney, but also a playwright and the father of two cute kids.

We've been quoting from the biographical profile found on Ali's own site. We assume that he's a good, decent person. A wide range of people are:

Wajahat Ali is a New York Times Contributing Op-Ed writer, public speaker, recovering attorney and tired dad of two cute kids. He believes in sharing stories that are by us, for everyone: universal narratives told through a culturally specific lens to entertain, educate and bridge the global divides.

He also enjoys writing about himself in the third person...

Whimsically, the headline on the bio refers to Ali as a "very fine writer" and a "well-spoken speaker." We'll suggest that you read the whole thing, stopping to note how strongly the profile advances the concept of bridging those global divides.

Still and all, like everyone else, the person with this impressive bio is a human being. As such, he's subject to the occasional errors our flesh is said to be heir to.

In mid-November, he wrote a column for the Times which urged us not to attempt to reason with Trump voters. The logic of the piece was remarkably daft.

The column's logic was remarkably daft. Inevitably, the New York Times put the column in print.

Everyone's logic will slip on occasion. On the other hand, soon after that column appeared, Ali published this piece for The Daily Beast. 

Once again, the general drift may have seemed to suggest that we should stop talking to people who don't live in Our Town. In this case, though, the boundaries of Our Town may have seemed to be shrinking: 

Ali used derogatory, racialized language to suggest that we should stop pursuing the votes of Those People, the "Karens" (and also the Amys).

Here in Our Town, we sometimes seem inclined to behave like the people in other towns whose conduct we hotly decry. According to major anthropologists, we humans are wired to react in such ways in our less "human" moments.

It isn't the best possible way to react. But everyone's human in Our Town, and we humans are wired that way.

Ali is extremely bright; he's also a good, decent person. When his column appeared in the Times, we were struck by the column's comically silly illogic. 

Even more so, we were struck by the fact that the New York Times chose to put the column in print. In Our Town, we're extremely sure that we're the bright ones. This mandated tribal belief may not always be accurate.

What are we frequently like in Our Town? Brother Ali is very smart, but on at least one recent occasion, he fell in with the wrong crowd. 

Online, the resulting behavior is widely described by pundits from Their Town. On our own sprawling campus, we may have seen the behavior in real time, but we aren't quite sure.

We refer to the time when Ali fell in with Republican strategist Rick Wilson, the entertaining critic of All Things Trump who tends to express himself in the rude language of rough men. 

Wilson's uninhibited talk has endeared him to our own Brian Williams. On this night, he was speaking with CNN's Don Lemon, and he was mocking Trump voters.

Wilson adopted a mocking Southern drawl as he mocked the aforementioned goobers. Displaying the imperfect judgment to which our (human) flesh is heir, Ali briefly affected a mocking Southern drawl too.

Online, this outing is widely remembered by pundits in Their Town. (The behavior is used to tell Trump voters that they shouldn't listen to us!) In our view, the behavior clashed with the higher ideals expressed in Ali's bio. If so, we all make mistakes.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but our country is in a real mess. The reigning commander-in-chief seems to be mentally ill (and he has a whole month to go). In Our Town, our routinely unimpressive elites have agreed that no one should ever discuss this possibility or the possible dangers therein.

The commander's behaviors are praised in Their Town. Many of the lesser beings can't see how crazy he is.

On the other hand, over here in our own town, one of our pundits gave thirteen (paid) speeches in four years in which he says he tried to reach out to Those People. At one point, he even shared his views with someone who gave him a ride to the airport!

When these thirteen attempts didn't part the Red Sea, he drew a comically silly conclusion:

      No one in Our Town should ever try again!

We're extremely self-impressed in Our Town. We've been this way forever.

All too often, others can see the actual truth. And in Their Town, our shortcomings get embellished by their overpaid tribal stars.

All too often, we're silly and stupid and nobody likes us. Rachel enjoyed the two weeks of dick jokes she rained down on Tea Party heads. Years later, Ali briefly affected that drawl.

Beyond that, we often reason extremely poorly over here in Our Town. Our journalistic and intellectual leaders have often failed to deliver.

We'll continue to discuss these matters in the weeks ahead. In our view, our candidates should seek votes from people who live  in Our Town, but from people in Their Town as well.

We humans are wired to be deeply, unhelpfully tribal. Or at least, that's what major top anthropologists have often despondently said.

The samizdat files: Ali has given up on reaching out to Those People. For a ridiculous alternate view, you can just click here

Our view? In our view, Ali is very bright. We'd suggest that he give a fourteenth speech, while trying to stifle the drawl.


  1. Two weeks of dick jokes!

    Rick Wilson used a Southern accent to mock people that one time!

    World famous liberal Wajahat Ali decides he doesn’t want to talk to Trump voters!

    If these petty, trivial things cause hurt feelings, then it would seem that Somerby views right wingers as ridiculous snowflakes.

    1. "...it would seem that Somerby views right wingers as ridiculous snowflakes."

      But that would mean that not only is Somerby finally right about something. It would also mean he's 100% right.

    2. Believe it or not, TDH is right way more often than most of his critics here (some, but not all, are deranged)

    3. "some, but not all, are deranged"

      Takes one to know one. Seriously, how would you know?

      You might be a conservative if...Somerby's ideas start sounding right to you.

    4. AC, Somerby is “right?” I challenge you to state his thesis without adding your own opinions to it.

      In this post, he seems to be claiming that two weeks of dick jokes 12 years ago and Ali’s brief southern accent are some examples of why the right hates liberals. That may be, ie, he may be “right” about that, although it’s not clear to me to what extent that is faux outrage cynically encouraged by their political/media complex.

      But my reaction is twofold: what kind of person nurses titanic outrage based on such petty bullshit? And two, what can liberals possibly do to deal with such emotionally damaged children? Somerby never suggests a way. You can’t expect liberals to be perfect. That’s unrealistic. Liberals are no more contemptible than conservatives. Right wingers have created a discourse where liberals will be vilified no matter what. There is no realistic way for liberals to reach Trump voters unless and until the right wing breaks free of the stranglehold of propaganda from their political and media complex.

      That is one of my objections to Somerby’s constant vilification of liberals.

    5. AC/MA, our resident pseudo liberal, stumbles in drunk and vomits some words onto the floor.

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  2. Who would want to live in a world where someone doesn't know right wingers are ridiculous snowflakes?

  3. A person like Somerby, who invents imaginary analysts and weeping anthropologists to applaud his own ideas, cannot fairly criticize someone for describing himself in third person on his website and referring to his kids as "cute." We don't even know whether Ali wrote his own blurb or whether it was written by a publicist or website creator.

    Somerby doesn't bother telling us what Ali said that was illogical. He doesn't quote anything or explain anything from that horrific Daily Beast article. Today is pure name-calling and guilt by association with Rick Wilson.

    Somerby would do better to announce that he is taking a break instead of writing a C- essay entirely lacking in content other than malicious attack. Saying that someone is a nice person before attacking them doesn't excuse this attempt at character assassination of a liberal for saying that Trump supporters don't change their minds about Trump. We all know this is true from our own experiences with them.

    1. anon 10:48 - out of curiosity, what is it that leads you to follow TDH so consistently if he's as bad as all that? I doubt you are being forced.

    2. Sigh, once again I will explain. I am here disputing Somerby's nonsense because he keeps claiming that he himself is a liberal while attacking liberals and repeating conservative memes (disguised with Bob Dylan quotes and leftie nostalgia). I believe, given Somerby's former blog reputation, that it is important to point out that he is not saying anything that a liberal would say and not doing liberals any favors with his daily essays. I believe he is being dishonest, if anyone were allowed to call anyone else a liar (even Trump).

      No one is being forced to do anything online, including Somerby, although he might be being paid. Jury is out on that.

      I've been reading Somerby for 20 years now. He has changed considerably, in my opinion. I am interested in what caused that change -- maybe someday he will tell us.

    3. So you’re here in an unofficial capacity of Ideological Police. On the “blog no one reads”.

      Ever consider that it’s not Somerby who has morphed into someone else, it’s Anonymices who have changed.

    4. Not police. I am not demanding anyone change their behavior. I am simply pointing out the things Somerby says that are not remotely liberal. People can draw their own conclusions.

      You think the problem is that I've become so leftie that a normal liberal such as Somerby now appears conservative to me? That's a novel idea. What is your evidence of that? If you have none, then you are just calling names again. To support your thesis, you would have to explain away all of the conservative memes I've identified in Somerby's essays dating back since Trump announced his candidacy. And You'd have to provide some examples of actual liberals saying such stuff too. Remember, it is Somerby who says "us liberals." He is labeling himself and I am providing reasons why that label is incorrect. I'm not just saying "no you aren't".

      You can start by explaining why a big liberal like Somerby has never said anything nice about Joe Biden, our recent Democratic party nominee and now president-elect. Liberals all over the internet were telling each other to get out the vote and make sure Biden was elected. Not a peep from Somerby, except to criticize him a couple of times.

    5. No, I don’t have to dispute “all the conservative memes” you accuse Somerby of endorsing in order to suggest that the change thing goes both ways.

      I don’t have to endorse the faulty logic of your argument that a real liberal would say something nice about a Democratic politician because he’s a Democrat. I don’t have the right to expect that of Never Trumpers and Mitt Romney never had the right to expect it of me.

      If this weak water is an example of your conservative memes, I wouldn’t have answer them point by point either.

      Let me make the point again that this sort of silliness only rises to being knocked off the table in one swift swipe.

    6. I like pushing back on bullshit Right-wing memes, and TDH gives me that opportunity on a daily basis.

    7. We aren't talking about dissent from mainstream party views, or opposition to a single candidate such as the horrible Trump who Republicans rallied around. Somerby does this nearly every day (when not talking about covid stats or NAEP scores). I have never, ever heard a purported liberal spout so many of the opposition party's memes, and that includes Glen Greenwald. I point them out whenever they occur, which is nearly every day.

      Today's example is the abandonment of efforts to ensure equal opportunity in education for black children. Somerby thinks there is no more segregation. That is the same thing as many conservatives, especially in the South, who think that racism is just liberal PC bullshit and not a real phenomenon because Brown v Board of Education happened.

      Today Somerby repeated his belief that the white cream just naturally rises to the top, something no Proud Boy could have said any better.

      I write here because I wouldn't want any innocent bystander to think that Somerby's ideas are typical of liberals. I also dispute Somerby's complaints against the media because I don't find most of them valid at all. And I especially don't like the way he misuses classic literature, films and music to advance such memes.

    8. AC/MA your curiosity is of no interest to anyone here, sorry.

      Cecelia, you are as incoherent as ever.

      Somerby's shift away from criticizing attacks on liberal policies towards defending right wing attacks on liberals is so obvious, it is trivial.

      Somerby suggests liberals adopt stances that will appeal to Trump voters; Somerby is fond of denying sexism and racism; Somerby applauds right wing identity politics as fair and balanced while deriding liberals for their demands for justice.

      Somerby is a liberal in the classical sense. The Democratic Party is becoming progressive, with a burgeoning leftist movement; this depresses Somerby so he lashes out with pathetic attempts of gaslighting.

      Somerby's posts are garbage, all the action is in the comments.

  4. "Tucker Carlson was slammed on social media as dangerous, irresponsible and “truly, truly evil” for his monologue Thursday night sowing doubt about the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine, the HuffPost reports.

    Said Carlson: “In this country, we control our own bodies. They’re always telling us that. But no. Suddenly, the rules have changed. On the question of the corona vaccine, our leaders are definitely not pro-choice. Their view is do what you’re told, and don’t complain, and no uncomfortable questions.”

    But Somerby complains about Michele Norris, who didn't even advocate against the vaccine.

    1. On a graph of lying hateful propaganda, the right wing and its media complex are at plus infinity, whereas liberals and the mainstream media are at +1, so that justifies our being reviled. Isn’t that plain?

  5. The consensus seems to be that right wingers are ridiculous snowflakes. It has to be what Somerby is saying too.

    But that should make him think. If they are like petulant children, always butthurt at the slightest provocation, then you cannot talk to them. You can’t reason with a petulant misbehaving child. You either punish them or order them about or ignore them.

    I contend that a) it is impossible for liberals to ensure that no liberal anywhere ever says anything that can be remotely construed as hurtful and b) even if you could do that, it won’t cause right wingers to vote Democrat, because surely there must be right wingers who vote on issues rather than grievance?

  6. "In our view, our candidates should seek votes from people who live in Our Town, but from people in Their Town as well."

    Eh, what, dear Bob, and skip the cemeteries? Tsk. That's one doomed strategy...

  7. "“Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller ordered a Pentagon-wide halt to cooperation with the transition of President-elect Biden, shocking officials across the Defense Department,” Axios reports."

    What does this mean?

    1. Look, we have had a massive cyber security breach that by all accounts is a national security threat. Perhaps none of this would have happened if our leader had been able to join forces with Putin as he had proposed to form a cyber security alliance. In the meantime we are waiting for Sidney Powell and a few members of Congress to completely exhaust their efforts at returning this country to the overwhelming victor. Only then will the musings of the acting defense secretary and his minions fall on the tympanic membranes of the rightful occupant of the White House, to be completely ignored as usual.

  8. Trump is messing up the vaccine distribution program. First there was the report of doses sitting in a Pfizer warehouse instead of being distributed, because they had not been told where to ship them.

    Then there is this:

    "OLYMPIA — The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said that Washington’s COVID-19 vaccine allocation will be reduced next week by 40%, according to Gov. Jay Inslee.

    Inslee made the remark in a tweet Thursday morning.

    The CDC “has informed us that WA’s vaccine allocation will be cut by 40 percent next week — and that all states are seeing similar cuts,” he wrote. “This is disruptive and frustrating.”

    “We need accurate, predictable numbers to plan and ensure on-the-ground success,” added Inslee. “No explanation was given.”

    Is this incompetence or is someone playing politics or engaging in financial graft behind the scenes?

  9. “All too often, others can see the actual truth. And in Their Town, our shortcomings get embellished by their overpaid tribal stars.”

    I take the point that Ali’s op-Ed was perhaps ill-advised or that perhaps the Times shouldn’t have published it because it supposedly reinforces the right wing view of “elitist” liberals. I’m not sure I agree with the point, but whatever.

    But I find it more irksome that their “tribal stars” seek these things out and play them on an endless loop to convince their marks that Democrats are bad people (an “actual truth” according to Somerby?). Even if no contempt was intended, they will invent it (like taking Obama’s “you didn’t build that” remark out of context).

    This effectively silences liberal opinion that the right wing doesn’t like, leaving right wingers able to heap vast amounts of unchecked opprobrium on liberals. It’s their own version of cancel culture.

    It always seems to me that Somerby is reinforcing or participating in this by only showing what he considers negative examples of liberal discourse as if that is all there is, or as if liberals aren’t sometimes right in these assessments.

  10. You anonymices are here every day calling the blogger an asshole and blubbering like adolescent girls over an errant boyfriend.

    No one is more snowflakey than your lot

    1. Cecelia, Somerby has just posted that an entire right wing political and media complex with vast amounts of power effectively gins up outrage among its base over... two weeks of dick jokes from 12 years ago, and that one time when that rather obscure liberal Wajahat Ali briefly adopted a southern accent in a supposedly mocking way, and not only that, right wing tribal stars embellish what liberals say, just for grins I suppose, and you think that compares to an anonymous commenter or two calling an obscure blogger an asshole for good reason?

      What a world you must inhabit.

    2. Let’s say that you’re blubbering like a-holes and call it done.

    3. Somerby insults a lot of people, Cecelia. Should he expect warm and fuzzy replies?

    4. mh, why would you take it so personally?

      I don’t and he thinks I’m abetting a man capable of nuking Michigan.

    5. Cecelia, No one is taking anything personally. They are just disagreeing with him. You are free to disagree when he bad mouths Trump.

      You on the other hand seem to take criticism of Somerby personally, such that the bulk of your comments are insults directed at the commenters.

      I deal with the issues Somerby raises and would appreciate a give and take with a Somerby fan who is willing to engage in that discussion.

      Let me know if you run into one.

    6. mh, it’s very tolerant of you to not take it personally when insults are heaped upon the blogger.

    7. See, this is why no one wants to talk to you. You twisted mh's statement that "no one is taking anything personally" and made it about him not taking insults against Somerby personally. You may think that is clever but it is just annoying.

    8. You need to read mh’s reply to me.

    9. Yes, he says you take it personally when Somerby is insulted and you then direct insults to the commenters who are disagreeing with Somerby. I agree that you do this. Let other people say what they will about Somerby. You don't have to defend him. He doesn't even read the comments and if he cares, let him defend himself. That isn't your job. If you do decide to defend him, do it by addressing the criticisms, not attacking people.

    10. I don’t have to defend him, I defend because I want to defend him. I’m aware that I if he did read comments here, mine would annoy him the most. I’m aware that he’s not warm or fuzzy.

      I’m not here every day launching insults. On the other hand, it’s very likely that you are here daily doing just that and doing in your Anonymouse mode that pretty much inoculates you from being responsible for any sort of consistency and for anything else.

    11. You don't defend him at all. You attack those who criticize him. That isn't the same thing. If you want to defend him, deal with the issues raised.

      You are here making drive-by potshots at people who comment. For example, calling an Anonymous commenter "anonymouse" is not funny. It is calling someone a name. You have no idea who is who and assuming that I am the same person as someone else is just ad hominem bullshit. Deal with the substance of what people say, not their identity.

      This is why "anonymous" exists as a choice. Republicans love to dox people and post their home addresses online so others can send them hate mail and death threats. They love to suppress free speech via embarrassment and personal attack. Being anonymous prevents that tactic.

      Heaven forbid you should have to think about what Somerby says sufficiently to mount a coherent argument in comments to defend him. Much easier to just insult others, occasionally camouflaging an attack with a supposedly clever quip (the kind of things Republicans might laugh at but are insulting to liberals). You don't seem to even understand what I mean by addressing the issues...

    12. What sort of treatise should I make to someone who suggests that a man they couldn’t pick out in a police lineup may have became a teacher in order to abuse children?

      What sort of weighty counter should I offer up in defense of someone who makes accusations of misogyny because a blogger is as likely to criticize women as he is men?

      How indepth... should a rebuttable be towards accusations of senility, autism, or of being a blogger on the payroll of Russia?

      You want a weighty response to accusation that are far more revealing of your nature than of Somerby, start by not being a deranged putz.

    13. Somerby often engages in psychoanalysis, not least with Trump, the deranged putz Numero Uno. It seems legit for a commenter to subject Somerby to a little analysis himself. Also, you don’t have to respond. Your choice.

      It’s odd when you think that if it weren’t for the critics, there would be no comments.

    14. That’s exactly how the Anonymouse offering should be treated too.

      Like “a little analysis”.

    15. You say that Somerby is as likely to criticize women as men. I say that he is much more likely to criticize women, especially female journalists and professors and book authors.

      How would you test this? Select a month and then go back and count how many women he "criticizes" and how many men, excluding public figures mentioned, such as Trump. I would also leave out the anthropologists. If you were ambitious you might cross-classify them by occupation and gender.

      The results might surprise you. They might even convince you that the critics here in the comments are right about who Somerby targets. Of course, we have been watching him a lot longer than a month, but you don't want to devote your life to such a task.

      Simply assuming that your reaction is right and our is wrong, as AC/MA does, is unscientific and won't convince anyone of anything.

      I have been explaining the conservative memes that occur here, as I encounter them. The prevalence of such is what leads me to think Somerby is no liberal and that he may be paid to blog here, by someone who wants those ideas to appear on an ostensibly liberal blog. Who would that be? If my suggestions are incorrect, tell me your ideas about it. That's what comments are for. Just telling me I am wrong (or deranged, to use your preferred term) does nothing to advance the discussion here.

      When you count up those criticisms Somerby makes against women, make sure to factor in the seriousness of the accusations against women compared to those against men. You can figure out whether "stuffing money in her pants" is worse than using a less than preferred covid stat.

    16. So I take it that you’re not considering factors such as the popular or esoteric appeal of the subject or author, the prominence of certain news reports, or the relative conventional wisdom or buzz aspect of what is being discussed.

      I’ll take that to the bank with your other claims.

    17. Say what you will but every Republican in the Senate who has a problem with treason against the United States of America voted to convict Trump.

    18. Nice try. Attempted snow job noted.

      "So I take it that you’re not considering factors such as the popular or esoteric appeal of the subject or author, the prominence of certain news reports, or the relative conventional wisdom or buzz aspect of what is being discussed."

  11. No, I don’t think it compares.

    I think Anonymouse trolls coming here daily to insult an extremely smart man who generally supports the political policies that they support and the politicians that they support, is the flakiest thing this side of their scalps.

    1. You are making an assumption about what policies Somerby supports. He never discusses that.

      He does however trash liberals frequently, although nobody reads him.

    2. Also, I don't think Somerby is "extremely smart." If he were, he wouldn't have failed and had to retake one of his philosophy classes (forget which one) during the summer, by his own admission. He would have gone to grad school instead of becoming a teacher (a noble profession but one that serious teachers pursue by getting a teaching certificate, in a grad program).

      My guess would be that he is on the autism spectrum, given his propensity for literal readings of obviously figurative meanings. His constant complaint that he cannot understand basic trade books written for laymen suggests that he is not that smart. His carping about professors and anyone who seems to know more than he does reinforces that belief. I suspect he got to college and found out how smart he wasn't, after being told he was smart by his mama.

    3. Cecelia, go back and reread his post about the positivity rate for Covid in South Dakota vs New York a few days ago. It was one of the most ignorant things he has ever written.

    4. That reasoning makes your devotion to heckling and insulting him even more inexplicable.

      You ain’t real bright, Anonymouse2:45pm.

    5. Cecelia,
      Try to find a good faith actor on the Right.

      (That impossible task should keep her busy.)

    6. You may believe that you have found something illogical about my reasoning, but you haven't told me or anyone else what that is. Without that, you are just name-calling.

      Unlike Somerby, I have achievements that required intelligence. Not a few elementary school teachers are attracted to that field because it allows them to boost their egos by correcting children who make basic mistakes in arithmetic and grammar. They also get to impose discipline upon them or belittle and punish them. We hope those types don't go into teaching, but a few do, before they are weeded out by administrators. Somerby displays those tendencies here on a daily basis. We are not children, so we can stand up, but Somerby doesn't read his comments, the way an adult would.

      Somerby used to provide a useful service by countering destructive things said about Al Gore in the media. That was long ago and far away. Now he isn't a happy man and he is taking that out on liberals and anyone else who reminds him of his own deficiencies.

    7. @3:26, I think Mitt Romney comes close. Cecelia -- you can't use that one, I found him first.

    8. Anonymouse 3:28pm, with this post you haven’t displayed “tendencies”. You’ve shown yourself to be in full-blown piece-of-work mode.

      Try reruns of Welcome Back Kotter.

    9. You can have him, Anonymouse 3:31pm.

    10. Therein lies the problem. A good faith actor is, by definition, no longer a Republican. Cecelia disowned the only Republican to vote for impeachment of Trump, a man so manifestly guilty that he should have been convicted by both the right and left.

    11. The more Cecelia comments, the more my reaction shifts from dismay to pity. This poor lost soul is suffering, most likely from unresolved childhood trauma.

      I would point out, Cecelia, that your cohort says tough shit, the problem is you, solve your own problem; while us liberals are here to help those in need like you. Sure, you will ostensibly reject our help, but broadly speaking your cohort will take our help (red states take money from blue states) - as long as it doesn't also help black people, at any rate.

  12. “And in Their Town, our shortcomings get embellished by their overpaid tribal stars.”

    Are we supposed to be responsible when they embellish our shortcomings?

    1. No, more responsible than you are when Anonymices make that same statement about the right.

    2. What same statement are you referring to Cecelia?

      Has anyone else noticed that Cecelia and Mao have both returned on almost the same day? Coincidence? I think not!

  13. I’ve never been away. I read every blog post and last posted on Wednesday.

    1. Do you not understand that when you reply to someone you need to click on the Reply button beneath their post, not start a new thread?

      And you didn't answer my question about what statement you were referring to when you said that Anonymous commenters (who are not rodents) make the same statement about the right.

      If you violate the pragmatics of blog commenting, people will treat you as spam, a bot, or a paid troll, like Mao.

    2. Consider reading the post that generated my response.

    3. Cecelia, I did that. What statement are you referring to?

      I assume you cannot tell me because you were just taking a potshot and not actually reacting to anything in the comment. Like calling me a paid troll.

      If you don't have anything to contribute, just go back to lurking and leave people to their discussion. No need to waste people's time here pretending you have anything to say.

    4. Anonymouse 3:37pm, your compelling pronouncements aside, you need not waste your time reading me, just as I need not waste my time pointing out my references to you.

    5. Stop attacking commenters here and people will be free to ignore you.

  14. 1000 plus years ago, Vacaspati (India, of course) discoursed on meaning of and rewards from debate. Aim is to reach truth, not win any argument.

    This Town, That Town (don't have a Town of my own, seems) have lost the way, Wajahat Ali leading the way!

  15. Last time I checked, all the posters here were anonymous unless I can plug in the name Cecelia and google map your domicile. Lady or whatever you are, though doth protest too much.

    1. If you’re playing dumb you’re certainly authentic with it.

    2. Every Republican in the Senate who thinks treason against the USA is a crime, convicted Trump. I saw it with my own two eyes.
      Here is the list those Republican Senators to prove it.

      See? I told you so.

    3. Great party trick:
      Think of a number. Now multiply that number by the number of Republicans who have a problem with treason against the United States of America.
      I don't know your original number, but the new number is zero.

    4. Mitt Romney was the only Republican to vote to impeach Donald Trump. So the number is not zero, but very close to it.

  16. Lady, or whatever you are, you are for all intents and purposes anonymous here. To suggest otherwise is the sort of foolishness to be expected of a Trump supporter who simultaneously extols the intelligence of a blogger that has called him an idiot or psychiatric case. Your grievance against anonymous bloggers that take issue with Somerby coupled with your admiration of his intelligence is revealing perhaps too much. If someone called a public figure I supported an idiot or a psychiatric case I would be hard pressed to refer admirably to that person’s intelligence, let alone defend him. In fact I have seen no commentary from you defending Trump from any of these accusations made by Somerby. Why would that be? The most logical explanation for this is that you are not authentic. You are likely a fraudulent concoction. Perhaps even a version of Somerby.,

  17. "We'll continue to discuss these matters in the weeks ahead."

    But what's there to discuss, dear Bob? Seriously, Bob, what does your zombie cult have to offer other than pure hatred?

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