NORRIS EMERGES: Her pronouns take a turn!

FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2021

An unusual "You" emerges: Should our struggling nation, the United States, conduct "a national conversation on race," as Michele Norris proposed in last Sunday's Washington Post?

If so, how should such a conversation proceed? As an initial point of caution, let us note that our national culture tends toward clownish, dumb. 

Should our conversation proceed from the White House on down, as Norris proposed? Is it really possible that the conversation could continue for decades?

Also, what should get said in some such conversation? Whose views should be considered as the conversation proceeds? Should we listen to everyone? Or should we only listen to those who live in Our Town?

Even as Norris was making her proposal, something resembling that conversation was taking place in that morning's Post.  Starting on its front page, the Post had published a substantial array of news reports and opinion pieces examining various aspects of the nation's racial history. 

In some cases, the utility of the Post's effort might be open to question. But the fact of the undertaking was obvious, and has been for some time. 

Sunday morning's Washington Post was full of that conversation! On the front page, a news report carried this headline:

Calls grow to rename birds and reshape a racist legacy

In the weekly Outlook section, this headline appeared:

On a tour of historical sites, examining how the story of slavery is taught

There were at least three such offerings in the Metro section:

What schools holding on to racist names can learn from D.C.’s Woodson High

Graduates take sides in the war for VMI’s future

Calling foul on the Alexandria Little League

Concerning that local Little League, we assumed some claim of racial misconduct was involved, and sure enough it was. Meanwhile, the naming of schools was also involved in Kathleen Parker's opinion column:

Va. college: We hear you, but we’ll keep our name

Parker's column dealt with the decision by the trustees of Washington & Lee to retain the second half of the school's long-standing name. Yet another report in the Metro section concerned the racial climate at another Virginia college:

Graduates take sides in the war for VMI’s future

The featured report in the Sunday magazine concerned an historical incident. These dual headlines obtained: 

Albert King Is Not Forgotten
In 1941, the U.S. military papered over the killing of a young Black soldier by a White officer. Can there be justice 80 years later?

"Can there be justice 80 years later?" We'd say the obvious answer is no. This calls to mind the text of the poem we'll excerpt below.

Other treatments of "identity" issues appeared in Sunday's Post. As Norris called for a national conversation, something like that was already happening—but that doesn't settle the larger question:

What kind of conversation should we have? What should our conversation be like, if we want it to turn out to be have been a good idea?

Here in Our Town, we Townies are inclined to adopt the view that any such conversation is a good idea. For ourselves, we're much less sanguine on that point. Other possibilities—the possibility of imperfect judgment, error and harm—also seem quite clear.

"Conversations" won't always be helpful! Conversations can even do harm.

We were struck by many parts of Norris' lengthy essay. As we noted yesterday, we were most struck by a peculiar shift in perspective which occurred in this passage—by a striking pronoun shift:

NORRIS (6/6/21): Amnesia gets in the way of atonement in America. But amnesia is actually too benign a word because it sounds as though people just forgot about the horrors of slavery, forgot about people who were forced to work in the fields literally until their death, forgot that between 50,000 and 85,000 Africans died during their forced migration to this country in the way one forgets where they placed their car keys or their passport.

We’ve been through more than a willful forgetting; we’ve had instead an assiduous effort to rewrite history. We’ve built monuments to traitors and raised large sums of money to place the names of generals who fought against their own country all over highways and civic buildings. We’ve allowed turncoats to become heroes of the Lost Cause instead of rebels desperate to keep people in bondage.

On a personal level, this false narrative about America is another act of cruelty, even a kind of larceny. I view the real story, the genuine history—ugly as it is—as part of my people’s wealth. You built this country on the backs of African Americans’ ancestors. Our contributions—in blood, sweat and bondage—must be told. Our children, indeed, all of America, deserve to know what we have endured and survived to understand the depth of our fortitude, but also to understand that, despite centuries of enslavement and years of Black Codes and brutal Jim Crow segregation, our contributions are central to America’s might. The erasure is massive in scope.

To her credit, Norris still spells it "America" at the start of that passage. That said, it does sound a bit like she's scolding everyone in Amerika—everyone but herself—for the willful way everyone has chosen to forget about all those horrors.

Norris' tone is quite dismissive in that passage. We Amerikans have chosen to forget the 85,000 people who died during the Middle Passage, in much the way we might forget where our car keys are. 

What kind of people would do such a thing, a sensible person might ask. 

Here in Our Town, we may be inclined to enjoy such hard-hitting talk. Instinctively, we may assume that Norris is discussing the people Over There. She's referring to Them, not to Us.

Like everyone else, Norris is free to call it as she sees it. But the pronoun shift which occurs in that passage seemed quite striking to us:

"You" did these horrible things, she now says.  And that "you" now seems to be us!

At times during Norris' essay, it almost sounds like Norris herself was subjected to all those horrors—like she is the one who has somehow found a way to "endure and survive."

In fact, she was fortunate enough to have been raised by two accomplished parents in middle-class Minneapolis. (She has written a memoir about her upbringing.) As an adult, she has lived an upper-class life as one of the most highly advantaged people on the face of the earth. 

Today, though, Norris is angry. 

In prior years, she was one of the many highly presentable people found in our upper-end press corps. There was nothing "wrong" with that, and Norris is a good decent person. 

That said, to our ear, the oddest and most instructive part of her essay is found in that passage, right here:

You built this country on the backs of African Americans’ ancestors. Our contributions—in blood, sweat and bondage—must be told. Our children, indeed, all of America, deserve to know what we have endured and survived to understand the depth of our fortitude, 

What a strange shift in pronouns! Who is the "You" to whom Norris refers? Who is the "You" who "built this country" in the way she describes. even as Norris herself apparently found a way to endure and survive?

In that passage, Norris has suddenly crafted a striking Us and You construction. It isn't necessarily "wrong" to see the world that way, but can a nation so conceived really expect to survive?

We've thought this week about the late Sam Banks—about the American history curriculum he crafted, way back in the 1970s, for the Baltimore City Schools. We've thought about our initial fifth-grade class—about the way they reacted to the documentary / fiction film, The Forgotten Village.

We've thought about the poem People, in which Yevtushenko may be referring to another group of people who were subjected to another of the planet's many historical atrocities. 

(Important note to America's schoolkids: These atrocities have happened all over the globe. You must never be part of one.) 

When a person dies, what is lost "is not nothing," Yevtushenko says in his poem. But he says other things too, perhaps about the millions who were mistreated and slain in that human atrocity in that other part of the world. 

Both his grandfathers was arrested as "enemies of the people." Is he thinking of the people who died in that other atrocity? We have no idea:

No people are uninteresting.

In any man who dies there dies with him
his first snow and kiss and fight.
It goes with him.
There are left books and bridges
and painted canvas and machinery.
Whose fate is to survive.
But what has gone is also not nothing:
by the rule of the game something has gone.
Not people die but worlds die in them.
Whom we knew as faulty, the earth’s creatures
Of whom, essentially, what did we know?

Brother of a brother? Friend of friends?
Lover of lover?
We who knew our fathers
in everything, in nothing.

They perish. They cannot be brought back.
The secret worlds are not regenerated.

And every time again and again
I make my lament against destruction.

Yevtushenko may have been thinking of the millions who died in the labor camps. Or who knows? Maybe not!

But if he was thinking of the millions who died, he wasn't engaging in the clatter which sounds like stolen valor. He wasn't talking himself into thinking that he had somehow been tortured and killed in the gulag too.

In this country, a conversation has been underway for some time. Right from the start, a remarkable amount of misrepresentation has been involved in this conversation. According to leading experts, we humans tend to be like that.

That conversation has scared a whole lot of kids, and quite a few parents too. It seems to have convinced some adults that they were dragged over here in the holds of those ships, just like the sacred dead.

It has led to some hints of stolen valor—valor stolen from the brilliant generations who somehow managed to create one of the world's greatest ethical / moral / religious traditions out of centuries of mistreatment.

Their descendants humbly accept the prizes they're handed for their work on NPR. Some are now tilting toward the world of Us and You, as is their perfect right.

Each person can construe our floundering nation in the way which seems right. But we humans are subject to relentless error, and to highly imperfect judgment. When these conversations start, who knows where they might lead?

Tomorrow: The Forgotten Village, May 1970 viewing:

"The project was born out of Steinbeck’s desire to break away from Hollywood productions and produce an authentic portrait of Mexican culture. Featuring the real inhabitants of a rural hamlet in the mountains of Santiago in Mexico, this ethnographic cross between a documentary and a fictional film deals with the basic conflict between the deep-rooted indigenous culture and the sweeping tide of modernization. At stake are the lives of several of the village children, who quickly become the victims of a typhoid epidemic..."

Who would treat their children that way? Inquiring minds wanted to know!


  1. I'll go with "honestly", "truthfully", and "unsparingly" as the best ways to teach our history.

  2. tl;dr
    However: "...let us note that our national culture tends toward clownish, dumb" is a vicious and needless smear, dear Bob.

    The culture is perfectly fine, dear Bob, it's just that you're a bit mental; your obsession with liberal-hitlerian shit is seriously unhealthy.

    You need to get out more, dear Bob, and observe the culture. Don't look for it in NYT and WaPo. We're surprised this even needs to be said, dear Bob, but then you're obviously a bit special...

  3. Reparations for Slavery has to be part of it.
    See Glaucon X and Anonymous' replies two posts ago. They spell out why better than most.

    1. Unfortunately, reparations for slavery are politically impossible in a plutocracy.

    2. The only movement with any possibility of success against our current system is a movement of class, where the lower and middle class join together against the top .001%. Trump supporters and BLM and everyone else arm in arm together against the plutocracy who now own the government and the whole system. That's it. That's the only possibility. Everything else is bullshit talk.

    3. The middle and lower classes will never join together because the middle class aspires to be part of the top .001% and tries to distance itself as much as possible from the lower class. That is because middle class people fear becoming lower class and identify with upper class people.

      Since the movement you describe is also impossible, it too is bullshit talk.

    4. You're exactly right but the reasons you give here are why it's not probable. In class revolution lies the only possibility for meaningful change to our current system. Any partisan efforts are 100% impossible. Trumpsters draining the swamp, universal basic income, even infrastructure, reparations. All of that is impossible if presented within our current partisan framework. Class revolution is the only possibility. But you're right, it's not probable right now.

    5. Why would Trumpsters, who support the plutocracy, be arm in arm with BLM to fight plutocracy?

    6. Not sure. Let me finish fucking your mother and think about it. I'll get back to you.

    7. 10:09,
      My dead Mother has more brain activity than your typical Republican Senator. She smells better too.

    8. Any minute now, fuckface.

    9. Oh sorry, your question is based on a false premise. Trumpsters don't support the plutocracy. That is one of your religious beliefs. I'm dealing with reality here, not the faith based dogma of zealots. Now get back to one of your religious blogs to have a money grubbing charlatan give you another sermon that reinforces your faith based beliefs in the core false dilemma that keeps the plutocracy humming. I'm going to go fuck your sister.

    10. 10:21,
      Thanks for reminding me of the Trumpster's protests, and battles in the streets with police, over Trump larding his cabinet with plutocrats and giving corporations a HUGE tax break, which they used to buy back stocks.

      What color is the sky in your world, where Trumpsters don't love plutocrats and a someone would let you fuck them?

    11. I'm still trying to figure out how Trump got the 2020 Republican Presidential nomination after putting Betsy DeVos, Steve Mnuchin, Sonny Perdue, Wilbur Ross, Scott Pruitt, Tom Price, etc in his cabinet.
      Either, Republican voters are mouth-breathing morons, or their supposed disdain for plutocrats is 100% bullshit.
      (Narrator: It's both.)

    12. Blue baby. Please. Obama larded his cabinets the same way. They all do. Sorry, I'm not religious like you are. Thanks for helping the plutocrats with your religious fervor and blind adherence to dogma.

      Yes, it's all Trump supporters fault. Get rid of them and the plutocracy's grip on the country will go away. How could you be so dumb? (Narrator: Religion is a human need and this is the one this guy got sucked into.)

    13. 12:22,
      Trumpists loved Obama larding his cabinet with plutocrats too. It was their "economic anxiousness" (or what us who aren't in the media call "bigotry") which made them furious with him.

    14. "Yes, it's all Trump supporters fault."

      Agreed. Reliably Republican voters have fucked us all over since Reagan.

    15. Let's not allow the majority of whites off the hook.
      Their five-decade temper tantrum over protecting black people's civil rights put a large voting bloc in play for plutocrats.

    16. "Trumpsters don't support the plutocracy."

      Troll harder.

    17. You're the troll. Your ignorant obscurantism is candy for the plutocracy. Your obscurantism defeats any meaningful change for the people you claim to care about. Your obscurantism is borne out of your lack of courage and originality. Playa hating troll: get the plutocracy's cock out of your mouth!

    18. "Let's not allow the majority of whites off the hook.
      Their five-decade temper tantrum over protecting black people's civil rights put a large voting bloc in play for plutocrats."

      This really can't be said in public enough. Shout it from the rooftops.

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  5. For a long period ending 150 years ago, some Americans treated some other Americans very badly. That's deplorable, but it does not create moral obligations or benefits for living Americans today.

    As a practical matter, giving people an excuse for failure is not helpful. That's why a focus on slavery is harmful to black Americans IMO. It would be much better to focus more attention on all the opportunities available to black Americans today.

    1. "it does not create moral obligations or benefits for living Americans today."

      You are wrong about this, David. The previous bad treatment imposes a responsibility on all Americans not to continue that treatment, to make sure they are not continuing to treat "some other Americans" badly. The need to ensure that this mistreatment doesn't happen again is exactly why the past needs to be taught to young people, and it is why older people need to be reminded of the past misdeeds.

      Who are the "some Americans" who treated other Americans very badly? They include everyone who was not themselves a slave. That's because, if you weren't a slave, you were complicit in or benefitted from the system of slavery and the Jim Crow that followed it.

      These are the facts that Somerby appears not to understand.

      The opportunities available to black Americans today do not ensure that the misdeeds of the past will not be repeated. Further, those like David and Somerby, who refuse to understand that there is still discrimination and mistreatment of black people in our society, need remedial education about what it is like to be African American today.

    2. I didn’t know that every state in the Union was a slave state and that every white person was a slaver or a champion of slavery and that people in Vermont benefitted from Jim Crow.

    3. Every state benefitted economically because those states were part of a union based on slavery. Even people in Vermont. During Jim Crow, the nation continued to benefit from cheap labor that fueled industries important to the US economy.

      For example, the South grew cotton but the North had the textile mills that turned cotton into cloth, which was an important export in the early 1800s. During Jim Crow, African Americans were barred from better paying jobs so they had to continue to do the farmwork they did as slaves.

      You need to read more history.

    4. You need to think more logically, rather than merely spouting off.

      The North went to war over slavery in the South. The country loss over half a million people, and spent decades doing everything to facilitate a union rather than fostering alienation, a sense of complete domination, and separation.

      Remedies came via good people.

      Our leaders in those days were wiser than our leaders today.

    5. “ It would be much better to focus more attention on all the opportunities available to black Americans today.”

      There’s no real political advantage to be had in that, David. It doesn’t foster enmity against the right people.

    6. “ It would be much better to focus more attention on all the opportunities available to black Americans today.”

      There’s no real political advantage to be had in that, David. It doesn’t foster enmity against the right people.

    7. You mean like getting choked out for selling loosey cigarettes?
      It's so unfair to white people. They never get those advantages.

    8. Blacks have a 1 in 168,000 chance of being killed by a cop. But they have a 1 in 8,000 chance of dying in a car crash. It's clear that cars are far more racist than cops and that we should defund cars until they learn to stop killing Blacks.

    9. We could have used your way of thinking on September 12, 2001. Saving the $3 Trillion we wasted on revenge, and instead used it weed thugs out of police forces.

    10. Glaucon X,
      Since slaves aren't running away anymore, it's time to repeal the 2nd Amendment.

    11. Meh. Not just defund: burn. We all know that them satanic self-propelled vehicles are WHITE SUPREMASIST witchcraft anyhow.

    12. Glaucon X,
      Your odds of being killed by cops is way higher than your odds of being killed by learning "Critical Race Theory".
      It's long past time to get rid of the cops.

  6. The question is what does Norris' boss at the WP, Jeff Bezos want? Does he want to give some the USAs George Floyds part of his pile of $200,000,000,000.00 so they won't have to pass fake $20s to Asian store clerks. Is Jeff Bezos ready to part with his loot to help Black people?

    1. Free fentanyl, perhaps? Y'know, to streamline the process, skip unnecessary transactions. A win-win.

    2. $200 billion is 10 billion $20 bills that Bezos could be handing out to blacks in a similar situation to poor G. Floyd who would be alive today if only he had had one of those $20s that Jeff is hoarding.

      When will Michele L. Norris ask Jeffy to help uplift the race?

    3. That's, unfortunately, a bit of a dembottery, dear Gloucon: Jeff is not hoarding $20 bills, he owns a company. Sounds more like dumb envy to us, than any rational plan.

      Also, what would be so great about poor G. Floyd being alive today? Surely it's better to be a saint than junkie and criminal. Martyrdom is the greatest reward.

    4. The Michele L. Norris's of world are only known to us because they have somehow gotten themselves appointed as spokespeople for impoverished Blacks like Floyd. I think people like Floyd deserve a chance for a decent life, you do not. But unlike Norris, we haven't been handed a permanent place on the WP editorial page. The question is, what do people like Norris think poor Blacks need and why have they been given a space in the national media. She thinks they need a history lesson, not a better physical existence. What a surprise that Bezos and his fellow plutocrats approve of that message.

    5. "G. Floyd who would be alive today if only he had had one of those $20s that Jeff is hoarding"

      Or, more importantly, had he been white.

    6. Indeed, taking Mr. Bezos' company and giving it to its workers (as envisioned by famous WHITE SUPREMASISTS Messrs. Marx and Engels) would've spared us from Ms. Norris' dembottery, and yes, dear Gloucon, that'd be great.

      But it would've done nothing for poor G. Floyd, we are afraid. Because lumpenproletarians are, in Mr. Marx' teachings, lowlife scum.

      If Mr. Bezos is first against the wall when the revolution comes, Saint Floyd is the second.

    7. The ideas of economic justice, of human rights for all, of society being for not just for the rich, go back to thousands of years. They didn't begin with Marx, they're in the Bible and in the writing of the Classical civilizations, Native Americans an elsewhere. It's the supporters of plutocracy that are lowlife scum.

    8. Mao was funnier when he pretended he didn't LOVE the Establishment.
      This warmed-over George Wallace shtick he's on lately, is Cecelia-level unfunny.

    9. But that's just bullshit liberal claptrap, dear Gloucon.

      Native Americans? You have gotta be kidding, dear. But thanks for the laughs.

      And the Bible we've read was very much against any worldly expropriatory initiatives: to Caesar what's Caesar's, and to God what's God's. But maybe you have some other Bible, what do we know.

      And what's "the writing of the Classical civilizations", may we ask? How do they help you deal with Mr. Bezos ownership of, Inc.?

    10. "And the Bible we've read was very much against any worldly expropriatory initiatives: to Caesar what's Caesar's, and to God what's God's. But maybe you have some other Bible, what do we know."

      As one of the world's biggest fools recently wrote, "your subculture is your personal business."

    11. "Render unto Caesar" meant: Pay your taxes, Bezos!

  7. Somerby makes a huge fuss over Norris's use of pronouns, as if he didn't know what she meant by them. It is clear from the context of that paragraph that she is talking about those who were slaves (and their descendants) and when she says "you" she is referring to everyone who was not a slave (or a descendant of a slave). This isn't rocket science. She counts herself as a descendant of slavery and Somerby should include himself among the "you" because he was not a slave and neither were any of his ancestors.

    Somerby then assumes that there is no reason for Norris to make such a distinction, assuming that there is no current discrimination or mistreatment for Norris to be concerned about. In this, Somerby ignores social science and current events and economics, where statistics clearly show that black people lag behind white people on many indicators of education, employment, income, health, and social status. There is a great deal of evidence that opportunities available to white people are not accessible to black people. For Somerby to deny this evidence is astonishingly biased.

    Then Somerby slyly hints that Norris is engaging in stolen valor by pretending her life is as wretched as that of slaves, completely ignoring the difficulties faced by African Americans in their lives, each and every day of this present, imperfect time. Discrimination is real and all African Americans experience it, no matter where they were born or went to school, no matter how much money they have. In some cases, the higher status only deepens the animosity felt by some white people against successful black people.

    Somerby's unfairness toward Norris when she speaks her mind about race is an example of the inability of many white people to think about this issue without knee-jerk defensiveness of the type Somerby displays today. It is shameful of Somerby.

  8. Norris works for the richest guy on Earth, not Somerby. We should ask why she doesn't make her case to Bezos to fund all this history stuff that will supposedly one day change everyone's feelings about Blacks.

    1. We don't know who Somerby works for.

      Norris wrote an opinion piece. She wasn't writing for anyone else when she did that.

    2. Only Bezos approved opinions get in the Washington Post.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Nor do we know who you work for. But we do notice you incessantly shill for the plutocrat-owned mass media.

    5. Glaucon X shills for white people.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Anonymous June 12, 2021 at 7:07 AM, what battles have YOU fought in the war against white people?

    8. Zosima,
      I planned the Bowling Green Massacre.

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  11. "85,000 people who died during the Middle Passage...What kind of people would do such a thing, a sensible person might ask."

    At least 32,000,000 people died in WWII in Europe. Germans are responsible for every single one of those deaths.

    The stupidest part of Norris' drivel is the part where she claims that there has been some kind of reconciliation. That talk, and a few monuments, somehow means they have compensated or made up for their wrongdoing. Yes, I suppose it's true that the Germans have officially recognized that they did some bad things in WW2 and that maybe some of them have bad feelings about it now. But what good are German feelings to the millions of dead victims, or to the survivors they starved and abused in the countries they invaded, looted, and ransacked?

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