BREAKING: We didn't have any fish today!

TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022

We expect to have fish tomorrow: We didn't have any fish today. We expect have fish tomorrow.

We thought the January 6 committee was a bit short on fish today too. Links between Trump and violent groups-wise, we would have thought that they'd be able cast their nets a bit farther.


  1. Yeah, links to violent groups, this is so exciting.

    Meanwhile: "On Monday, the NYC EMD released a minute-and-a-half long public service announcement bracing the city's residents about what to do in the event that "the big one has hit." Although the three-step PSA offers very little helpful information on what to do in the event of a nuclear fall out, even recommending that citizens keep their potentially radioactively contaminated clothing in a bag in their homes as opposed to throwing them outside,"

    ...but that's all fine, of course, perfectly normal, considering your liberal tribe's control of the government...

  2. Murderous Antifa, BLM and the violent thugs attacking pregnancy crisis centers are linked to Democrats, not Trump.

    1. show us the emails…like they did today with Trump!

  3. The hearing did fine. There will be more of what Somerby seeks at the next one.

  4. Somerby prefers not to believe the evidence, so nothing will convince him. He and Trump are brothers that way.

  5. I wouldn't bet the farm, or even an Ant Farm, that
    Bob would find anything Trump did seriously wrong or
    seriously proven. There isn't anything Trump could do that
    would be as bad as someone he seriously despises,
    like Rachel Maddow.

  6. It's so tragic and unfortunate. Trump could have pulled this off if he wasn't surrounded with pussies who didn't have the stomach for an honest to goodness coup. Look how Ivanka's political career has been ruined now. What a loss for us all.