UPDATE: Depressingly dumb!

 TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022

Life within our failing tribe is like a box of chocolates: Early this morning, we started to comment on the Jill Biden "tacos" tempest, via the incurably stupid Daily Beast.

(Headline: "Jill Biden Compares Hispanic Community to Breakfast Tacos." Warning: You need to watch the tape.)

We started out to comment on that. Overcome by the dumbness of our own tribe, we decided to let the day go.

By 1:20 PM, Margaret Hartmann of New York magazine was playing faithful obedient servant. To see her pretend, just click here.

Our team is very, very dumb. The fact that we all agree to play by these rules is very bad for the world.


  1. It isn’t dumb to complain about mispronunciations or cultural stereotypes. When you are a politician you are supposed to get that stuff right. She should have someone on staff to help her. Mistakes suggest she doesn’t care.

    Republicans are trying to seing hispanic voters, so how is this about our tribe?

    1. Why isn't it dumb to complain about mispronunciations?

    2. Because pronouncing words correctly is a sign of respect. There are parts of the US where people spoke Spanish llong before Anglos arrived. Spanish is an official US language in several states. Biden is president of all of the people, not just the ones who talk like him.

    3. Biden is like 80. It's like as if Obama was president in 2042.

    4. anon 7:26, it is stupid to complain about mispronunciations. This is an example of how idiotic the coverage of politics is. It's like junior high mentality, always on the alert for someone dissing someone, with actual reality ignored.

    5. Biden is president of all of the people,

      Dr. Biden is not.

  2. Despite her doctorate, Jill Biden comes across as dumb an lazy. She should have rehearsed the speech in front of some staff people. Someone would have known the correct pronunciation.

    1. oh my god. who the fuck cares? your guy incited a violent mob to storm our capitol in an attempt to STEAL the u.s. presidency, and this was after his other illegal schemes to STEAL it failed

    2. How can you decide she is lazy without reading her daily schedule?

    3. Don't mind David. Just his usual passive aggressive Drive-By. He's a little bitchy today.
      Keep in mind, David never had a word of criticism towards Melania.
      I really don't care, do u?

  3. The article was correct. She was doing fine saying Latinos are regular people like everyone else. When she started to pander it went to shit. There is not a single Latino community although there are things they can claim are cultural. There's tension for example between Central American diaspora and Mexican.

    Anyway, did she bring up student debt? I'm sure there are Latino nurses in this country. Nah, she says we all eat food. Food yum. Me Jane you Tarzan. My people like your people.

    There's a deep problem in American politics and that's we can't discuss our colonial history, and at the same time our leadership still skews rich, even on the liberal wing. That's opening up a lot of space to needle at people. Did you hear what the rich white woman said about us? Hear what Candace Owens clapped back with? She's so pretty I'm gonna vote Republican. They're not snobs they're so sweet.

    Or take for example, a famous Black comedian upset that men wear dresses in Hollywood because when he complained about it, everyone including him and the media tied the issue to transgender. Well actually, the stereotype of the African Mammy would be a much sharper take historically. I wonder which side Dave the American media consumer would take at Stonewall, the cops or the gays. The media need clicks and the glib culture war keeps everyone clicking.

    I can already hear the gears turning in the bloggers lizard brain. Liberals are good media are bad. But American culture and history is more complex than that narrative. There is a history of condescending, infantilizing rhetoric toward the race living in what's called our "back yard."

  4. Who is supposed to be “our” (or Somerby’s) tribe?

    Jill Biden? She’s a Democrat.

    But is she the one Somerby is calling dumb?

    Or is he criticizing the Daily Beast and New York magazine?

    Except they aren’t part of the liberal team, and liberals haven’t agreed to “play by their rules.” In fact, mainstream publications are often quite hostile to Democrats. Somerby seems to completely miss the fact that the media hate Biden. This is noticed by liberal blogs all over the Internet.

    The old Somerby, circa 2000, was careful to make this distinction.

    1. Every political opinion Bob has, and he admits this, is a version of this story: "being mean was unthinkable until 24 hour cable news was invented." It's a nice fairy tale about America that is both liberal and revanchist.

  5. Here is the full quote of Dr. Biden, in context.

    "Raul helped build this organization with the understanding that the diversity of this community -- as distinct as the bodegas of the Bronx, as beautiful as the blossoms of Miami, and as unique as the breakfast tacos here in San Antonio -- is your strength,"

    Immediately, the Heathers in the Beltway press decided to have some fun, for example:

    Sam Stein of Politico tweeted: FLOTUS, in her speech this afternoon, said the Hispanic community was as “unique as the breakfast tacos” in San Antonio.

    Because, as Eric Boehlert always said, the Beltway press wake up every day and ask the question, how can we help bad faith republicans whining about a manufactured nothing burger.

    TDH used to criticize this shit.