BREAKING: Pamela Paul says Roberts should quit!

MONDAY, JULY 11, 2022

A look at all we have: In this morning's New York Times, opinion columnist Pamela Paul shows us what we're left with at this very late date. Her column appears beneath this headline:

If Only John Roberts Would Retire

Paul pictures a better world in which the Chief Justice retires at age 67, letting President Biden nominate his replacement. She seems to know that this ain't gonna happen—but at this point, it looks like this is pretty much all we have.

In print editions, Paul shares space on the opinions page with the latest column by Charles Blow. His headline is steeped in a somewhat extreme type of gloom:

We Are Political Hostages

By "we," Blow seems to mean people who aren't "white." Overall, his reasoning strikes us as possibly specious. Early on, he offers this:

BLOW (7/11/22): In November of 2019, Nate Cohn in The Times analyzed a number of surveys of swing-state voters and looked specifically at the “persuadable pool,” the 15 percent of voters in the battleground states who were undecided and still thinking of voting for Donald Trump or a Democrat.

He found, “As a group they are 57 percent male and 72 percent white.”

For most other people, “freedom of choice” in elections is an illusion. We are captives of the two-party system. We are political hostages.

Voters subject to oppression have only two choices: the benevolent captors (Democrats) or the cruel captors (Republicans).

Blow is employed at the highest level of American journalism. He's frequently featured on "cable news"—but he pictures himself trapped between two different groups of "captors."

These columns represent the best the Times can do. Stated a slightly different way, this is the best our team has!

It's been like this for a very long time. In its least mistakable manifestation, this dates back to the mainstream press corps' obsession with the deeply troubling wardrobe of Candidate Gore in 1999—with his suits, his boots, his polo shirts, the height at which he hemmed his pants, the number of buttons on his suit jackets (three), the color of his troubling wardrobe and what it all so plainly meant about his psychological problems and his fiendish electoral strategies. 

High-end "journalists" predating Paul and Blow never said boo as they and their colleagues mugged and clowned in this relentless war of propaganda and stupidification. After two years of this (and similar) group inanity, George W. Bush ended up in the Oval.

Alito went to the Court.

(Within the past year, we haven't been able to make ourselves refresh you about the astonishing nonsense concerning that candidate's clothes. We've found the prospect too depressing—but understand that this went on and on, then on and on, with no one saying so much as boo about the manifest nonsense. For the record, this lunacy came from the New York Times and the rest of the MSM, not from "the right-wing noise machine." Just for the record, the manifest lunacy to which we refer came from our own blue tribe.)

This morning, Pamela Paul wants Roberts to quit. Charles Blow gives us Blow in chains.

This is the best our tribe can do. Even at this very late date, this seems to be all we have.

Just for the record: Just for the record, exit polls in November 2020 estimated that 67 percent of voters nationwide were white. Cohn's estimate concerning the number of "persuadables" was only slightly higher than that.

This afternoon: This afternoon, we continue our award-winning occasional series, Took the Gödel Challenge. In theory, our series is aimed at the 12-year-old kid who is going to straighten things out.


  1. Off Topic - IMO the Dems have good strategy for 2024. Biden leaves the Presidency next year (or is pushed out). Kamala Harris becomes President. The new VP is chosen as someone who would be good candidate in 2024, such as Gavin Newsom. In 2024, Newsom runs against Harris or Harris doesn't run. Newsom wins the nomination. Voila. The Democrats now have a respectable candidate for President, someone who has an excellent chance of winning the general election.

    1. Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.


  2. "This morning, Pamela Paul wants Roberts to quit. Charles Blow gives us Blow in chains."

    Thanks for documenting this tiny portions of the recent liberal atrocities, dear Bob.

    ...still, dear Bob, recalling your terrible sufferings a couple of years ago about the absence of discussions in the elite media of The Commander's mental health
    what is you opinion of the fact that the sitting president is a veg?

    You do realize, dear Bob, that it is a widely accepted fact, right? Of course you do.

    1. A deeply corrupt veg, up to all kinds of no good before landing in his vegetative state. Like son like father.

    2. Biden is lucky he didn't have to try to gaslight a viral pandemic as if it was a common NY Times political reporter, so he had plenty of time to lower the unemployment rate to a 40-year low.

    3. I thank God every day that Biden won the 2020 Presidential election in a landslide.

    4. As corrupt as any other career politician who hasn't done a single day of honest labor in his whole life.

      May God bless the "big guy" with a long life, and in a better setting than DC. In one of the rich-people's nursing homes.

    5. You may know Mao from his decades long cries for a 100% Estate Tax,, rate because he believes in a merit-based society.
      Republicans, of course, fight this because they don't want their lazy, good-for-nothing, free-loading kids to have to get a job, like I did.

    6. A couple selected tidbits for the day...

      128,755 emails allegedly copied from the laptop and circulated by allies and former staff of President Donald Trump showed "signs of tampering" including 145 modification dates and emails created more than a year after Hunter Biden allegedly had the laptop

      Mac Isaac (repair guy) obtained the laptop in April 2019... In September 2020, someone created six new folders on the drive, including with the names "Biden Burisma," "Salacious Pics Package" and "Hunter. Burisma Documents."

    7. and here's an unrelated article

    8. "The most powerful force in American politics today is anti-establishment fury at a rigged system. There is no longer a left or right" - Something Tucker Carlson understands and leverages while Democratic power centers and their idiotic sycophants actually make fun of and ridicule economic anxiety. These are the dumbest people in the world.

    9. Well. The dumbest smart people in the world, maybe. The dumbest people wouldn't be able to coordinate any kind of ridicule of anything.

    10. If you've ever been around a group of dumb middle schoolers you know they can coordinate ridicule of anything. Coincidentally that is the mentality of the Democrat. Dumb middle school girls to be specific.

    11. Are you saying that middle schoolers have already formed political affiliations? They sound precocious.

    12. 1:33,
      Remember when Republican voters burnt Trump Tower to the ground, because Tump gave corporations and the rich a HUGE tax break? Good times.

    13. Why don't you state your point directly?

  3. Let's not lose sight of the fact that Right-wing snowflakes threw a childish temper tantrum on National TV, just because black peoples votes counted in the 2020 Presidential election.

  4. Somerby doesn’t understand Blow’s point and he doesn’t try to argue it, merely calling his logic specious without explanation. He then segues to his own tired rant. Ho hum.

    Roberts is not a Democrat and he isn’t going to retire. Paul is ridiculous.

  5. Calling for Roberts to retire is the slow, incremental way to move the nation forward. Similar to "De-fund the police".
    You'd think Joe Manchin would champion these moderate solutions, if you're dumb enough to believe the shit Joe Manchin says.

  6. If you are going to defend males, you need to start with the crime statistics. Explain why there is such an imbalance, especially in violent crimes and crimes against persons.

    Then go back and account for the evils of war, slavery, and similar aggressive acts done by kings, armies, institutions across history, during the period when women were not permitted any influence whatsoever.

    Finally, explain why it is that economies prosper when women are educated and included in society outside the home, whereas they do more poorly when women are confined and subjugated. Extra points for discussing the work of Nobel Prize winning economist Amartya Sen.

  7. "Paul pictures a better world in which the Chief Justice retires at age 67, letting President Biden nominate his replacement. She seems to know that this ain't gonna happen—but at this point, it looks like this is pretty much all we have."

    Pamela Paul is not a liberal. She is the ex wife of Bret Stephens, who is not a liberal either (being anti-climate science). She has written a book about how damaging porn is, a non-liberal stance.

    "Yet she’s already made a name for herself, with just-asking-questions essays meant to expose those twinned, supposed scourges of the left, cancel culture and identity politics (questions that have already been asked, a lot). Having thus transitioned to the paper’s most agenda-setting perch, Paul is now laying the groundwork for a mainstream case for trans exclusion."

    She is not a liberal in any reasonable use of the term these days.

  8. Blacks are 13% of the population. According to the FBI, blacks accounted for 55.9% of all homicide offenders in 2019, with whites 41.1%, and "Other" 3.0% in cases where the race was known.

  9. “Crisis pregnancy centers that are there to fool people looking for pregnancy termination help outnumber abortion clinics by 3-1. We need to shut them down all around the country.”

    Lovely people!