GOBLINS AND US: We just keep churning out those results...


...even on a day off: We lost a large chunk of time this morning. For that reason, it's almost like we're going to take the day off.

That said, your incomparable DAILY HOWLER just keeps banging out those results!

Yesterday, we asked the world's most obvious question. Our question concerns a minor but obvious part of last Friday's violent attack on Paul Pelosi.

We asked the world's most obvious question! Today, an attempt at an answer arrives at the end of the featured front-page report in the Washington Post's print editions.

The lengthy report includes 35 paragraphs. Here are the final five:

DAVIS ET AL (11/2/22): Officials with the San Francisco Police Department repeatedly declined to comment on security measures around Pelosi’s house in the city’s posh Pacific Heights neighborhood, including whether there was an alarm system at the residence that would have triggered an alert with the department.

San Francisco police officials also are facing growing questions nationally and locally, including from Pelosi’s neighbors, about why there wasn’t a more consistent presence outside the speaker’s home, given the intensity of the threats that she and other lawmakers have faced as well as previous incidents at the residence. Since Friday, neighbors said, at least three San Francisco police squad cars have been positioned outside the residence, along with unmarked black SUVs and plain-clothed security officers—often signals that the speaker is at home.

Pelosi’s house is also protected by a private security system, two people said. When tripped, that alarm is supposed to notify San Francisco police and, secondarily, the Capitol Police, one of them added.

On Friday, the Capitol Police never received an alert from the home security company, that person added. It was unclear if the system was armed at the time of the break-in.

Officials with the San Francisco Police Department repeatedly declined to comment on whether there was an alarm system at the house and if the department received an alert about the break-in besides the 911 call.

Five days later, the Washington Post has begun to address the world's most obvious question.

The question may not be hugely important, but it's been an obvious question for five days. Regarding the matters at issue here, our assumptions would be these:

Assuming the obvious, we would assume that the Pelosis' house does in fact have an alarm system. 

Further, we would be inclined to assume that the alarm system hadn't been activated (hadn't been "armed") when Paul Pelosi retired last Thursday night.

Those would be our best guesses. That said, this has been the world's most obvious question for the past five days. 

We're always impressed when our nation's journalists, as a group, fail to take note of such bone-simple matters. The question would occur to anyone—or at least, so it once may have seemed.

Tomorrow and Friday: How many goblins are there?



  1. Oh, enough already of the curious case of Mr. Pelosi and the homeless junkie, dear Bob, please. Who cares, really.

    ...unless, of course, the homeless junkie guy gets epsteined. Then it'll become interesting again...

    1. Inflation is no longer the GOP's bugaboo. So, Bob is doing his part to make it look like crime is up.
      Don't be so lazy, Mao.
      If the corporate-owned media can learn the Right-wing talking point of the day, there is no reason you can't.

  2. This is an irrelevant question.

  3. Today Somerby tries to walk back his ugly question that was loaded with homophobia and q anon style curiosity.

    Yeah, we remember, Bob, you slime.

  4. The obvious question is why Democrats coddle violent criminals with short sentences who invade homes and only rich and powerful people with alarm systems and police monitoring can expect to have a chance at surviving it.

  5. Yeah Bob. You've really zeroed in on the key element
    of this.
    You really are a piece of shit, eh?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Come on, haters. Are you kidding? You didn't wonder how a random stranger/nut-job could so easily get into Nancy Pelosi's house and attack her husband? Nancy Pelosi -- one of the biggest targets of MAGA extremists?? I certainly wondered about this, even though I obviously didn't think there was any kind of conspiracy afoot. As Bob says, it was the most obvious question in the world, and it need not stem from any "homophobia" or conspiratorial nonsense, just basic curiosity. Also, if reporters would have pursued this most obvious of questions from the get-go, they might have tamped down some of the wild speculation. You guys hate too much.

    2. Bob's tribe doesn't want the police being held accountable for their actions/ inactions.
      Which Left-winger(s) do you think Bob will blame instead?

    3. I wondered why but also am not sure why this point is important. The initial speculation was warranted given the misreported facts but once those points were cleared up it looks like a typical break in by a strung out person. As far as the lack of security, it indicates "stupid" to me but not much besides that.

    4. Mike L, wondering about this without expressing any other thought or emotion about this incident is not obvious or natural. It is giving a boost to the conspiracy theories (alternate explanations) for what happened, such as that it was a false flag operation or that Pelosi let the man into his house in a gay tryst off Grindr.

      And, you have no evidence reporters didn't ask such questions early on, but received no info from police about it. It is not "hate" to call Somerby's exclusive focus on this single irrelevant question part of right wing deflection. He didn't ask why Pelosi didn't have more security or why family members of those receiving threats must depend on their own security arrangements -- that might have been natural for a liberal person to ask. He is instead blaming reporters for not asking (without any knowledge about what they and did not ask). So, Pelosi gets attack by a right wing nutcase but Somerby, without commenting on right wing violence, uses the occasion to attack the press.

      It isn't "hate" to point out the obvious in Somerby's reaction here. And now he has discussed the same trivial point for several days, without any concern for Pelosi at all. There is hate there, but it isn't coming from Somerby's readers.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.


    6. 9:46, I agree with much of that. However, the name calling ("slime" "piece of shit") and the insinuation that Bob is being homophobic or conspiratorial just because he's pointing out something obvious are unwarranted and hateful.

  7. If Nancy had been simultaneously attacked in Washington, would an observer in an airplane flying from there to San Francisco have found that the attacks were simultaneous?