Who lost Hispanic voters? And how?


Alberta breaks nation's heart: How will next week's elections turn out?

We have no idea! On TV shows, the children are busy with polls this week. If they'd simply wait one additional week, they could start to find out who won.

Along the way, one fact does seem fairly clear. Across the nation, Democrats have been losing ground with Hispanic voters.

No one knows where that process will end. But in his new report for The Atlantic, Tim Alberta starts as shown below, gloomy twin headlines included:

The left has alienated America’s fastest-growing group of voters just when they were supposed to give the party a foolproof majority.

Have you ever met someone who’s watching their life’s work—their very legacy—fall apart in front of their eyes? I’m talking to two of them right now.

Earl and Mary Rose Wilcox spent the morning juggling plates of chorizo and shouting orders in Spanish toward the kitchen behind them. Now they’re catching their breath in a corner booth at El Portal, the South Phoenix restaurant they’ve run for two decades. They point out the members of their family depicted in a mural on the nearby wall, retracing the mission that brought them to this place and wondering aloud how it all went wrong.

I came to Arizona looking to answer the question of why, over the past few years, so many Hispanics have fled the Democratic Party. This exodus is evident across numerous counties, congressional districts, and battleground states, but the stakes seem highest in Arizona, where Republicans are promoting a slate of extremist candidates and counting on Hispanic voters to help put them in office.

What I found is Earl and Mary Rose, a couple in their mid-70s and the twin bosses of a Phoenix political machine, reckoning with the same awful conclusion I have heard from so many Hispanics, both here and around the country. “The party doesn’t care about us,” Mary Rose tells me. “They pretend to care every two years.”

The gloomy report goes on from there, then on and on and on. 

Alberta's findings could be right, or they could always be wrong. That said, the numbers do seem to have been sliding, and the bad faith and bad judgment described in Alberta's report seem to come, live and direct, straight outta our blue tribal world.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep—but our failing tribe draws its leadership cadre from the ranks of the "highly educated." That cadre draws its ideas from the ranks of the assistant, associate and adjunct professors, and few groups are more reliably clueless. 

Who lost all those Hispanic votes? And how did they manage to do it?

Alberta goes into painful detail. He could always be wrong, of course.


  1. Tsk. Oh dear. Apparently your elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness, who divide us by racializing every issue & stoke anti-white racism, actively work to undermine our God-given freedoms, are hostile to people of faith & spirituality, demonize the police & protect criminals at the expense of law-abiding Americans, believe in open borders, weaponize the national security state to go after political opponents, and above all, dragging us ever closer to nuclear war has nothing to offer to normal ordinary working people, dear Bob.

    Surprise, surprise.

    ...perhaps intriguing stories about wimmin trapped inside men's bodies will help? Whaddya think, dear Bob?

    The left has alienated America’s fastest-growing group of voters just when they were supposed to give the party a foolproof majority.”

    Tucker Carlson is called a racist for saying this in public.

    1. That isn’t why Carlson is called a racist.

    2. For the same implication Tim Alberta is making in this statement, Carlson is called a racist and a Nazi.

    3. Carlson has pushed replacement theory, which is
      indeed racist. He's pushed it hard, and Cecelia is
      well aware of this.

    4. Now's the time for Republicans to push for statehood and two Senators for Puerto Rico.
      It's a huge win, because there is nothing the rural white working-class likes more than hispanic representation in government.

    5. Anonymouse1:53pm, I’m so aware of it, that I just said it.

      Yes, huge numbers of Hispanics crossing the border are tolerated because they are “supposed to give the party a foolproof majority”

    6. I don't see how Hispanics having more political representation in the way our government runs is a bad thing. Political representation is what these elections are about. Governmental policy matters and affects how we all live.
      We don't need more people treating the parties like they are sports teams, vying to hold the championship belt for 2, 4, or 6 years. That's the job of our political reporters, who get paid by people who like tax cuts for the rich.

    7. You don’t make borders porous in order to give particular groups more representation.

      You demand legal immigration and you make the process to citizenship less lengthy.

      That said, the most important focus should be to unite us under the auspice of being Americans and let ethnic cultures that encompass a reverence for babies and large families reap the favorable consequences.

    8. BTW, Anonymouse 2:09pm, it you read the piece linked in the blog, you will see that the complaint among Democratic Hispanic folks is that they aren’t being championed by Dems as party leaders and pols.

    9. “ You don’t make borders porous in order to give particular groups more representation. ”

      Democrats aren’t doing that.

    10. “the complaint among Democratic Hispanic folks is that they aren’t being championed by Dems as party leaders and pols.”

      You mean the complaint from the people carefully chosen for the article?

    11. Unlike Libertarians, Democrats think the government should be big enough to have controls at the border.
      No amount of gaslighting that the Democratic Party wants open borders, changes that.

    12. Someone remind Cecelia that immigrants don't vote until they become citizens. If they are legal and citizens, it doesn't matter whether they came across the border or not. ALL immigrants must cross some border to get into the country, even if they fly in a plane.

      She is trying to imply that non-citizens are voting and that is not true.

    13. 3:06,
      As if that wasn't already foremost in Cecelia's mind, when she typed her drivel.

    14. Anonymouse 3:06pm, you’re now implying that though Hispanics are a known Dem constituency, there’s nothing that they can do for the Democratic Party other than to vote and there’s nothing Dems can do for them until they are able vote.

      That’s not the case, and it’s not the context of the post to which I replied.

    15. I said nothing anywhere to close to the words you have put in my mouth. Democrats work for all people, even Republicans, when it comes to improving well-being of communities -- not just for citizens and certainly not just for white or black citizens. Republicans are doing nothing for Dreamers or for civil rights. Republicans think it is a waste of money to print ballots in Spanish (as is routine in CA and border states).

      ALL Democratic campaigns have key Hispanic staffers because they all want to address Hispanic issues and attract Hispanic voters. They do not wish to make cultural mistakes that will alienate anyone. For example:


      That's why this complaint about lack of inclusion makes no sense to me. Growing up in Los Angeles, it has been obvious to me that Hispanics ARE part of the power structure there, not a neglected faction. Republicans are working hard to build discontent, but I really don't see them gaining traction -- how can they when there is no change at all in attitudes toward Hispanics among Republican leadership or grassroots?

    16. Oh, sure. Blame the discontent of Hispanics on Republicans “wreckers”. .

      You might try listening to the Democrats who tell you that you’ve gotten too extreme for Hispanic culture.

      And you can stop putting words in my mouth.

    17. So far, I know of only 2 disgruntled Hispanics. The rest is Republican disinformation.

    18. So Cecelia doesn’t just know about replacement theory, She endorses
      it. So yes, the Trump era has made
      It easier for racists to come out
      in the open.

    19. "...there is nothing the rural white working-class likes more than hispanic representation in government."

  3. Classic inanity from Alberta’s article:

    “This summer, numerous polls showed Hispanics splitting in a statistical tie between the two parties. Even if such findings are exaggerated…

    (Italics mine).

    No link to these numerous polls either.

    1. Corporate liberal MSNBC is running with too, great minds think alike.

    2. Corporations, who like the deregulation and tax breaks the Republican Party lard them with, think alike.
      Fixed it for you.

    3. I have a proclamation!

      Calling all butt-pirates, ass-bandits, butt-crackers, fanny-boys, butt-bummers, bottom-pops, bum-buggers, and fanny-folk.

      The time has come to unite!

  4. Bob, always wanting to rub salt in the wounds of "his
    tribe," delights in this article as the kind of journalism he
    would like to see more of. Fair enough, I guess.
    I find this article pretty superficial. If you went to a
    group of rich people in Beverly Hills who don't vote,
    they would probably also say, "everyone is against us,
    no one is helping us, they only come around to get
    The more obvious, unpleasant factor is that
    the Democrats have so strongly become identified
    as the party of black voters that other groups have
    come to feel marginalized. And lets face it, there
    are tensions between such groups that don't always
    surface in an open fashion.

  5. "and the bad faith and bad judgment described in Alberta's report seem to come, live and direct, straight outta our blue tribal world."

    The right wing has been pushing the talking point that Hispanics are abandoning the Democratic party, and now, what a coincidence, Somerby is pushing it too.

    The percentage of Hispanics voting for Biden is the same as the number who voted for Al Gore. As in the past, Cubans have supported Republicans because they are largely wealthy upper class people who fled when Castro took over. They do not identify with other Hispanics either, considering them above the riff-raff. Among Hispanics in the border states, there are families who have been in the US for many generations, who consider themselves elite and part of the establishment in their cities. They look down on recent immigrants and dislike being confused with them by anglos. They are more likely to be Republican than the young and newer naturalized Hispanic immigrants who are more likely to be working class. Conservatives like to point to these two groups as evidence that Hispanics are turning away from the Democratic party, but you always have to ask, which ones? This is not a monolithic group.

    Among Hispanics, there is also a rift along color lines, with those considering themselves more European in origin aligning with the white establishment and more likely to vote Republican, and those recently arrived from Latin American countries and Central America, darker skinned and more indigenous in heritage aligning with Democrats. There is racism and classism among Hispanics and that rift is dividing the group between Republicans and Democrats.

    Angela describes the Roses as wishing to be included among the upper class white political establishment. If they were to shift allegiance, they would find out how conservatives really think about them and perhaps wish to rejoin the Democrats. It is sometimes a shock to upper class Hispanics to find out that no amount of money or success will make them accepted by conservatives, who think of them as no better or different than those who waded across some river -- notice the way Cecelia talks about Hispanics.

    This is not a new situation. That's why the actual proportions of Hispanics supporting Democratic candidates has not changed much.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Anonymouse 3:20pm, I want a faster process for citizenship for Hispanics. I want them to prosper and to flourish.

      Ive said nothing in the same galaxy with what you’ve said.

      You complain that Hispanics are getting too uppity and wanting to act white (as opposed to acting like affluent and super rich white Democrats of European descent…)

      You’re the second anonymouse to mention the nuisance of ungrateful vying social-climbing minorities In your party.

      BTW-Cubans weren’t very enamored with communism after having experienced it. That had something to do with their motivation for voting Republican.

    3. "I want a faster process for citizenship for Hispanics. I want them to prosper and to flourish."

    4. Anonymouse 5:03pm, no, rinos are like Democrats, except they want cheap labor, whereas Democrats want factions.

    5. Cecelia, I am Hispanic. I’m not calling anyone uppity. You know nothing at all about why various Cubanos fled Cuba.

    6. Anonymouse 7:04pm, yes, you did, and yes, I do.

    7. Oh Cesillyia, why do you insist on faceplanting with every comment you make?

      The only party interested in providing a path to citizenship is the Dem party. Try being even vaguely coherent next time you comment - bwahahahahaha yeah right.

      Right wingers say Dems pander to latin people but then also say Dems are losing the latin vote because they ignore them.

      It is all nonsense because, as has been pointed out, even directly to Cesillyia in the past, this right wing talking point has been debunked as garbage. While Dems are not losing any "hispanic" vote, it is true that Repubs have had minor success at motivating right wing latin folk to vote in fractionally larger numbers in a few specific geographic locations. Neither something for Repubs to feel giddy about, the numbers are too small, nor something for Dems to be anxious about; having said that, of course, this is all right wingers like Cesillyia care about, feeling giddy at the expense of those they perceive the could possibly be dominant over.

      Hand to forehead - Cubans were not fleeing communism, which is mostly just about increasing democracy in the workplace (crack a book Cesillyia, you won't come across as such a slimy asshole), they were fleeing Castro, you dolt. Castro was taking the land back and the people who had exploited the indigenous and slave descendants had to go. Also Castro emptied the prisons, so Trump was kind of right, Cuban basically sent us their worst of worst.

      And of course the America we are supposed to blindly revere was founded on porous borders. Rallying together based on being legal citizens of the same country is the kind of nonsense that leads to fascist states, which we are well on our way to as right wingers continue their power grab through corruption.

      Cesillyia, you are already unpleasant enough with your incoherent right wing rhetoric, but you become insufferable when you combine that with misstatements and inaccuracies and lies.

      Even so, as we Leftists know, there is no free will, you are compelled to behave as such due to your traumatic life history. I feel your pain; go eat some ice cream and let the adults talk about politics, ok kid?

    8. Anonymouse 7:29pm, Cuba was and is a worker’s and human rights paradise.

      The only people who try/tried to get away from Castro and company and that island are former landed aristocrats aspiring to the status of white Europeans.

      Well, maybe a few uppity business owners and the inevitable university professor or two back in the day, but whose counting?

      We’ll lump them all in with criminals gifted by Castro.

      I’m unpleasant, you’re stupid as dirt.

    9. The vast majority of business owners who hire “illegal aliens” voted for Trump.

    10. I doubt Cuba is a paradise, neither is America, and neither is Cuba communist, you dolt. Having said that, by standard metrics, people are apparently happier and healthier in Cuba than us red blooded Mericans, what with our basic needs stupidly overly commodified. I'm sorry you think you are not stupid, bwahahahahahha, good lord you say the stupidest things daily.

      Those that fled were Batista acolytes, you know that psycho that executed a coup (hmm who was backing that nut?), they were exploiters of workers, they were free loaders. And when they fled to America THE US GAVE THEM OVER A BILLION DOLLARS TO HELP THEM GET EDUCATED AND START BUSINESSES, you know nothing dolt.

      Dirt is fascinating, but right wingers are so dumb that they are happy to pollute and abuse our land so that our dirt because useless.

    11. mh, only because Republicans are ahead of you in this game.

      It’s now cross-party. Cross-world.

      Globalists are so monolithic in their power, that there’s no impetus to understand and redirect natural human incentives. There are no allegiances to kith, kin or nation. Nothing but to rule.

    12. Cuba isn’t a paradise and neither is the USA.

      We use to see this same brilliant formulation about the USSR.

      Putin was surveilling churches and sending their priests and pastors to the “countryside” then.

      He’s not so relative now.

    13. Putin is for Russia. He’s pathetically old school. He won’t get with the program. He wants his native Russia’s earth-locked empire back.

    14. Do you mean landlocked? Nuances of English are difficult but most native speakers know this one.

    15. No. I mean earth - soil - ground- dirt.

      Putin wants that back. All of it.

  6. Some vigilante violence perpetrated by right wing Q-Anon and MAGA extremists gets less attention that the high profile attack on Paul Pelosi:

    "A California man obsessed with QAnon conspiracy theories was convicted in the murder of a registered sex offender he had placed on a hit list.

    Rory Banks, of Wheatland, was found guilty last week of burglary and premeditated murder in the fatal shooting of 55-year-old Ralph Mendez, whom he personally marked for death as part of a vigilante campaign motivated by the right-wing conspiracy theory, reported The Appeal-Democrat.

    “Banks set out just after midnight on May 12, 2021, armed with two handguns, four knives, OC spray, strobe lights, a hit list with four names and addresses, and an intent to murder every person in Wheatland listed on California’s sex-offender registry,” said Yuba County district attorney Clint Curry. “Banks did not know any of them personally, but appointed himself judge, jury, and executioner.”

    1. Are you saying that California’s sex-offender registry is a product of conspiracy theories, dear dembot?

    2. ...or, are you implying that all sex-offenders are liberals? We just don't see any other way to politicize this particular incident.

    3. Sex offenders include men who get caught peeing outdoors while drunk after leaving a bar. This person was so caught up in Q-Anon pedophile theories that he targeted men who were not even pedophiles. My point is that weak minds exposed to extremist nonsense are dangerous to all. No doubt some on that hitlist were Republicans.


    4. "Sex offenders include men who get caught peeing outdoors while drunk after leaving a bar."

      And pedos, you say, are not on the list?

      Whoa. California sure is a liberal paradise.

      ...or is all this word-salad a mere pigment of your brain-dead dembot imagination, dear dembot?

    5. "Whoa. California sure is a liberal paradise."
      That's a funny way to say "4th largest economy in the world."

  7. Democrats take Hispanics for granted so they are walking. They want a fair economic system, not bullsha monikers like Latin X.

    Blacks are next.

    1. If Hispanics think they are getting a fair economic system by voting for Republicans, they are in for a rude awakening.

    2. By voting for Republicans, Hispanics are generally voting for capitalism, an economic system that creates opportunities for all. Now, not all will benefit equally, that's just the laws of nature and reality. However, even the lowest rungs of the socioeconomic hierarchy will benefit more under such a system than in a highly centralized, top-down, quasi-socialist economy that many progressives are championing.

    3. Hispanics don't want to be associated with race baiting idiot cry babies who think they are smart but really are not. Democrats have begged the whole world to hate them and defeat them so here goes.

    4. 8:20 voted for Hillary Clinton because of those speeches she gave to Wall Street.

    5. To be clear, 2:27 is not calling Democrats "cry babies", because they threw a childish temper tantrum at the U.S. Capitol, just because black peoples votes counted in the 2020 Presidential election.
      2:27 is calling Democrats "cry babies", because every Right-wing accusation is really a confession.

    6. 2:20,
      Your Right-wing paean to capitalism, reminds me of this past summer, when Republicans were pretending inflation was a huge problem.
      The Fed throttling the economy is a small price to pay, to assure workers wages aren't going up too much.

  8. There are surely many reasons why Hispanics are trending GOP, running away from Dems. Reason ONE, they are not stupid.

    I am not being facetious. Back 2014-2019 I seen LGB folks marching with Islamists of Syria. Only to find Syrian Islamists throwing gays off the roof. Dems today are not different, sadly.

    1. Anonymouse 9:48pm, just what are Democrats doing that you’re equating to Muslims throwing homosexuals off buildings?

    2. “ Clowns to the left of me
      Jokers to the right…”

  9. Why are women voting Republican?

    A homeless man arrested for allegedly choking a woman partially unconscious and sexually assaulting her while she jogged in New York City's West Village on Thursday morning was wanted in at least two other recent sexual assaults and has 25 prior arrests, according to the NYPD.

    Carl Phanor, 29, was arrested on Thursday afternoon and charged with predatory sexual assault, criminal sex act, strangulation, robbery, and grand larceny.

    He is accused of attacking a 43-year-old woman while she jogged around 5:30 a.m. on Thursday near West Street and Pier 45, knocking her to the pavement and choking the victim before raping her.

    1. Crime is not a political issue. Everyone is against this.

  10. America's low crime rate, like its low tax rates, isn't sustainable.