How dumb does it get on the Carlson show?


It gets transcendently stupid: How dumb does it get on Tucker Carlson Tonight?

On a minute-by-minute basis, it gets extremely stupid. Consider what happened last night when Tucker bloviated about where Covid came from.

The silly lost child mentioned yesterday's congressional hearing on this topic. Then, introducing a guest, the angry lost boy offered this:

CARLSON (3/8/23): This will probably all get lost, and no one will ever be held accountable for destroying the U.S. economy and killing a million people. But the facts don't matter.

Jamie Metzl also testified. Metzl was one of the very first people to suggest what pretty much everyone now acknowledges is true, that this virus came from a Chinese government lab in Wuhan. And he said so today at the hearings.

...Mr. Metzl, thank you so much for joining us. Is it frustrating or vindicating for you to be one of the first people who was right about something that people who should have known better lied about for three years?

"The facts don't matter," the child sadly said. Then he proceeded to prove it!

As usual, Tucker said that everyone has been lying for years. Also, "pretty much everyone" now agrees with the view that Tucker prefers. 

Indeed, Jamie Metzl had testified to that view in that day's congressional hearing! But sad! When the silly lost boy threw to Metzl, this is what Metzl said:

METZL (continuing directly): It's both frustrating and vindicating. In early 2020, when I started looking at the evidence, it looked pretty clear to me, not that we knew that it came from a lab, but it seemed a very, very credible hypothesis, a possibility that needed to be fully considered. 

It was really frustrating that it took so much to get more people to take this seriously. And now it's obviously vindicating that many people believe this to be a very serious possibility. And there was actually complete unanimity in the hearings today, among the members of Congress, that this was a fully viable hypothesis.

I said that it's a probability and a distinct possibility, but we still have a lot more work to do. We still need to have a comprehensive investigation...

It's hard to get dumber than that. Almost surely, the Fox News Channel's flailing lost boy will prove to be up to the challenge.

In his introduction, Carlson said that "pretty much everyone now acknowledges" that Covid came from a Chinese government lab. He also said that Metzl had testified to that effect at the day's hearing.

But sad! When it came time for Metzl to speak, that isn't what Metzl said. He merely said that he regards it as a distinct possibility that Covid came from a lab, but that we need to do "a lot more work" before we can draw that conclusion. 

Does "pretty much everyone now acknowledge" that Covid came from a Chinese government lab? That also isn't what Metzl said! It almost seems like the facts don't matter!

As is common on this show, Tucker sat there with his trademark "lost boy" look on his face as his inaccurate introduction was contradicted by his guest. This sort of thing happens all the time on this transcendently stupid program. 

Anthropologically speaking, it's hard to believe that people really behave this way. Unfortunately, it has become completely clear that people like Carlson do.

What explains the faux behavior of this angry abandoned child? How is he able to keep this nightly gong-show going?

What explains the behavior of this pitiful, helpless lost boy? In our view, journalists would have to turn to medical / psychiatric specialists to grapple with questions like those.  

To watch the exchange with Metzl, click here for the Internet Archive tape, then search on Metzl's name. You'll be watching the kind of spectacular dumbness which would, even recently, have perhaps been quite hard to believe.


  1. tl;dr

    "It's hard to get dumber than that."

    Eh, what? What the incomparable Tucker Carlson said -- that pretty much everyone knows that Covid came from a lab -- is most certainly true. fact, dear Bob, as Jon Stewart noted quite a long time ago, it's hard to get any dumber than denying it. Which, it seems, is what you, dear Bob, is doing here, like a true Branch Covidian and Carlson-phobe.


    1. Well, you are pathetic, but I think more funny than sad….

    2. Come on Mao. You talking about the esteemed PhD immunologist and virologist Jon Stewart's theories, or that fucking comedians theories? You so funny and sad.

  2. “Dumb” is a very benign word to use here, because Carlson is not a child, and as is evident now, is quite creepy and evil. Now give the other Fox Stars their due.


  3. What do you think about the Jan. 6 committee inserting sounds of violence into silent surveillance videos, dear Bob?

    Dumb? Smart? Clever?

    ...we would guess "clever" is your answer. Because it -- presumably -- helped your beloved liberal cult. Correct?

    1. Where did you dream that one up from, darling degenerate?

    2. They should've given all the snowflakes, who threw their childish temper tantrum, Sylvester the Cat's voice.

  4. It’s possible the virus leaked from a lab, possibly even a lab in the US (a friend of mine in the US sure seemed to have Covid back in November 2019) the main thing against that is there is zero evidence to suggest it leaked from a lab.

    Zero evidence is not an impediment for right wingers, though. From Jesus to supply side, all evidence free, but right wingers are all in, fueled by emotion and trauma.

    The timing of the DOE report suggests there is an attempt to play some Americans for fools.

    It turns out, while lavishing praise on Trump publicly, Tucker in fact despises Trump; thus we now have these daily anti Tucker screeds from Somerby, who seems to be getting his marching orders from Trump’s minders.

    Tucker plays an important role, as opium for right wingers distraught over lacking the level of dominance their wounded and warped brains tell them is vital to their existence.

    It is unlikely Tucker has motivated a Trump voter beyond what their inclinations already were, but now Tucker may be suppressing Trump voters, and that’s egregious to our grievance oriented cohort of right wingers.

  5. Tucker doesn’t have lost boy look. He has a whiny spoiled boy look. It adds to his perpetual tone of grievance.

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