Tucker serves a nothingburger!


Joe keeps taking a pass: Last night was supposed to be the second night of Tucker's big exposé.

He served a giant nothingburger. Then too, consider this:

On Monday night, he served a stew of misdirection, fractured logic and wild, unsupported claims. And then, how revealing and sad:

As you can see by clicking this link, his program didn't post a transcript of what he said Monday night!

Amazingly, Tucker's staff normally posts a proofread transcript of his remarks every night of the week. But on this, the biggest night of the millennium, the silly, lost boy took a pass.

This makes it harder to show you examples of Tucker's leaps of logic. For the record, the withholding of transcripts is the route MSNBC chose to take with its own prime time shows as of late September, as you can see right here.

At any rate, sad! The abandoned / lost boy of the Fox News Channel wasn't willing to post his brave remarks from Monday night! 

Regarding Tuesday night's nothingburger, he has posted a transcript of the empty, braindead remarks in which he "sounded off on Chuck Schumer's call for censorship."

There has been no call for censorship. Cable's empty vessel sails on, with a sad, angry child at the helm.

A great deal remains to be said about Tucker's tales of the tapes. Then too, we want to mention today's Morning Joe.

With Mika and Joe in Abu Dhabi, it wasn't a normal show. Also, the Internet Archive hasn't yet posted the tapes from this morning's program.

That said, Joe has maintained his vast reluctance to mention Fox News by name. He loves to rant and rail about Trump, but he won't mention Tucker Carlson.

We'll offer more detail by the end of the week, but here's the way the shouting seems to have broken down:

Tucker Carlson won't post his remarks. Joe won't mention Tucker. 


  1. New poll out in usatoday shows majority of Americans view the term “woke” as positive. This includes more than a third of Republicans.

    Somerby, Drum, Kristof, Taibbi et al, and of course Somerby’s Sad Fanboys are all wrong on their political takes, even, as it turns out, for a significant portion of Republicans.


  2. Jeez, dear Bob. You watched the show, you find it illogical, but you can't find an example because there is no transcript? Puh-leeze. Don't be like this, dear.

    You sound more and more like dembotus vulgaris, y'know.

    ...we didn't watch the show, but from what we've read about it, the videos of incomparable QAnon Shaman being assisted by cops are sensational. Will this political poisoner be let go? If so, it's a huge success already...

    1. That some cops were at least conciliatory
      to the rioters (maybe they didn’t want
      Bear Spray in the face) was well
      known from the start, degenerate
      darling. It’s not going to get
      anyone off.

    2. There's nothing in the Shaman's Statement of Offense that contradicts Tucker's video:


    3. Trump signed an executive order to increase the punishment for Black Lives Matter trespassing on Federal Property. How dare they use this law to punish nice white trespassers, I mean tourists like the Great Shaman. Deliciously ironic, eh Mao?

    4. Prof. Turley disagrees with you, dear dembot:


    5. Tough shit for the Shaman Turley ain't his Judge, just his propagandist.

  3. If only Joe would dedicate more time to Tucker, our situation would improve!
    Pretty amazing stupid and dumb,
    even for Bob.

  4. Bob is also kind of playing favorites
    with Tucker these days.
    The Dominion case does not
    single out Tokyo Tucker, the rest
    were also sicko nuts, and only
    Lou Dobbs had to walk the
    plank. Such ageism!

  5. Maddow repeats how much she loves Tucker and what friends they are. Makes sense. They both used the same defense when sued for defamation for comments made on their ridiculously stupid shows: that what they say can't be taken seriously. That their viewers expect them to exaggerate. They are both highly, highly immoral charlatans. It's why they admire each other so much.

    1. I notice Maddow is not anywhere to be found in the Dominion lawsuit.

    2. I’d like to see a link on that Maddow Tucker love.

    3. https://www.thewrap.com/rachel-maddow-respects-tucker-carlson-interview/

    4. Maddow has always had right wing corporate media cock in her mouth. She's a whore. She's the lowest of the low.

    5. Tucker and Rachel are friends and allies because they are doing the same thing, duping their audiences. They both play their audiences for total fools and they both know that they are good at it. So they respect each other. If you watch Maddow and don't realize this, you are the product, you are the enemy, you are the one being played.

    6. There are more important things to talk about than fact-checkng Tucker. Stop the presses! Carlson told lie!

    7. Back in the day Tucker said that oreilly was a big phony and that if he was caught out his career would be over, but then Tucker observed how oreilly could get away with pretty much anything, since right wingers find notions like integrity to be quaint.

      Tucker then spent years kissing Trump’s ring, until recently, when he got caught saying Trump is a “demonic force” and a “destroyer”.

      Crickets from Trumpers on that though.

    8. Makes you wonder why Maddow kisses Tucker's ring and speaks so highly of him. What does it say about her integrity?

    9. It's not a surprise. Corporations are the worst.
      It's why the economically anxious Republican voters--- who aren't at all just bigots (hat tip/ Corporate-owned media)---gave Trump a standing ovation when he gave corporations and the rich a HUGE tax break.

    10. No answer so you have to employ a conversation ending cliche. Pretty pathetic. But, you already know that. I'll let you get back to masturbating.

    11. 6:38,
      Noted, that 10:21 is correct, but you don't like the answer, so you went the insult route.

    12. Nope. I know you wish that was true. But just because you say it doesn't mean it is. Sorry. Now go ahead and get back to your corn.

    13. You liked the answer?

    14. And don't pretend you're not 10:21, jack off loser.

    15. It wasn't an answer. It was a conversation ending cliche. It's not intended to be an answer. You employ it because you don't have an answer for the proposition that Maddow is compromised.

    16. You're a fucking jack off idiot.

    17. Maddow is compromised because she works for a corporation in the market for more tax cuts. I'm sorry if that hurts your feelings. Perhaps touching yourself will make YOU feel better.


    18. Maddow-schmaddow.

      ...compromised? Jeez. Any professional clown is capable of grimacing and chanting liberal cult's talking points for 1 hour on a daily basis.

  6. The other networks used the word “LIE”. So what?


  7. Remember when Bob was peddling some fantasy about how there is some liberal in this galaxy, who is more condescending towards Republican voters than the GOP?
    What a clown.

  8. Members of the press (Tucker, Maddow, Joe & Mika) are not newsmakers. They report on and discuss real news, not each other's shows.

  9. Somerby doesn't dare discuss Blow's editorial today in the NY Times. It is unanswerable.


  10. Here is a fun rebuttal of Tucker's revisionist video:


    I especially like the cartoon of the Russian tourists not invading Ukraine.

  11. MSNNC is all over Tokyo Tucker tonight.
    Bob is a weirdo.

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