The shortest weekend of the year!

SUNDAY, MARCH 12, 2023

What time is it on the moon? At present, we the people are living through the shortest weekend of the year.

Last night, we lost one hour as we set our clocks ahead. this evening, we lose something like four more hours thanks to the Oscar broadcast.

Injury will turn to insult when the year's Best Picture is named. In all likelihood, no one will have seen it.

According to Box Office Mojo, domestic gate receipts for Best Picture nominees looked like this as of Saturday morning:

Domestic box office as of March 23:
Top Gun: Maverick: $718.7 million
Avatar: Way of the Water: $672.6 million
Elvis: $151.0 million
Everything Everywhere All at Once: $73.4 million
The Fabelmans: $17.3 million
The Banshees of Inisherin: $10.5 million
Tár: $6.7 million
Women Talking: $5.2 million
Triangle of Sadness: $4.5 million

"Domestic" box office is a measure of gate receipts in the United States and Canada. As far as we know, All Quiet on the Western Front wasn't shown in theaters.

Box office isn't a measure of quality. That said, we've been especially struck by the gap between the widespread critical acclaim for Tár and the public's refusal to see it. This suggests the existence of a major gap between elite taste and common experience, a phenomenon which sometimes seems to prevail elsewhere in mainstream journalism.

At any rate, we the people are losing five hours over the course of this weekend! Meanwhile, the New York Times has recently offered this news report concerning a question which still can't be answered, or even coherently asked: 

The Moon May Get Its Own Time Zone

"What time is it on the moon?" 

We've long offered that (currently unanswerable) question as part of our award-winning explanation of what the later Wittgenstein was talking about.

When the Deep State saw us taking that step, its agents decided to act!


  1. The woods are lovely, dark and deep.

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  3. Why is Bob still watching the Oscars?
    David in Cal

    1. It's part of Bob's sad decline.

  4. Tar wasn't that great.

  5. People watched Tar on streaming services not in theaters. Films like Avatar and Top Gun need the big screen. Tar doesn’t.

    1. True. It was hard to find it in a theater.

  6. That said…I have a weird grudge about
    “Tar” and it strikes me you have to
    hear about it again…….
    If Trump gets indicted we are
    going to be hearing a lot about
    The Emmys……..