Joe Biden arrested Rep. Comer's star witness!


Jesse Watters in action: Unexpectedly, we lost a large chunk of time today. For that reason, we're going to hand this first part off to the folks at Mediaite.

Below, you see the headline on the Mediate report. Reporter Jennifer Bowers Bahney is discussing a situation on the Fox News Channel program, The Five, which we've discussed before:

Gutfeld and Pirro Shout Down Co-Host Who Brings Up Trump’s Criminal Charges: ‘No, No No!’

The incident in question occurred on yesterday's broadcast of The Five. Here's the way it works:

The Five is the Fox News Channel 5 p.m. weekday program. It features a five-member panel, evenly divided between four (4) Fox News types and one (1) lonely liberal.

Yesterday, Jessica Tarlov sat in the liberal chair. At one point, the 4-to-1 advantage wasn't enough for the panel's four (4) Fox types. As often happens when Tarlov starts making strong pundits, several of the Fox News types decided it was time to start interrupting in unison.

When they all decide to interrupt at once, we think of a famous scene from Hitchcock's film, Notorious. (It's the scene where the Ingrid Bergman character comes to see that she's being poisoned.)

That said, it's a pitiful thing to see when they all interrupt on The Five. For Bahney's report on yesterday's scrum, you can just click here.

With that, we move on to the work of Jesse Watters, starting yesterday on that very same program. When Tarlov mentioned the arrest of Rep. Comer's star witness, Watters gave the world a hint of where he'd be going later.

We join the nonsense in progress:

WATTERS (2/19/24): The Bidens are ripping people off, and then they're getting away with it.

TARLOV: Can we talk about the FBI informant that was a total con?

WATTERS: It's not a con! [CONDESCENDINGLY] He's arresting the guy that blew the whistle on him, Jessica.

Say what? Could that be where Watters was planning to go with this developing topic?

Sure enough! During last evening's 8 p.m. hour, on the eponymous program Jesse Watters Primetime, the slippery fellow made his meaning A BIT more clear:

WATTERS (2/19/24): Fox News Alert! The FBI informant who Biden arrested for fingering him in the Ukraine scheme has hired two high-powered attorneys to represent him...

This guy is not playing around. They have a hearing tomorrow where they will try to get the FBI informant released from custody.

There you see it—the official story! To wit:

Joe Biden arrested Rep. Comer's star witness! Biden arrested Comer's star witness because the star witness had fingered him in the Ukraine scheme!

That account of what occurred will go forth to voters across Red Nation. It neatly fits with the developing theory according to which Biden is just like Putin and Donald J. Trump is like the late Alexei Navalny.

At this point, a bit of disclosure:

Watters is a much more fully developed character than his angry, sour partner in bro, Greg Gutfeld. He traffics behind a slippery mask.

More on each fellow to come.


  1. Do liberals still believe in "Innocent until proven guilty"?

    1. So Joe Biden is innocent.

    2. Innocent does not mean there’s no trial. Smirnov has admitted that Russian intelligence gave him the story he told against Hunter Biden. That suggests Hunter is innocent too.

    3. Biden's son sold property to China and is tied to Ukraine.

      Funny how if you're rich you can travel all over the world but if you're Mexican or Guatemalan or Palestinian you work as a slave and get deported.

    4. The old world is dying and the new is struggling to be born. This is the time of monsters.

    5. I’m ain’t no monster.

    6. 10:33 if you want more equity, which sounds good to me, one of the worst things you can do is vote for Trump, which leaves only Biden.

      I too want more equity, therefore I am voting for Biden, which represents incremental progress, but it’s better than Trump’s regression.

      The way our systems and society are, voting is often more about harm reduction and the lesser evil.

    7. 6:54 you’re making sort of a category error - the man confessed, so…

      The ignorance/bad faith of your question, begs its own question: Do Republicans still believe integrity is for the birds?

    8. I guess your with the sleaze that is going to try and brazen this one out Dave. Once we might have been foolish enough to have thought better of you.

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  3. Nikki Haley will lose the Republican primary in South Carolina. I am far-seeing Colchas.

    1. Just like she failed to protect the Capitol building.

  4. Kevin asks:

  5. CBS News Sacramento reports on the Newsom shoplifting controversy:

  6. Some kid gets pinched for lifting a roll of bounty and the Know Nothings are all opposed to giving him bail. But a Russian agent gets indicted for lying to congress and all of a sudden they discover due process.

  7. Russia is a hoax, Russia is a hoax!

    Oh wait…nevermind.

  8. Bob, you have been very foolish about these people for very long. In fact, you have been a horse’s ass.
    You should read and review Liz Cheney’s book here. But you are probably beyond hope.

  9. Arrested by a special prosecuter appointed by Trump.