SEPARATION: Agamemnon, Achilles, Elon Musk!


Also though, Brian Kilmeade's $950: For today, we'll only briefly discuss Brian Kilmeade's play, last Saturday night, with that unexplained $950.

In yesterday's report, we posted the transcript of what Kilmeade said. He's been at this for twenty-five years at this point. There's no sign that he'll ever stop.

Viewers of Klmeade's shows on the Fox News Channel don't know that they're getting misled when he behaves in this manner. For the fuller transcript of his remarks, click here to return to yesterday's offering

Here's the shortened version of what Kilmeade said:

Thieves walk right out the front door and take whatever they want. And people like California governor Gavin Newsom think that's OK?


See, he slipped that in! He allows you to take $950, the tenth toughest. 

Kilmeade was talking about shoplifters at a Sacramento Target store. 

In a familiar if fuzzy statement, he explicitly said that Governor Newsom allows such people to walk away with $950 of merchandise! He seemed to say that Governor Newsom thinks that's A-OK!

The thrilling claim, and the dollar amount, are familiar to Fox News viewers. Tomorrow, we'll link you to a recent episode of The Five where the jugglers and clowns juggled and clowned with this specific topic and with that dollar amount.

For today, we'll only tell you this. Kilmeade was referring to the amount a shoplifter has to steal before he's likely to be charged with a felony in the state of California.

It sounds crazy when viewers are told that a shoplifter who steals less than that amount will only be charged with a misdemeanor. Because of Governor Newsom's role in the current Democratic Party hierarchy, Fox spear-checkers like Kilmeade have been chucking this spear of late. 

That dollar figure is constantly cited, as if it's the craziest thing in the world. Tomorrow, we'll visit The Five as that assembly of jugglers and clowns chucked this spear a few weeks back, deceiving viewers in the process. 

For today, we'll only show you this—this list of the threshold amount for a felony charge in a selected array of states:

Threshold amount for a felony charge:
Texas: $2500
South Carolina: $2000
Alabama: $1500
Georgia: $1500
California: $950 
Florida: $750

That's a selective listing of states. Let it be said that forty (40) of the fifty states require a higher threshold amount for a felony charge than California currently does, with Texas (and Wisconsin) topping the list. 

In fact, as Newsom said—and as Kilmeade glossed—California has one of the ten lowest cut-off points for a felony charge among the fifty states. The threshold amount is higher in forty states than in California!

Florida's threshold amount is $750. On the basis of that minor difference, Governor DeSantis was portrayed by Kilmeade last Saturday night as the great heroic avenger, while Newsom was spun as a clown.

So it goes as red tribe viewers get conned on the Fox News Channel by trusted spear-chuckers like Kilmeade. (For the record, the viewers in question don't know that they're getting conned.)

For the record, it's the great god known as Separation who makes such conduct possible. We'll offer more on the complexities of this ongoing matter tomorrow. 

For today, we thought we needed to show you the source of "The Rage of Achilles." That's the title which sits atop Book One in the Robert Fagles translation of the western world's first great poem of war, the war poem known as the Iliad.

In Tuesday's report, we showed you the way Agamemnon lord of men exploded in anger at the vaunted seer, Calchas.  In Book One of the great war poem, Calchas successfully reads the flight of birds—and Agamemnon explodes in a rage:  

So he declared and sat down. But among them rose
the fighting son of Atreus, lord of the far-flung kingdoms,
Agamemnon—furious, his dark heart filled to the brim,
blazing with anger now, his eyes like searing fire.
With a sudden, killing look he wheeled on Calchas first:
"Seer of misery! Never a word that works to my advantage!
Always misery warms your heart, your prophecies—
never a word of profit said or brought to pass."

Why is Agamemnon so angry? Because Calchas has correctly divined the cause of the plague afflicting the Achaeans' camp. The god Apollo is enraged because Agamemnon has stolen the daughter of a priest to serve as his sexual slave—and when the elderly priest came to offer a priceless ransom, the lord of men refused to give the young woman back.

The young woman's name was Chryseis. This is the ugly sexual politics which lies at the heart of this ancient poem. 

Today, no one would explicitly defend such conduct. In the pages of the Iliad, we know of no sign that anyone thinks that such behavior is, as a general matter, in any way morally wrong.

How different were the mores then? Here's Agamemnon's fuller speech, continued from above:

With a sudden, killing look he wheeled on Calchas first:
"Seer of misery! Never a word that works to my advantage!
Always misery warms your heart, your prophecies—
never a word of profit said or brought to pass.
Now, again, you divine god's will for the armies,
bruit it about, as fact, why the deadly Archer
multiplies our pains: because I, I refused
that glittering price for the young girl Chryseis. 
Indeed, I prefer her by far, the girl herself.
I want her mine in my own house! I rank her higher
than Clytemnestra, my wedded wife—she's nothing less
in build or breeding, in mind or works of hand.
But I am willing to give her back, even so,
if that is best for all. What I really want
is to keep my people safe, not see them dying.
But fetch me another prize, and straight off too,
else I alone of the Argives go without my honor.
That would be a disgrace."

Agamemnon says that he prefers "the young girl" even to Clytemnestra. Honor demands that he receive some other prize if Chryseis is taken away.

So it went in the days when the Achaeans fought on the plains outside Troy. Yesterday afternoon, we showed you the way this component of human nature survives today, in muted if deeply pitiful form, in one of the gruesome primetime programs aired on the Fox News Channel.

This conduct goes on and on and on, as we'll continue to show you. We still have to show you Greg Gutfeld's take on Elon Musk's wonderful sense of humor, though that will require us to go somewhere we don't want to go.

This garbage can conduct continues apace, in primetime, on the Fox News Channel. At our finer blue tribe organs, no one says a word.

Brian Kilmeade cons his red tribe viewers. Failla and Gutfeld bring in the misogyny-adjacent smut.

So it goes on this gruesome "news channel." Within our more refined blue camp, the great god Silence prevails.

Tomorrow: The wages of Separation 


  1. Calchas told Agamemnon to sacrifice Iphigenia.

    1. Agamemnon alludes to that in the quoted speech, but, if you don’t know the background, you won’t get it.

      Calchas was evil.

    2. The sacrifice of Agamemnon’s daughter wasn’t about Calchas.

      Agamemnon had pissed off yet another immortal- Artemis.

    3. Calchas made up that stuff about Artemis. Then he told Agamemnon to sacrifice Iphigenia. He was a charlatan. He didn’t care how much damage he did to others while advancing his own career.

  2. You're doing it wrong.
    You're supposed to agree with the Right, in order to sway them.
    Let me show you how it's done:
    Dear Mr. Kilmeade,
    Normally I'm for small government solutions, but since you think Governor Newsom should be able to over-rule corporate boardrooms, perhaps you can sway me by telling us all how you would enact such a policy.

    The Right doesn't believe a thing they say (except the bigotry, of course), so you stop their bullshit by agreeing with them.
    Making the snowflakes cry, is the icing on the cake.

    1. The liberal versus conservative debate is usually itself too heated by anxiety to be persuasive to reactionaries in my experience.
      There is no one size fits all approach, that's simple stereotyping too.

      The last person I talked out of American reactionary conservatism was a gay Republican nursing student who we discovered was drawn to Cuban medical politics and realized he didn't want to be a hater of a Cuban like himself.

      I talked a Republican lawyer into supporting nonviolent social services that reduce violence by citing the statistics of the dramatic effects they accomplished.

      They had epiphanies for complex individual reasons that cold propaganda doesn't reach. Nobody cried.

    2. Are those the people who are called "RINOs".

    3. Coming up with cute acronyms for groups of people is what cults do. I talk to people like individuals.

    4. 10:19 your smugness aside, you’ve never persuaded anyone of anything; you are a transparent moron.

      Please, entertain us with your triggered response.

    5. Namecalling is not discussion. Take this outside.

    6. Whether it’s inside or out, 10:19 does not cite evidence, just made up “anecdotes”, now he’ll whine like a crybaby for being called out.

  3. Why doesn't he talk about Texas having a $2500 before it is a felony? Becasue it doesn't fit in to the right wing meme about Democrats allegedly being soft on crime.

  4. I recommend a few watchdogs if you want to step outside of the corporate news bubble: debunks Fox News lies highlights big players like ALEC in the state , and also has a sister site,, which is an invaluable searchable wiki of influences in politics

    In a better timeline than the one we live in, there's a nework of union labor and community funded journalism to fall back on when the businesss press fucks up but this is what we have today.

    1. In previous times, we had mainstream media, now we have corporate media and independent media.

      There are many independent sources for information that are more effective than those cited, and most here are already aware of them.

      Nuance is for suckers pushing a personal agenda.

  5. Fox and Gutfeld are not "misogyny adjacent" as Somerby claims. The right wing is full on misogynist. Their explicit goal is to return women to second-class status, as homemakers and not full participants in our society. Along with white supremacy, they champion male supremacy with women subordinate, as the Bible dictates. Denigration of women is consistent with those goals, especially women in power, such as Gov. Hochul.

    Somerby's term "adjacent" tends to minimize a full-out struggle on the right to put women back in their place. This isn't about smutty jokes. It is about the mean-spirited attack on women in the name of fundamentalist relgion, white supremacy (which defends white womanhood from impurity), and excision of women from the public sphere in favor of "traditional" women's roles. These jokes are a means to that end, not simply crude comedy.

    When Somerby neglects the purpose behind such comedy, he overlooks one of the key goals of the right wing. Women, however, see what is going on and that is why there is a widening gender gap in favor of Biden and other Democrats. Most women do not want to go back to the bad old days.

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  7. So I guess by "the great silence" Bob means the way
    MSNBC never comments on the misconduct of FOX.
    I would challenge the Pied Piper, Dogface, or any other
    of Bob's wounded defenders to support that wholly
    false and utterly absurd contention.
    Oh, and if they want to change the subject to
    my refusal to use a handle, my name is
    Rudy Burns
    487 Findwasher Rd
    Longarms Texas
    But remember, the subject is how MSNBC
    is never critical of the constant lying at Fox.

  8. Look. You want to make the case that MSNBC or other liberal media outlets condemn the conduct at Fox, then make it. Give us citations and quotes. Don't try to prove your point by "challenging" me to prove a negative.

    And it's brave (truly) of you to give your name and address, but a nym would be much more useful. Tomorrow, you'll post again as a mouse and I won't know who you are.

    1. You can’t look it up yourself? Do you ever watch MSNBC?

    2. Don't want to, and no. If you want to prove the point, then go ahead, do the research. I'm sure that somewhere in the archives of a news channel that's been broadcasting 24 hours a day, 365 days a week, for 28 years, there must some criticism of Fox that you can dig out.

    3. That isn’t the function of MSNBC.

    4. Joe Scarborough of MSNBC was criticizing The Five this morning.

      Actually, Joe was criticizing the one (liberal)- Harold Ford- and Mika was pretending to modify Joe’s pique.

    5. Modify, Cecelia? Did you mean mollify?

    6. No, I meant modify in the sense of turning Joe down a notch May be modulate would be the term I needed.

    7. Rudy, Longarms would be a great nym.

    8. It is a quilting term.

    9. Oof, when the only time Cecelia has an actual point to make, and it debunks your nonsense, it’s probably time to sit down and reassess your views - they might not be as pertinent as you think (there’s even a term for this).

    10. Anonymouse 8:55pm, that term is “Findwasher”.

    11. Attenuate can mean to modulate by lowering.

      Obviously Mika has mollified Joe, apparently she has a magical pussy.

      Don’t get it twisted, I’m just mocking our new resident poindexter that thinks he has cornered the market on “stereotyping”, and other such nonsense.

    12. Modulate is pretty good. Or you could try moderate.

    13. Thanks guys. We certainly learned the Pied Piper does not want fair exchanges of ideas.
      MSNBC is covering Fox almost constantly. The point that Fox misleads is viewers

    14. So Dogface admits he doesn’t ever watch MSNBC, so he has no idea that BOB is totally misleading him. And you can’t miss that he doesn’t care. Pied plays is cute. But the constant mentions of Fox’s misleading people is not a negative, it a constant feature of their coverage, the go to example to explain Trump’s success. And we should site their heavy coverage of Fox’s libel pay out, which Bob has never mentioned! (Legal Trivia?)
      The “Great Silence” is one bold faced lie. Dogface looks away, Pied tries to brazen it out. Thanks for playing.

    15. Anonymouse 10:05am, if Pied Piper is an MSNC watcher and you are a watcher too, then it’s not that cut and dry as to who is informed about this.

  9. Somerby’s only media criticism is to criticize MSNBC for not criticizing Fox. It isn’t exactly The Columbia Journalism Review here.

    1. Back in the 90s and a bit, Somerby’s takes had value, now he just feeds his fanboys, while having to daily tolerate getting raked over the coals. What a waste.