BOMBSHELLS AWAY: Ashley Parker delivers buzzkill!


Part 3—What Josh Marshall read:
Can you believe the things you read on the New York Times' front page? Putting your question more precisely:

Can you believe what you think you've read on that famous front page?

You're asking a major question! In the modern political context, the question dates at least to 1996, when Gene Lyons published Fools for Scandal: How the Media Invented Whitewater.

Lyons' book first saw life in 1994 as this article in Harper's. He described the way the Whitewater pseudoscandal got its start in some suspiciously slippery front-page reports in that same New York Times.

The pseudoscandal the Times touched off ended up giving its name to a deeply destructive political era—an era which extended through Hillary Clinton's spin-drenched defeat by Donald J. Trump.

Can you believe what you read in the Times—what you think you've read in the Times? Let's continue our visit to the latest episode in this long-running, deeply consequential tale.

Our story starts last Thursday night, at roughly 8:20 PM Eastern. At that time, cable observers spotted the latest bombshell report on the Times' web site. On Friday morning's hard-copy front page, the alleged bombshell report ran beneath these headlines:
President Relented After the White House Counsel Threatened to Resign
On its face, the report was highly dramatic. One of its authors, Maggie Haberman, was rushed onto the air at CNN, where she's an (apparently paid) "CNN political analyst."

"This is really huge," Anderson Cooper instantly said. (Presumably, he hadn't had time to read the newly posted report.) Excitedly, he assembled the troops, who began praising their colleague:
COOPER (1/27/18): Maggie, if you can't just stay with us. I want to bring back Carl Bernstein, Gloria Borger and Kaitlan Collins.

Carl, I mean—pretty stunning.

BERNSTEIN: It's stunning. It's a huge story, and I'm going to assume that Maggie is as good a reporter as she always is, and that the fact that the White House counsel threatened to resign over this.
Haberman's report was stunning, Bernstein quickly said. He was "going to assume that Maggie is as good a reporter as she always is."

Gloria Borger soon added her own words of praise. "Maggie, this is your great story," she said. Jeffrey Toobin joined in too. "It's yet another remarkable scoop by Maggie and Mike Schmidt," he soon said.

(In fact, the endlessly fuzzy Michael Schmidt was the lead reporter for the bombshell report. Schmidt was being praised this night over at MSNBC, where he's a presumably paid "MSNBC contributor.")

Had these CNN observers actually read the "story?" Based on the apparent timing of the bombshell report's appearance, we would guess that, at best, they had been able to skim it.

(Note: "Story" is the childish term our journalists use in place of the more grown-up term, "news report.")

That said, the cable stars were leaping ahead with praise for Haberman's latest great story. A bit more cautiously and somewhat humorously, Bernstein was merely assuming her work was good.

Some of these people may have actually read the report. If so, should they have believed what they read, or what they thought they'd read?

We're going to say maybe not! Consider what happened to Josh Marshall roughly two days later.

Roughly two days later, Marshall read a news report in the Washington Post. The lengthy report, by Ashley Parker, appeared on the front page of Sunday's hard-copy editions. Marshall quoted and assessed what he read in this subsequent TPM post.

What did Marshall read in Sunday's Washington Post? Uh-oh! In paragraphs 31-33 of Parker's lengthy report, he encountered this buzzkill:
PARKER ET AL (1/28/18): By June [of 2017], Trump had so openly begun discussing firing Mueller that Bannon and Reince Priebus, who was then chief of staff, grew “incredibly concerned,” huddling to strategize about how to dissuade the president and enlisting others to intervene with him.

In mid-June, Christopher Ruddy, the chief executive of the conservative Newsmax Media and a longtime Trump confidant, voiced those concerns publicly, telling PBS “NewsHour,” “I think he’s perhaps terminating the special counsel.”

And that same month, Trump did, in fact, order McGahn to fire Mueller, a directive first reported Thursday by the New York Times. But McGahn told West Wing staff—though not the president—that he would quit before carrying out Trump’s directive, and the president ultimately backed down, people familiar with the events said.
Say what? McGahn didn't tell Donald J. Trump that he would quit?

That's what Parker explicitly wrote. He simply told "West Wing staff!"

Why do we call that report a buzzkill? Because that's what Marshall said. That isn't what he thought he had read in the original "bombshell report"—and he thought it mattered.

Marshall wrote a whole blog post concerning this apparent contradiction. It appeared under a striking headline: "This Is A Very Big Difference."

"This seems like a minor detail," Marshall wrote. "But at least based on my understanding it is a quite different version of the story than the one reported by the Times last week."

Marshall said that Parker's account of what had occurred was much less dramatic that the story he thought he'd read in the Times. He went on to offer this significant point of concern:
MARSHALL (1/28/18): If [McGahn] didn’t tell Trump [that he would quit], what happened exactly? It’s not clear. Perhaps McGahn separately gave Trump the ultimatum. But the story appears to say clearly that that did not happen. If I’m reading this passage correctly, they’re not simply saying they don’t have confirmation McGahn told the President but that they know McGahn did not. Big difference.

This makes it sound much more like McGahn just pocket vetoed Trump’s directive. It also raises the possibility that McGahn or his allies floated the Times version of the story and included a deceptively aggressive (and exculpating) version of events.
Uh-oh! In that highlighted statement, Marshall floated a naughty speculation. Schmidt and Haberman may have been played by self-dealing people inside the Trump White House! The star scribes may have been conned!

We'll give Marshall high marks for offering that speculation. That said, we're forced to give him a failing grade for his overall work over the course of this latest episode.

We're sorry, but Schmidt and Haberman's original report never did explicitly say that McGahn directly challenged Trump. Their front-page writing is quite often tactically fuzzy, and it was so again this time.

Marshall had misread their report if he thought they'd made some such declaration. More than twenty years after Fools For Scandal, one of our stars was getting fooled again!

In fact, last Thursday evening's "bombshell report" was strikingly fuzzy. And please understand this point:

Schmidt and Haberman are professional journalists, as is the editor who waved their report into print. They all know how to produce clear declarations of fact.

If sources had told them that McGahn directly confronted Donald J. Trump, they would have explicitly said so. Why didn't they make a clear declaration? Almost surely, it's because they don't know what actually happened, or because they wanted to make these events seem more dramatic than they actually were.

The pattern which played out last week is getting extremely old. Here's the shape of watery journalism:

First, suspiciously slippery writing appears on page one of the Times. The "story" seems to make dramatic claims, but explicit statements can't quite be found.

Despite the familiar shape of the fuzzyy work, everybody stampedes off to declare the report a bombshell. Cable stars praise the brilliant work before they've even read it.

The apparent claims, which don't really exist, drive some preapproved narrative. At home, a thrill is sent up our legs. We decide to tune in the very next night for more of this tribal excitement!

Back in 1992, the slippery claims involved the Whitewater investment. Last Thursday night, the slippery claims involved a dramatic West Wing "confrontation."

That said, what actually happened last June in the White House? In our view, there's little sign that Schmidt and Haberman know. Beyond that, we'd say that Marshall's speculation about the reporters getting played is quite possibly sound.

Tomorrow, we'll show you what another observer said. This observer didn't claim to know what had occurred, but on Friday night, speaking with Lawrence, he almost seemed to roll his eyes at the New York Times' bombshell report.

Lawrence's guest was Michael Wolff. Trump "fires Mueller" every day, the best-selling author now said!

Tomorrow: The skeptic's tale. Did Donald J. Trump "back down?"


  1. The important part of this news story isn't what McGahn did or did not say to Trump (or anyone else). It is what Trump did. He told McGahn to fire Mueller. That is obstruction of justice. It doesn't matter whether McGahn said no way or if he tried to carry out the order, or if he complained to other staff and did nothing. What matters is what Trump did. Trump is President and he obstructed justice. That is an impeachable offense. It is an abuse of his office. It is an illegal act. TRUMP is President -- not McGahn. TRUMP is being investigated. TRUMP should have known better. TRUMP did the shocking thing, the act that makes this a bombshell report. Not McGahn.

    Somerby is an ass. He thinks he can wave his hands and make us look over there and magically distract attention from what happened -- TRUMP obstructed justice and the press reported that as the big deal that it is.

    1. Sir, or madam, on the contrary, you appear to be the ass. You are clearly missing Bob's point, and it would probably be a fool's errand to try to explain to you what that point is.

    2. As someone points out below, Somerby's point is wrong.

      I clearly didn't miss Somerby's point, since I discuss it and dismiss its importance right at the beginning of my post.

    3. May I ask? If "Trump obstructed justice", why didn't they make that the headline?

    4. 11:38. Are you saying that nyt report can be used as a basis for the claim Trump obstructed justice?

    5. Not in court. But, yes, Trump is being accused of behavior that constitutes obstruction of justice. That is a bombshell, whether Somerby likes it or not. I would bet money he goes to jail. This stuff is important. Newspapers aren't prosecutors. They do report news. Nixon wasn't convicted by the NY Times either but their reporting was largely true. I expect that will be the case with Trump too.

    6. Your original claim is that the important part of the story is that "Trump obstructed justice". Now you say the important part of the story is that it accuses Trump of behavior that constitutes obstruction of justice, but not the legal standard of obstruction of justice. Not the intent I guess you mean. That's a bombshell to you? I guess people can have different opinions on what makes a bombshell. It would be a bombshell to me if it moved the needle legally in proving intent. Otherwise, I don't care. But I can see you think it's a bombshell. Thanks for clarifying your original claim.

    7. The story is that Trump obstructed justice. You can play word games but that is still true.

    8. "Not in court." "behavior that constitutes obstruction of justice.", "largely true"

      The word games are yours sweet son.

  2. Since last week, Trump has launched a full scale attack on the FBI and the Mueller investigation. He is aided by the Republican party. There is no question what is happening.

    Meanwhile, back at the farm, Somerby is stuck on one small precursor to what has since happened. Somerby is pretending that there is some doubt about whether Trump is actively interfering in the FBI Investigation. Does it matter whether Trump "back down" or was told he couldn't fire Mueller? Today he is obviously engaged in a full scale war against the FBI's investigation. He has stated that he is "fighting back." He clearly believes he has the right to do that, based on his own unambiguous statement that when he fights back he is accused of obstructing justice.

    But Somerby thinks the press got something wrong? Somerby thinks this isn't really happening? I don't know what planet Somerby inhabits. He is not only no liberal but he doesn't seem to be able to think about what he reads any more. He should be as distressed about what our President is doing as the rest of us. Instead he is worrying about Ashley Parker and Josh Marshall's report last week. This is just plain crazy.

    1. Your description of Trump's assault on the FBI is accurate, but you're missing the point. Somerby's blog is a critique of the press, and for 20 years now he's been pointing out how the MSM - not Fox, Hannity, etc., but the NY Times, Washington Post, and major networks - have been selling narratives rather than facts. Sometimes the narratives work in "our" (liberals') favor.

      But all too often in the past 20 years those narratives have not worked in favor of liberals. They've led directly to the elections of Bush and Trump, both of which are catastrophes for anyone who cares about our future.

      Moreover, when the press is slippery in favor of "our" side, that makes it almost impossible to persuade the "other" side that they're being misled, because they'll choose to believe their own narrative, since the MSM isn't playing it straight.

    2. Then there are bloggers who write about the press, as opposed to whatever Somerby thinks he's doing here.

    3. "Mainstream Media" is a term coined by the right wing to criticize reporting they don't like.

    4. Narratives are how human beings organize facts. They use sequence in time to tell a story with a beginning, middle and end and they organize their ideas around a theme that is the point of the story.

      This is not only how reporters operate but it is how the human mind works. If the mind did not impose order on knowledge, it would be difficult to retrieve anything (hard to remember).

      This is only one form of organization but like the others (schemas, concepts, scripts), it imposes order that enables us to reason about what we know, not just recall it.

      It is fine to point out that reporters, like a all human beings, as knowledge workers, tend to do this, so that readers can be aware of how it is done. Expecting reporters to stop doing it is not realistic. It would be like expecting people to suddenly stop talking or looking at things or breathing.

      The slanting of news you mention comes from implicit opinions held by reporters. Like the other cognitive processes, that isn't going to go away either. Readers can learn to identify slants, but expecting reporters to have none is ridiculous.

      Somerby layers on a bunch of attitude, a chiding tone, an hysterical set of demands, and he is mean to his scapegoats. I do not respect the way he has gone about trying to educate readers. And I especially don't like his own attitudes and opinions, which he seems oblivious to, but which motivate a lot of garbage from day to day.

      You can defend him, but he is not really trying to be intellectually honest these days. He reads nothing outside his own set of favorite sites. He doesn't bother with the comments, which frequently offer important information that would help inform his future posts. He has become very lazy and his repetitious errors are annoying.

      I like several of the commenters here and I think it is worth speaking to lurkers, otherwise I would be long gone. Somerby's playing deaf is his worst habit and it becomes more annoying the further right he drifts (impelled by Bernie's influence, I believe, but who knows).

    5. I appreciate your thoughts, but I'll tell you why I (mostly) disagree. First, regarding the importance of narrative, I don't think that Somerby (or anyone) would have a problem with a narrative that was honest. You're correct that everyone has implicit biases, but the media is supposed to be reporting the news, not selling their narratives to us. That's particularly the case when the narratives are neither honest nor accurate.

      Regarding Somerby's work, I've disagreed with him over the past year more than I used to, so maybe he's losing a step or two. However, he's built-up some goodwill, for me at least, because he's been so right about some very significant issues over the past 20 years (the "War on Gore," and the need to correct the record on Benghazi when it happened). Moreover, I guess I can't begrudge him some resentment (if that's what it is) where he's been pointing out the lack of clothes on the emperor for years, but nothing has really changed.

      Maybe the problem is, as you note, how humans process information. Somerby has been known to remark that we're not as rational as we like to think.

      Anyway, I don't have to agree with everything he writes to think that he's saying important things, and I really don't see what you value in most of the comments, which I find really poor for the most part. I'd love if Somerby engaged in these comments - it would probably make him a better writer - but I can't say that I blame him if he completely ignores them.

    6. @Johnny:
      If you've disagreed more with Somerby recently, why is that?
      For me, even though he may make valid points now and then, his tendency towards invective, rather than analysis, is very off-putting. And, as the commenter above noted, Somerby has his own narrative that he fails to acknowledge, and which frequently leads him in wrong directions. I frequently disagree with Somerby, and I often comment about it. Why not?

      So, what is it that you find yourself disagreeing with Somerby about?

    7. Some of the time I think that he's focusing on the trees and missing the forest. He's always been incredibly nit-picky, but I think that it's worse recently. It also bothers me that he seems to agree with some of the "resentment" narrative that is pushed by Trump supporters.

    8. I don't pretend to be a critic of the commenters here, but I always enjoy imp's remarks, sometimes funny sometimes informative or apt corrections. I like reading what mm writes because mm includes links and facts and takes the time to track down material to address DinC's garbage. I like Urban legend's perspective. Deadrat is always fascinating. There are some thoughtful and factual comments by anonymous -- not sure how many people are behind them. I disagree with hardindr, jonny and sometimes Greg and Leroy but always like reading what they write. I like reading Gravy. I know I'm leaving some folks out, especially those who haven't been around in a while. I can do without CMike, DinC and especially Mao. There is a poor schizophrenic soul (used to be fake Greg) that I can do without too.

      I like the comments because someone always has a take on the day's post that causes me to think about things differently. That is the point of comments, in my opinion. I really dislike the drive-by drop-in racists, men's rights jerks and single-issue boors. Somerby attracts them whenever he veers too close to the Trump cess pool.

    9. “I don't pretend to be a critic of the commenters here...”

      No need to pretend. It's okay, we're all critics, especially in this open forum. I myself like all of the commenters you cite. Even the “bad” ones. They give you a view of what the “other side” is thinking, and you can attempt to refute or ignore them. That becomes in some instances a learning process.

      I like Cmike because he helped me (along with Raven) to better understand posting possibilities here. Plus he links to some cool historical knowledge. It's it's nice to have a ”green” moniker, because you can skip the captcha bs and delete your comments if you change your mind. That being said, you can always identify yourself with a simple signature. Don't be so anon – unless you want to be.

      I agree about Mao, who seems least able to add constructive criticism. Fake Greg cracks me up, but it's waste of time to engage. h/t to all of the others you mention.

      And I enjoy it when commenters go off the rails, which I wish Bob would do more often. He's a good writer,though the typos are getting out of hand of late.

      I'm glad you disagree with me. Let the criticism fly!

      Kindness is its own reward. It benefits both giver and receiver, and you've done that here. Thanks anon.


  3. Dear Republican Party,
    I'd like to order two (2) of the "Osama Bin Laden was Framed!" T-shirts you are selling.
    Do you accept PayPal?

  4. ""This is really huge," Anderson Cooper instantly said."

    That's what she said.

  5. How can something that might have happened half a year ago, but didn't actually happen, be yuge?

    How can one validate something that might have happened half a year ago, but which didn't actually happen?

    1. But officer, I only threatened to beat his brains in. But, as you can see, I never beat his brains in.

    2. Look David, if the pussygrabber flimflam man and lying sack of shit had fired Mueller you would give a flying fuck anyway, so who gives a shit what you think. You're a phony hypocrite and will continue to move the goal post no matter what this corrupt treasonous bastard does. We're watching in real time a coordinated systematic attack on the FBI between the WH and the treasonous bastard republicans in Congress and you don't so much as shrug, so fuck off.

      Yesterday, Paul Ryan, the republican Speaker of the House suggested the FBI should be "cleansed". Yes, he actually used that despotic term, and you don't give a flying fuck, so fuck off.

      Trump's own appointed Director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, called the Nunes memo grossly inaccurate and the Trump own DOJ called it a reckless undermining of our national security, and you don't give a flying fuck, so fuck off David.

      Remember when you wanted to hang Secretary Clinton because a couple retroactively classified emails she received might have fallen into the wrong hands. Now your own treasonous bastard president wants to go against the entire IC by releasing the memo, and you don't give a flying fuck, so fuck off.

      You have crossed the line a long time ago and you have forfeited your right to claim any high ground here, so just fuck off, David, just fuck off.

    3. I remember, way before Republicans tied the hands of Obama--so he couldn't help a suffering citizenry during the worst economic crisis in 7 decades, they called me a traitor because I criticized spending over $3 Trillion* to kick over the hornet's nest in the Middle East.
      Remember, it's ALWAYS projection with those fuckers.

      *Don't forget to ask them about how much they hate government waste. LOL

  6. Somerby has been pushing this notion of some sort of confusion or disagreement in the Times vs Post reports about the incident. What is the supposed disagreement? Apparently that Parker says McGahn did not tell the president he would quit, but only told White House staff. Of course, leaving aside the arguably more important fact: that TRUMP ORDERED MUELLER FIRED (something of a bombshell fact), I do not see the supposed disagreement that Somerby, as usual, trumpets to prove how corrupt all those crappy reporters are. The original Times report DOES NOT SAY that McGahn told the president he would resign. That interpretation is not valid based upon a careful reading of the relevant passage:

    "After receiving the president’s order to fire Mr. Mueller, the White House counsel, Donald F. McGahn II, refused to ask the Justice Department to dismiss the special counsel, saying he would quit instead, the people said. They spoke on the condition of anonymity because they did not want to be identified discussing a continuing investigation.

    Mr. McGahn disagreed with the president’s case and told senior White House officials that firing Mr. Mueller would have a catastrophic effect on Mr. Trump’s presidency. Mr. McGahn also told White House officials that Mr. Trump would not follow through on the dismissal on his own. The president then backed off."

    I'm just as interested in criticizing the press as anyone, but not if I have to twist facts to do it.

    1. The real point here is that the whole thing is dumb. Trump didn't fire Mueller. That he may have told his staff that he intended to fire him, but for whatever reason, seemingly push back from the staff, means almost nothing. Also, the story is based on anonymous sources - no way to know from the reports whether this is hearsay. Also, the context of the conversations is missing, and there are only conclusory generalities about what was said and to whom it was said, etc. Without that info, the "story" has even less substance.

    2. Trump never fires anyone himself. He TOLD his staff to fire Mueller. He was then told that he didn't have the authority to do that -- the DOJ had to do it and couldn't because Sessions had recused himself and Rosenstein had to do it.

      Trump has never understood that there are limits to presidential power. This is why he has been fuming variously at Sessions for his recusal, at Rosenstein, and so on. Trump wants to clean house at the FBI in order to derail the investigation against him -- he wants to "fight back."

      Given Trump's recent actions and the actions of his Republican hencemen, including Nunes and the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee, there is no doubt what is happening and why.

      Context would be needed if the remark were not perfectly clear but everything Trump has said and done directly clarifies this story so that there is no gray area, no ambiguity, no doubt what Trump wants and what is happening.

      The president is obstructing justice because he is worried about the results of the Mueller investigation.

    3. "Trump has never understood that there are limits to presidential power."

      He's just another moron who gets his 'news' from FOX. So he thinks Eric Holder kept Obama out of prison for all his "criminal scandals) (from using a teleprompter to putting dijon mustard on a sandwich). This is what happens to your brain on FOX News. Their's the root of the cognitive impairment, right there.

  7. From my 1950's dictionary:

    story: (definition 8): in journalism, a news article, or a person or event considered newsworthy.

    --Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language, copyright 1953

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