BREAKING: Mogul discovers no one will be true!


Josh Marshall ponders the Times:
We came upon Josh Marshall's post at roughly 5:45 this morning.

It was too painful to read the whole thing.
We set it aside until later.

Later has come! Josh seems to have gotten the wrong impression from the Schmidt/Haberman "bombshell report"—the report we first discussed last Saturday and began to review this morning.

In our view, Josh likely got the wrong impression because, in a perhaps maybe possibly typical way, Schmidt and Haberman (and their editor) may have wanted him to.

Quite plainly, the bombshell report by Schmidt and Haberman never said what Josh apparently thought (and still seems to think) it said. In particular, it never made the dramatic claims Josh describes in his post.

That bombshell report was full of air. But even after all these years, one of our tribe's once-smartest players still can't stop getting misled by the work they turn out at the Times.

As we noted this morning, that "bombshell report" was very fuzzy and was heavily filled with air. That said, it was also tribally pleasing, and so the stampede began.

AS of yesterday afternoon, a report in the Washington Post had Josh rethinking the story line he thought he'd read in the Times. Slippery work is meant to mislead. It seems to us that the New York Times may have done it again.

As Dylan once thoughtfully said: As Dylan once said, in Tears of Rage, version sung by The Band:
We pointed you the way to go
And scratched your name in sand
Though you just thought it was nothing more
Than a place for you to stand
I want you to know that while we watched
You discover no one would be true
That I myself was among the ones who thought
It was just a childish thing to do...
Work from the Times often seems less than true. How long does it take to grasp this?


  1. He wasn't misled. He knows exactly what he's doing. An ordinary liberal hack (whose name is Legion, for they are many), making money.

    1. Well, it's better than making money from the Kremlin, ala 'Mao'


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  2. The only point in contention is whether McGann told Trump he would resign or whether he merely told his coworkers he would resign.

    There is nothing being retracted or contradicted about the report of Trump having given McGahn an order to fire Mueller, which McGahn did not carry out.

    That is the main part of the story, the significant part, because such an order constitutes obstruction of justice by Trump, an attempt to interfere with the FBI's investigation of his campaign and himself.

    Somerby pretends this is a nothingburger. He pretends that disagreement across news reports in different papers about what McGahn said constitutes invalidation of the entire news story. It doesn't.

    Somerby calls the stories airy without challenging any details. Josh Marshall finds this detail troublesome. Neither of them comments on what Trump did -- the unthinkable attempt to meddle in an ongoing FBI investigation of himself by firing the head of the FBI!!!

    Lets pretend the reports are wrong and maybe they will go away. I can see a Republican wanting to do this -- but Somerby? More and more I am agreeing with the guy who keeps coming here and questioning whether Somerby is any kind of liberal.

    Liberals don't rush to justice. They also don't try to exonerate the worst conservative crack pot ever elected by pretending reports of his wrongdoing are full of air.

    1. How you twist reality before you to find hope. It's not going to happen for you. No impeachment. No removal. 7 years of Trump guaranteed by the economy and the witch hunt. Go outdoors.

    2. Who died and made you Nostradamus?

    3. DID Trump fire Mueller? DID Trump attempt to do that? DID Trump obstruct justice?

      If the reports about McGahn are true, you still have... Nothing. Because nothing has happened, except the breatheless huffing of the MSM illiterati.


    4. I'm still not sure why "MSM" only seems to mean liberal news outlets. Fox has a higher ratings share than either MSNBC or CNN, and they purvey quite a bit of "breathless huffing", including false stories. More people get their "news" from Fox. And if Fox isn't "mainstream", why is MSNBC routinely bashed in this blog as if it were part of the MSM?

  3. This is a twofer for Somerby. He gets to attack Josh Marshall and defend Trump in the same breath.

  4. The Times story says:
    Trump ordered the firing of Mueller in June;
    That Trump concocted several pretextual reasons for firing Mueller;
    That McGahn refused to ask for Mueller's dismissal;
    And that McGahn "told senior White House officials that firing Mr. Mueller would have a catastrophic effect on Mr. Trump’s presidency. Mr. McGahn also told White House officials that Mr. Trump would not follow through on the dismissal on his own. The president then backed off."

    Nowhere in the Times report does it say that McGahn directly told Trump no.

    Perhaps Josh Marshall read it that way, but that ain't what it said.

    Why is Somerby blaming the Times for Marshall's misreading of the report?

    And, I ask again, what was fuzzy about the Times report? It seemed perfectly clear to me. And the allegations it contains are hardly "air"-like.

    1. The problem seems to be that the Washington Post reported a different version of these facts.

      Somerby complicates matters by assuming the NY Times is somehow wrong and that Marshall was foolish to believe them.

      The discrepancy doesn't concern the main facts but a side issue. Somerby is making a fuss over something pretty minor, in my opinion. But he likes to play Gotcha with journalists who work for a living.

    2. Somerby doesn't attack all journalists. He just attacks liberal journalists, and defends Trump so he can burnish his 'Trumptard' medal.


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