BREAKING: Why the Others may dislike people like Us!


Pitiful terrible horrible slimy dishonest small:
We were struck by the snark, and by the endless bad judgment, in this morning's New York Times report on Melania Trump.

That said, yay yay yay yay yay! Katie Rogers got to this "salacious backdrop" early on. If we might borrow from Peaches 'n Herb, it just felt soooo good:
ROGERS (1/30/18): Aides to Mrs. Trump say that she is focusing on her role and her family. But her relative silence and independent travel in recent weeks is set against a salacious backdrop: A Wall Street Journal report that the porn star Stormy Daniels was paid $130,000 just before the 2016 election to keep quiet about an affair she had had a decade earlier with Mr. Trump—when the Trumps were newlyweds, and while Mrs. Trump was pregnant with their son, Barron.

Mrs. Trump and the president have had a tumultuous relationship at times over the years, but few episodes have roiled the peace as much as the news surrounding Ms. Daniels. The reports of a payoff blindsided the first lady, who was furious with her husband, according to two people close to the couple. She has kept a low profile since.
Melania was furious about Strormy. Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay! That just felt soooo good.

Slimeballs like to play in the slop. That said, we were amazed by Rogers' skill at going way out of her away to cast negative aspersions in any and all circumstances.

When Melania visited the Holocaust Museum, was it just because the museum was on the way to her plane? Who but a perfect slimeball could ever come up with that? Meanwhile, how much did it cost when Melania flew to Florida? Rogers typed that up too.

Rogers' skill at inserting the knife is little short of amazing. Soon, though, we came to the passage shown below. We didn't know that this piece of slop from Rogers had already been cleaned up:
ROGERS: A year into her husband’s presidency and her own tenure as first lady, Mrs. Trump finds herself in an unusual position—and perhaps at a disadvantage. There are few things Mrs. Trump can share about herself without it being dissected—often negatively. When she revealed the tidbit that her favorite TV show was “How to Get Away With Murder,” for example, the show’s star, Viola Davis, did not dispute a joke that the first lady was “a captive in her own home.”
Davis "didn't dispute the joke?" She also didn't affirm the joke! It's hard to believe that the New York Times would link to a garbage can blog post like this, as Rogers does at that point. But at the end of Rogers' slimeball report, we came upon this truly pathetic correction:
Correction: January 29, 2018
An earlier version of this article incorrectly quoted Viola Davis as saying that Melania Trump was “a captive in her own home.” It was the talk show host Jimmy Kimmel who made the remark, asking Ms. Davis, a guest on his show, if she was happy giving a woman who is “a captive in her own home” some “pleasure” once in a while from watching the television series she stars in, “How to Get Away With Murder.”
Of slimeballs like Rogers, we'll only say this—we humans love to loathe! It's always been one of our greatest joys, as Rogers' report helps us see.

Melania stopped at the Holocaust Museum because it was on the way to her plane! Meanwhile, there was Maddow, at the end of last night's show, playing her "they can't spell" card:
MADDOW (1/29/18): The State of the Uniom is tomorrow.

[sycophantic laughter off-camera]

This is what the tickets look like when they first put them out today. "Address to the Congress on the State of the Uniom!"

[sycophantic laughter off-camera]

I thought it was amazing when they couldn't spell Norway. Union?

[Pauses and sighs]

Even the Normegians will be tuning in to our State of the Union tomorrow night. I want you to know about the timing. Our coverage is going to starts at 8. I`ll be hosting here tomorrow night alongside my friend Brian Williams and Chris Matthews.

Our coverage starts here at 8. We're going to be live straight through the whole group right until midnight. Then there's a special midnight live edition of Hardball. There's going to be continuing live coverage after that with Steve Kornacki starting at 1 a.m. Eastern.

So, you know, round up the Normegians and join your uniom. We`ll all be together at least.

That does it for us tonight. We'll see you tomorrow. Now, it`s time for The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! "They" had done it again!

Everyone knew who the wonderfully stupid "they" were supposed to be. Those People in the White House can't even spell! If you've watched this bullshit in the past, you'll know that was Maddow's implication, though she was too clever to say it.

Unfortunately, the typo on the admission tickets didn't come from the White House. The typo came from the nonpartisan office of the nonpartisan House sergeant at arms.

Yesterday afternoon, every idiot ran to Twitter to joke about the typo. That said, everyone knew, early on, that the typo was a nonpartisan bungle by that nonpartisan office.

Here's New York magazine at 4:30 PM, explaining this well-understood point. But so what? More than five hours later, Rachel went out there and mugged and clowned for her ten million bucks.

She sent us to bed with our little dumb gift, helping us learn to adore her more fully. Though it's mainly her corporate bosses' fault, this is who and what Maddow has turned out to be. This is also who and what we humans actually are.

Pseudoistorian speaks: Seeking the elevation supplied by academic authority, Rogers offered this:
ROGERS: The polarizing nature of her husband’s presidency has also isolated Mrs. Trump from her predecessors. She is not part of a small group of first ladies, including Michelle Obama and Laura Bush, who have developed a bond based on knowing what it is like to be constantly scrutinized, with their popularity linked to their husbands’.

“First ladies from Jackie Kennedy to Hillary Clinton to Laura Bush have stood by their husbands at the lowest points in their presidency,” Kate Andersen Brower, an author of “First Women: The Grace and Power of America’s Modern First Ladies,” said in an interview. “We’re seeing a different example with Melania of a woman who has maybe had too much.”
Hiss! Hiss-spit! Meeeeeow!! Bullshit like this captures the soul of the "Creeping Dowdism" which long ago swallowed the Times.


  1. "BREAKING: Why the Others may dislike people like Us!"

    Yeah, some bombshell that is. Although, "dislike" is not necessarily what I feel. It's sad is what it is.

    "Who but a perfect slimeball could ever come up with that?"

    Yeah. "Perfect slimeball" sounds about right; a pretty decent turn of phrase this time.

  2. Right about now is when the public bores of the shrill "resistance" and begrudgingly supports Trump enough to protect him from Democrat fantasies about removal from office. He will also be reelected handily. Not one Trump voter will choose the prospect of losing the economic and national security gains Trump will be credited with in order to create open borders, which will be Trump's messaging until his reelection.

    "Mental illness" didn't work, Russia won't work, and the old standby RACISM isn't going to work any better than it did in 2016.

    1. Forget racism, it's the junk food now. He enjoys junk food - the people must revolt!!!

    2. "Right about now is when the public bores of the shrill "resistance" and begrudgingly supports Trump enough to protect him from Democrat fantasies about removal from office. "
      Eh...what? Sounds like Google translate went on the blink there. But Mao still managed to understand it, apparently.

    3. Probably from Mao's deskmate in St. Petersburg,

    4. Money laundering is the new junk food.

    5. 75% loved Trump's speech. Midterm polling is tied.

      It looks like an accurate prediction that this is the point in time the public turns in Trump's favor.

    6. @ 3:22 - smarter trolls, please.

  3. Poor old, conservative, southern, white guy Bob, who's ego can't handle that an intelligent, lesbian woman has a show and he doesn't, he can't go even a few days without finding an excuse to smear her. Hey Bob, remember while you're writing all these posts defending your hero Trump that there is no virtue in being the good nazi.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I give you the Resistance, it's all identity politics all of the time. (How is it Clarence Thomas isn't your favorite Justice 2:33 AM? It must be because you're a racist, what else could it be, amirite?)

    3. I disagree that Mr. Somerby is defending the President. For example, on many occasions I have seen Mr. Somerby question the President's mental fitness, which is a marked break from past practice where Somerby was quick to deride others for psychoanalyzing politicians.

      That said, Mr. Somerby is 100% correct that Maddow is a hack, and a partisan, annoying, self serving hack at that. Has been since her Air America days.

    4. 1026 You sound like another angry conservative who's fragile ego can't handle a strong intelligent woman.

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  5. Bill Maher said that Melania went to the Holocaust Museum to cheer up.

    1. Bill Maher is another annoying, self aggrandizing hack. I am a democrat and generally very liberal (at least on social issues) and I am embarrassed by both Maher and Maddow.

  6. Um, why WOULDN'T Melania be furious with Trump? Why is that a "negative aspersion?" (By the way, is there any such thing as a positive aspersion?) Sounds like a normal human reaction to finding out one's husband is a piece of garbage.

  7. While Rachel was making harmless fun of a typo for a couple of seconds, wonder what was going on with the sane, sober, serious folks over at Fox? Nothing to examine over there, of course. Perhaps they were urging their viewers to talk to The Others with respect and decency....

  8. By the way, Bob, yesterday at the beginning of Hannity's program, he denounced the reports of Trump ordering Mueller fired: "fake news" and all that. 40 minutes later, his sources confirmed the Times reporting, and his reaction was (shrugs shoulders) "So? No big deal...blather blather blather."

  9. Kate Andersen Brower isn't an academic, in that she doesn't work for an educational institution. I don't know what her educational background is. But, now she is in Somerby's crosshairs as a "pseudohistorian", presumably because she wrote a book about America's more recent First Ladies. Does she claim to be a historian? Or does she not qualify because she doesn't meet Somerby's exacting ( one might say elitist) standards for that title? Ever heard the term "amateur historian?" Perhaps she has some insights to share about Melania based upon her research of those other First Ladies? Is Somerby familiar with her writings, or is she anathema simply because she was quoted in the Times in a column that got Somerby's goat?

  10. Way off topic here, and maybe someone else has already commented on this. I had a catastrophic PC incident and am now working on a laptop with, of all things, Windows Vista and haven't been visiting my usual sites lately, so I just found out that Robert Parry died a couple of days ago.


    I'm disappointed that there seems to be no notice from Bob of this sad news. Especially given this, from Nat Parry's posting about his death.

    “On a personal note, I faced harsh criticism even from friends of many years for refusing to enlist in the anti-Trump ‘Resistance,’” Bob wrote in his final article for Consortiumnews.
    “The argument was that Trump was such a unique threat to America and the world that I should join in finding any justification for his ouster,” he said. “Some people saw my insistence on the same journalistic standards that I had always employed somehow a betrayal.”

    Remind you of anyone? I hope Bob will come up with a few words about Parry. I see them as distant cousins in the pursuit of truth.


    1. I completely missed that news, thank you for bringing it to my attention, Leroy. Parry was an American hero for his journalistic work on Iran-Contra, a story which required of Parry both brilliant and tenacious investigative work and for him to put his potentially lucrative M$M career path on the line. In fact, his pursuit of that story ultimately left him exiled to alternative media.

      He stuck with the Iran-Contra story into the nineties even after the newly sworn in Clinton administration shelved it- what's that Democratic default position when things are in such a state of collapse that they accidentally find themselves in power?- "We need to look forward, as opposed to looking back. [We're the Washington Generals after all- that's why we get the big donor bucks. LINK.]"

    2. Cmike, I would rather say that he exiled himself, and may have created the legacy of alternative media we now enjoy, good and bad. And he always looked back. Sort of like the Bobster.

      I checked your link. Who is Seung (sp)?


    3. I'm not sure which link you're referring to but I know a Korean woman named Sueng so it's an easy name for me to remember and an odd enough spelling that it comes in handy as an unused user name when I'm signing up for something and all the variations of Mike have been taken.

  11. Melania is complicit in Trump’s crimes. She and Trump have a relationship based on commerce not love. She is unfit to be first lady and deserves all ridicule aimed at her.

    Only Somerby says yay yay yay and he sounds like an ass doing it. Melania is too dumb to hum. She is an awful person who is only getting what she deserves

    1. how exactly do you know what the Trumps' relationship is or is not based on. Or if Melania is or is not an awful person (she may very well be awful, but I doubt you have any sure way of knowing that).

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