Chapter 7: History continues all week!


Last fund-raising pitch before freeway: Should Americans know the actual history of the Clinton-Gore years?

A great deal of that history has been disappeared. Next week, PBS will apparently help you remember “the good parts” (see THE DAILY HOWLER, 2/13/12).

In the afternoons, we’re back to work compiling one part of that fuller history. We’re hard at work on Chapter 7 at our companion site, How He Got There.

Tomorrow, we’ll give an overview of that chapter.

How did George Bush ever get to the White House? We’ve never seen so many people agree that very basic American history should be disappeared. Next week, PBS will help you remember the part of this era that is approved. In the process, a gigantic press corps breakdown will once again disappear.

We hope you’ll consider a contribution. (Just click here.) The press corps isn't going to talk. But the truth should be left for the future.


  1. Off topic, but ties into an earlier discussion about, "The Help:"

  2. is maureen dowd planning on leaving the country, before next week? if not, why is PBS bothering?