Oral sex in the White House watch: You are encouraged to think about only one part of your history!


Our drive resumes tomorrow: It’s very, very hard to express the depth of our political culture’s depravity.

How did George W. Bush reach the White House? On Saturday, Digby noted the one part of our recent history we’re all encouraged to ponder.

She quoted a month-old report in the Daily Mail, describing a thrilling PBS special which will air next week:
STEBNER (1/13/12): A two-part PBS special set to air in February will detail the entire life of former president Bill Clinton, from his childhood in Arkansas to his rise to the White House.

The four-hour documentary will also dedicate a full hour to his sexual dalliances and the highly publicised affair with then White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

The special will highlight many of the former president’s involvements. Mr Clinton’s former congressional campaign aide Maria Crider remembers that women were “literally mesmerised by this man.”

“It was absolutely like fly on honey. And he needed that. He needed that kind of adoration,” she said.
British newspapers routinely misspell words like "publicised." For Politico’s account of this mess, just click here. They make the program sound worse!

As Digby noted, the Lewinsky episode is part of President Clinton’s history. That said, that episode also helps explain the history which lay just ahead.

How did George Bush reach the White House? The mainstream “press corps” melted down over this troubling bit of behavior by Clinton. Chris Matthews won’t stop kissing Dear Jack’s ass, but he was very very upset when this very wild fellow, this President Clinton, acted a bit like his hero. (He was also in line for millions of dollars from his owner, Jack Welch.)

All through 1998, the clowns and the fools flung their poo all around. Starting in March 1999, they went after Candidate Gore, President Clinton's successor. (Clinton’s impeachment trial had ended three weeks earlier. In March 1999, they invented three of their stupid tales, turning Gore into a LIAR. And yes, this is the real history. This is how you got to Iraq.)

Starting in March 1999, they went after Candidate Gore. This includes our leading "liberal" heroes, although everyone has agreed, from that day to this, that this twenty-month breakdown simply must not be discussed. (You're allowed to mention it once.)

Week 2 of our fund-raising drive starts tomorrow. How did George Bush get to the White House? This recent history shouldn’t be lost—though good career liberals, checking their bank books, have stood in line to keep it suppressed.

Taking a break from their doo-wop specials, PBS will help us enjoy the steamy parts again! It’s hard to express the depth of the way our “elites” now serve themselves.


  1. British newspapers routinely spell words like "publicised" correctly. For some reason, Americans spell it with a "z".

  2. Try turning your sarcasm detector on and rereading.

  3. What was the word that summed it all up?


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