This is what Collins thinks about!

We'll finish our series on Monday: Currently, we're away from our desk, on a mission of national importance.

Next to our bed last night, we found the current Atlantic. On the cover, they tease one article with this question: "Do brain parasites shape your behavior?"

Do brain parasites shape human behavior? Frankly, we weren't sure. Then we read Gail Collins' new column.

This is what Collins thinks about! With apologies, we expect to be able to finish our current series on Monday.


  1. I have had several cats that would lie on my chest while I was sleeping.
    One of them would even bite my nose; not to resuscitate me but to let me know it was past breakfast time.
    She would dash off to another room after releasing my nose because she knew what would happen if I got my hands on her.
    I should have renamed her Roman Polanski, after the thug in Chinatown.

  2. On of my cats would nip me to wake me up, when I first brought him home as a kitten. He grew out of that fairly quickly.

    I had another that would knock small objects off the top of my dresser. She would look over to see if I was getting up yet, then knock off another one.

  3. Brain parasites are a reality here, people.

  4. The comments on Collins' column are even worse. I was expecting a decent number of people questioning her sanity or asking how this kind of stuff gets printed in the NYT. Instead, they love her and can't wait for more. Several people expressed relief that Seamus was finally brought up at the end.

    Are her commenters all just very, very sarcastic and trolling her, making her think she's actually doing something great? Maybe Ruck (comment above) is right, and its because of brain parasites.

  5. Ruck:

    Brain parasites are a reality here, people.

    Or, some of us feel OK about occasionally taking a break from being oh-so-serious about politics, and having a friendly chat about our pets.

    Maybe I should sic Nancy Pelosi on you.

  6. Collins is genuinely funny. And this GOP primary is something to laugh about (if it doesn't make you cry).