Where are standards: Within the guild, such things simply aren’t said!


Greenberg reviews Matthews’ book: We purchased and attempted to read Chris Matthews’ book about Dear Jack.

We took it Durham over Thanksgiving. We took it to Maine at Christmas. We found it a rather tedious slog. If we reviewed the book, we would say that it’s the work of someone who seems to be ten.

David Greenberg showed more discipline at the New Republic. We were impressed by this long review—by the fact that it was written, by the fact that it was published.

Darlings! Within the guild, such things aren’t said! We think Greenberg and TNR deserve a commendation.

We were also amazed to see a liberal who exhibits gender awareness. Greenberg is all over Matthews’ manly brio. For our money, Greenberg’s review takes the book a bit too seriously. But good lord! When have such things been said?

Within the guild, it isn’t done. But so what? Greenberg did it!


  1. I'm only a paragraph into the review and OH BOY...


    "It has drawn positive or polite reviews from several respectable publications. This tells us only that the punditocracy cannot be relied on to summon any discernment when it comes to history."


  2. I got as far as Greenberg's comment that the book "is not the product of extensive research". Beautiful. Sweet!

  3. Oh my God: the book "comes packaged with blurbs from Douglas Brinkley, Walter Isaacson, Brian Williams, Peggy Noonan, and Goodwin (who surely cannot regard this as a meritorious book)".

    Peggy Noonan? She of the George W. Bush-as-firefighter-cum-Superman "Where's Sally?" yarn? That Peggy Noonan?