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Over the course of several weeks, we’ll be spending some time each day inside Journalist County.

Be sure to read each thrilling installment! We’ll post all links below:

Week One—The Houses of Journalist County
Part 1: At Meredith Vieira’s new show, our scribes are just like us.
Part 2:
Just for the record, the salaries and homes.
Part 3: Vieira provides some comic relief. The bullroar of Journalist County.
Part 4: Game-show elements, roving trucks. The values of Journalist County.

Week Two—The Warnings from Journalist County
Part 1: Make it pablum and it will sell! A warning from CBS.
Part 2: Jacob Weisberg got it right! When pundits began chasing mammon.
Part 3: And Fallows made three. Cokie’s hunt for cash.
Part 4: Times passes. Sweater boys fail to serve.
Part 5: Weisberg, Boo and Dowd. Journalists and movie stars.

Week Three—The Houses of Nantucket County
Part 1: Summering with the NBC crowd. A window on the world.
Part 2: Russert on board! A curious tilt under Welch.
Part 3: A slightly comical demographic. What made Chris Matthews run.
Part 4: Matthews always loved Al Gore—until he suddenly didn't.
Part 5: Among his reversals, Matthews staged the greatest flip of all.


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  2. So after months of teasing we get a week of the Talk Show/Game Show host as a substitute for a journalist? Then in week two we start with another tease promising to revisit an article written in 1986 about which he has already written a post?

    Geez, the next thing you know Bob is going to start reviewing books written in the 1980's.

    1. Why are you assuming that new is better?

    2. Or that reruns are second rate!

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